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POST HERE: for Christmas in July

Here is the old post. More to come as we get closer.

Complete Thread

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Here is the old post. More to come as we get closer.
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Thanks for hosting again, booklady331! : ) Happy to see so many ways of releasing count [3. Wild or controlled releases (including rings, rays, or boxes) count equally]. Will you also be accepting RABCKs?
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Isn't a RABCK just a controlled release? Which are counted.
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with more books than I originally thought. Glad to see this one!
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I'll see if I can come up with any others before July.
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Always enjoy this challenge :o)
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I have at least a couple that fits this. :)
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I just came across 2 Christmas themed books. Maybe I can find more here among the piles B-)
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I'm In!

I have a couple. I guess I better read more this month.
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1. The Bite Before CHRISTMAS ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

[If you want to start a separate thread for releases I'll repost there.]
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I'll move these if/when you post a separate thread

1. Kissing under the mistletoe
2. Santa's Little Helpers
3. Her Christmas Hero
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1. A Merry Heart -- Christmas cover
2. Angel's Cove
3. Waiting for Christopher == CHRIST for the Christ child
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10. Peter and the STARcatchers -- for Christmas star
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Release #1

1. Larry’s Party by CAROL Shields

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2. Swann by CAROL Shields
3. Crow Lake by MARY Lawson

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1 - Stanley's CHRISTMAS Adventure

2 - The Dog Who Thought He Was SANTA



5 - Select Editions: Sundays at Tiffany's / Lady Killer / The CHRISTMAS Promise / Final Theory

6 - Bring Me Home for CHRISTMAS: A Virgin River Novel

7 - Confessions of a Bitter Secret SANTA

8 - The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids # 3: SANTA CLAUS Doesn't Mop Floors


10 - Merry CHRISTMAS, Cowboy

11 - Code Name, SANTA

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Release #1

1. Texas K-9 Unit Christmas
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1. ANGELS at the Table: A CHRISTMAS Novel

Has a Christmasy cover as well
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2. More Holmes for the HOLIDAYS ( ), wild release, photo.
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Release #2

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Wild releases with photos

1. Home for the Holidays -
2. Star -
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1 A CHRISTMAS Feast & Other Stories


3 The Adventure of the CHRISTMAS PUDDING

4 In time for CHRISTMAS

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magus? As in just one of the magi? Always worth asking.... ;o)
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Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I was away and not near a computer. I will accept magus. Thanks for asking.
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6 MAGUS of Hay (if its ok! Magus as in lne of the wise men)

7 Morning FROST

8 The Parisian CHRISTMAS Bake-off

9 The GIFT (& set at Christmas)

10 Black ANGEL

Release no 3 caught -yay!
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I love getting caught.
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11. The Christmas Letter
12. Catmagic by HOLLY webb
13. An Idiot Girl's Christmas
14. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
15. A Jolly Holiday Treasury
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3. I'm Not SANTA! ( ), wild release, photo.

4. Eleven Pipers Piping: A FATHER CHRISTMAS Mystery ( ), wild release, photo.
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16. Christian Counselling and Occultism --- CHRIST
17. Angels Elect and Evil -- ANGELS
18. The Baptism & Gifts of the Holy Spirit -- GIFTS
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Wild release with photo

3. That Christmas Feeling -
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The Snowman by Jo Nesbo --- snow
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Number the Stars in the Classroom -- STAR
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12 - CHRISTMAS Cover-Up

13 - Samantha's Surprise: A CHRISTMAS Story

14 - Sesame Street: Elmo's Delicious CHRISTMAS

15 - The 12 Dogs of CHRISTMAS

16 - HOLIDAY Havoc [Christmas ornaments on the cover]

17 - The Rancher's CHRISTMAS Proposal

18 - The SANTA Sleuth

19 - A Baby for CHRISTMAS

20 - In the Spirit of ... CHRISTMAS & A Season for Grace

21 - Murder Under the MISTLETOE

22 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book One [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

23 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS Cookbook: Volume 2 [CONTROLLED RELEASE]

24 - Select Editions: Magic Hour / A CHRISTMAS Guest

25 - Midnight Clear: A Callahan Garrity Mystery [the body is under a Christmas tree, alongside the presents, on the cover]

26 - Touching STARS: A Shenandoah Album Novel
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13. In the Spirit of....Christmas
14. The Bull Rider's Christmas Baby
15. A Baby in His Stocking

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24. Finding Peace at Christmas
25. The Christian Counselor’s Manual
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27 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Six

28 - Ultimate CHRISTMAS Trees

29 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Three

30 - The CHRISTMAS Bunny

31 - The CHRISTMAS Dog

32 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Four

33 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Eight

34 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Two

35 - The Night Before CHRISTMAS

36 - CHRISTMAS Naturals: Ornaments, Wreaths and Decorations

37 - Patchwork HOLIDAY

38 - The Sight of the STARs : A Novel

39 - The CHRISTMAS Thief: A Novel

40 - The Twelve Days of CHRISTMAS

41 - A CHRISTMAS Treasury

42 - Things to Make and Do for CHRISTMAS

43 - Better Homes and Gardens CHRISTMAS Crafts to Make Ahead

44 - The Light Of CHRISTMAS

45 - The CHRISTMAS Surprise: A Rosie Hopkins Novel

46 - The Night Before CHRISTMAS

47 - Twelve Bells for SANTA

48 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Nine

49 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Five

50 - Cooking for CHRISTMAS
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51 - The Spirit of CHRISTMAS: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Ten

52 - CHRISTMAS Treats: 50 Special Recipes for Delicious Festive Fare

53 - ANGELs in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

54 - Secret SANTA

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Release #5

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4. ANGELa’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
5. When the Snow Falls by Fern Michaels (picture of a Christmas wreath on the cover)

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57 - Super WHY?: 'Twas the Night Before CHRISTMAS

58 - Merry CHRISTMAS!

59 - Seducing an ANGEL

60 - The Case of the CHRISTMAS Snowman: A Jigsaw Jones Mystery

61 - SANTA Paws And The New Puppy

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Released on time. Posted late.

62 - I'm Your SANTA

63 - How the Grinch Stole CHRISTMAS!

64 - Merry CHRISTMAS

65 - CHRISTMAS with a Vampire

66 - Can You See What I See?: The Night Before CHRISTMAS: Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve

67 - CHRISTMAS Handcrafts Book Two


69 - A CHRISTMAS Carol

70 - A Season of GIFTS [Christmas tree on the cover, going home to be decorated]

71 - The MISTLETOE Promise

72 - The Joy of a Peanuts CHRISTMAS: 50 Years of HOLIDAY Comics!

~ the end ~

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