It's TIME for the TICK TOCK challenge! October 1-31

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Book titles must contain words that refer to time measurement: second, minute, hour, day, year, time, eon, decade, Christmas, century, millennium, a.m. (or am), moon, etc.

Here is a link to the list of approved words (PLEASE check the list BEFORE asking if a word is acceptable. And if a word is NOT on the list, please check to make sure it is acceptable BEFORE releasing): (if the list loads small, click on it once it loads and it should magnify)

The following eras of time will also be acceptable: Civil War, Cold War, Depression, Industrial Revolution, Jurassic, Renaissance, Reformation, World War I, World War II. However, in order for them to be acceptable, the entire phrase must be present. For example, the phrase "civil war" would be acceptable but the worlds civil and war by themselves would not count. There may be other periods of time (those on the geological time scale come to mind), but PLEASE ask about them before releasing to make sure they are acceptable.

A number alone is NOT acceptable, as in "Four Blind Mice." Plurals are acceptable. Embedded words are acceptable ("rAMifications", “Red Badge Of CourAGE”). Non-English language books are fine as long as the time reference is in the same language as the book. A.M., P.M and A.D. are fine in any language.

Ordinal numbers first through thirty-first may be used either spelled out (third, fourteenth, etc) or in number/suffix form (3rd, 14th, etc), but if you use the number/suffix form the suffix MUST be present (6th, not 6). Please ask if you have questions about this rule.

Books must be released between midnight (your time) on Wednesday, October 1 and midnight (your time) on Friday, October 31st. Wild or controlled releases are OK but please only post wild catches. OBCZ releases count as wild releases. Dual releases with other challenges are fine.

When you record your releases, PLEASE number each book and include the link and title of the book. Keeping a running total in your subject line would also be helpful. Please do NOT edit old posts to add books, make new posts each time.

Prizes: Two random participants will be chosen and given wings.

Good Luck and Good Releasing!

NOTE: My DH broke his femur a couple of weekends ago, and with three kids I am a bit run ragged until he is more mobile. I will check the thread for questions, but please don't be mad if I don't get back right away. Thanks!


I love this one and needed the motivation to start registering and releasing books again. Hope your husband has a speedy recovery!



I will keep you and yours in my prayers, DragonG ~ thank you for all you do to further BC, my friend! :)


I have a few books ready!


thanks for organizing this again.


moonblue 6 yrs ago
I'm in
I haven't been very active on bookcrossing for a while, so taking part in this fun challenge is a good way to get back into the swing of things. It helps that I have just finished reading a book with a title that fits (talk about good timing:)



OK, now to sort my "such an animal" books to see how many of them might overlap with this challenge, so I can squeeze in the releases for the first few days of October. Oh, and the "spooky" challenge, too. (I love multiple-challenge releases, but sorting the books can get... interesting! Just yesterday I released "Dog Years" and only after I got home did I realize I could have saved it for Oct.1 and hit this challenge too {wry grin}.)


I haven't released a book in several weeks now. I moved in August and the move in the heat took a toll on me.

But I've already starting putting books away for this one. And I have some that will overlap with the Animal challenge!


It's so nice to see all of you! My favorite part of running this challenge is the return of good BC friends, and the acquiring of new BC friends!

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm hoping I can get many books released for this challenge myself, but a few of them might have to be at the doctor's office!

Now get to work registering those books! October will be here before you know it!


winghyphen8wing 6 yrs ago
My aunt recently broke her femur too and is still recovering. Best wishes for your DH.

I'll start looking to see what I have for the challenge.


that I am supposed to sign up for this years challenge...COUNT ME IN! Good to see old BC friends. DragonGoddess, best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband, for your sake as well as his!


I don't have a lot, but I need to get books moving.


wingMaranlinwing 6 yrs ago
I'm in too
Best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery. and to you as caregiver for him and the kids!


Are your books ready? Yes? No? Almost? There is still TIME to get them ready for the world!

On midnight October 1, let the releasing begin! Please post your releases here in this thread. If there are any questions, ask away. Sending me a PM might be faster than asking on the thread since it e-mails me.

BTW, hubby is doing pretty well. He's at least up and moving around more than he is in bed. Again, thanks for all the well wishes. I love my BC community!


wingtomato68wing 6 yrs ago
I'm in... least for a few. I need to read more books so I can release more!


I have a lot of books with acceptable words on my shelves, but not that many that have already been read.....will have to knuckle down to the task :)

Glad to hear that your hubby is, at least, up and about.



1 MARCH Hares and Monkeys' Uncles
2 Fifty YEARS of Fishing
3 A Dog's LIFE
4 Cowboy at MIDNIGHT
5 The LAST Nightingale
6 Still LIFE With Woodpecker
7 The LIFE and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of his friend Marilyn Monroe
8 DEAD Line
9 A Brief history of the DEAD


1 - SUNRISE: Delilah Street: Paranormal Investigator

2 - DEAD Waters


1. DARK Horse Book of Hauntings ( ), wild release, multiple challenges. [This is a book I released years and years ago, and just recently spotted and bought back at a local secondhand shop. Hope it travels farther this time!]

2. DARK Summit ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.

3. Crescent MOON ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.

4. clAMp School Detectives ( ), controlled release.

5. Duklyon: clAMp School Defenders ( ), controlled release.




Yes, I'm good with next


6. Every AUTUMN Comes the Bear ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

7. jAM ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.

8. Vampire Plagues - Paris, 1850 ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

9. T. rex and the crATer of Doom ( ), wild release.

10. cAT in Glass ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

11. Fox's dreAM ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. Update: CAUGHT! (Very nice JE, too.)



I am joining in too, again. Didn't think I had any suitable releases but here is a multi challenge release done today.

Cloud ATlas by David Mitchell


I've been meaning to ask... would Cinco de Mayo count?


I've been meaning to ask... would Cinco de Mayo count?

The official list includes "names of holidays", so I'd say it would definitely count!


I've been meaning to ask... would Cinco de Mayo count?]

Yes, what GoryDetails said! :)



I just released it and now I'm second guessing myself. I see history on the list and since histories is the plural of that, I'm pretty sure I'm ok, but want to make sure. Thanks!


I just released it and now I'm second guessing myself. I see history on the list and since histories is the plural of that, I'm pretty sure I'm ok, but want to make sure. Thanks!

Sounds good to me


1. Animal DreAMs
2. The JAMes Dickey Reader
3. The Cat Who Came to BREAKFAST

4. The CHRISTMAS Donkey
5. Chicken Soup for the Soul The Book of CHRISTMAS Virtues
6. LAST Chance Saloon

Some of these were for the You're Such an Animal Challenge, too.


12. NIGHTmare Inspector ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

13. Witch and WombAT ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

14. Batwings and the Curtain of the NIGHT ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

15. HOUR of the Octopus ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

16. deAD Souls ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.



1. Quartet in AUTUMN by Barbara Pym,



Happy October everyone! Good luck and good releasing!


17. Descendants of DARKNESS ( ), multiple challenges, wild release.


1. Vampire kNIGHT vol 2 (Night)

2. Vampire kNIGHT vol 3 (Night)

3. Vampire kNIGHT vol 4 (Night)

4. Dragons of WINTER NIGHT

5. The Ghost in the THIRD Row

I also had released "My Year of Meats," but I guess I didn't register it because I can't find it anywhere on my bookshelf.


1. NIGHT of the Wolf by Elaine Barbieri
2. Dog DAYS by Elsa Watson
3. The END of Your LIFE Book Club by Will Schwalbe


8. Drums on the NIGHT Air


1. The Full Cupboard of LIFE
2. One Hundred White Women: The Journal of MAY Dodd



Wild releases with photos

1. FUTURE Earths: Under South American Skies -

2. A SECOND Chance at Eden -

3. Twenty YEARS AFTER -

4. The LAST Run -


1 - Still LIFE
2 - F(AM)ily Blessings
3 - Tender Sav(AGE)
4 - The Deep Self: Profound Relax(AT)ion and the Tank Isol(AT)ion Technique
5 - The Priv(AT)e Concierge
6 - L(AM)ent for a Lady Laird
7 - NIGHT Secrets
8 - Stealth War: A Novel of (AM)erica's Stealth Warriors
9 - LIFE Expectancy
10- A Highland CHRISTMAS


All wild releases. (I plan to use more interesting words than the embedded "at"/"am"/"ad" options, but those are just so handy {wry grin}!)

18. The SEASON of the Owl ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

19. Handling the unDEAD ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

20. Food for the DEAD ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

21. Neko rAMen ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

22. cATapult ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

23. The Hunchback of Notre dAMe ( ), multiple challenges, photo.

24. Balzac and the Little Chinese seAMstress ( ), multiple challenges, photo.


2. The Comforts of a Muddy SATURDAY by Alexander McCall Smith


would it count?


would it count?

Yes, I'll accept Event


Hello everyone!

I would love to participate this year (I think for the first TIME), as I have started releasing books jointly with the "You're Such an Animal Release Challenge".

How about the words "RENDEZ-VOUS" (in French it combines time and location as it means appointment, something you enter in a calendar entry) and "RETURN" (as in "return of good BC friends" ;o) or "the return of seasons")?

Thanks for hosting this Challenge, DragonGoddess!


Hello everyone!

I would love to participate this year (I think for the first TIME), as I have started releasing books jointly with the "You're Such an Animal Release Challenge".

How about the words "RENDEZ-VOUS" (in French it combines time and location as it means appointment, something you enter in a calendar entry) and "RETURN" (as in "return of good BC friends" ;o) or "the return of seasons"?

Thanks for hosting this Challenge, DragonGoddess!

Welcome! I will accept Rendez-vous. I think I will not accept Return as I cannot find a good definition that defines it as a measurement of time. Have fun releasing!




3. BEFORE Freedom, WHEN I Just Can Remember,


31 - NEVER Borrow Trouble
32 - Deeper Than the DEAD
33 - HOLIDAY Heroes: A Soldier for all SEASONs
34 - Indulgence in DEATH
35 - Chief: My LIFE in the LAPD
36 - MOON Handbooks Illinois
37 - (AM)erican Assassin
38 - Kindred in DEATH
39 - HISTORY of the World Christian Movement: Earliest Christianity to 1453
40 - Under the R(AD)ar
41 - C(OLD) Wind
42 - DEATH of a Greedy Woman
43 - Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have TIME to Quilt
44 - 1022 EVERgreen Place
45 - The Pride of Hannah W(AD)e
46 - Flags of our F(AT)hers
47 - New Test(AM)ent Psalms
48 - Ronald Reagan: His LIFE in Pictures
49 - Florida's Fabulous Seashells And Other Seashore LIFE
50 - LAST Train from Berlin


7. The Dysfunctional Family CHRISTMAS Songbook

It is a controlled release so the catch won't count, but that's OK!!!


I've looked over my releases since Oct 1 and found more embedded words

8. Hunting Badger (embedded AD)

9. Waiting [First Vintage InternATional Edition] (embedded AT)

10. I am Morgan le Fay: A Tale from CAMelot (embedded AM)


#1_ Dawn Les soldats de l'aube
#2_ Days les derniers jours de Charles Baudelaire
#3_ Era L'ère du vide
#4_ Moon Lune sanglante
#5_ Night Tendre est la nuit
#6_ Night Première nuit
#7_ Night La fille de la nuit
#8_ Night/Moon Par une nuit où la lune ne s'eest pas levée
#9_ Nights Les nuits difficiles
#10_ Time La femme au temps des cathédrales
#11_ Time Le voleur de temps
#12_ Time Prisonniers du temps
#13_ Twilight/Dawn Du crépuscule à l'aube
#14_ Week-end Osterman week-end



49. the pride of hannah wADe
50. the cAT who moved a mountain
51. nEVER sound retreat
52. the deepest wATer
53. tENDer taming & when next we love
54. killer on the roAD
55. tell me your dreAMs
56. once upon a CHRISTMAS


25. DEAD Meat ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.



51 - The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the (AM)erican Dre(AM)
52 - My LIFE
53 - A YEAR of Rag Quilts
54 - The SATURDAY EVENING Post TIME to Entertain Cookbook
55 - Change We Can Believe In: Barack Ob(AM)'s Plan to Renew (AM)erica's Promise
56 - E(AT) More Weigh Less
57 - 1225 CHRISTMAS Tree Lane
58 - L(AM)ent for a Son
59 - The SECOND Chair
60 - The House NEXT Door
61 - Pathways of LIFE
62 - (AM)erica's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dre(AM)s
63 - The Puzzle Palace: Inside the National Security Agency, (AM)erica's Most Secret Organiz(AT)ion
64 - The Reneg(AD)es
65 - Scandalgate: Exposing (AM)erica's Moral Deficit Disorder
66 - Culturally Incorrect: How Clashing Worldviews Affect Your FUTURE
67 - The LAST Precinct
68 - Killer He(AT)
69 - DEATH of an Addict
70 - The FIRST Counsel





11. The ChAMber

12. LIFE on the Other Side: A Psychic’s Tour of the AfterLIFE

13. Deduced by MOONlight

14. Quite a YEAR for Plums

15. Skipping CHRISTMAS

16. Favorite All TIME Recipes: Sweet Ideas Great Recipes from Equal Sweetener with NutraSweet

17. The END of Membership as We Know It: Building the Fortune-Flipping, Must-Have Association of the Next CENTURY



wingeljwing 6 yrs ago
+ 4
#15_ Days Sept jours pour mourir
#16_ September Les calendes de septembre
#17_ September Trois fois septembre
#18_ Sunday Un long dimanche de fiançailles


4. A Gathering of DAYS,
5. The Best School YEAR Ever,


wingMaranlinwing 6 yrs ago
Release #4
4. Friends FOREVER by Danielle Steel


16 The Most Marvellous SUMMER
17 A Small Slice of SUMMER


71 - Cheshire MOON
72 - LIFE Beyond Measure: Letters to My Great-Granddaughter
73 - Desire in the SUN
74 - AUTUMN Alley
75 - Seven SEASONs for the Man in the Mirror: Guidance for Each Major Phase of Your LIFE


26. TICK TOCK, You're DEAD ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

27. 20TH CENTURY Boys ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

28. The mAMmoth Book of JACOBEAN Whodunnits ( ), wild release, photo.

29. Zombies: Shambling Through the AGES ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

30. In the Land of White DEATH ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

31. The legEND of Sleepy Hollow ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.


6. The SECOND Rumpole Omnibus by John Mortimer,


7. 99 LIVES--Cats in History, Legend and Literature,


18 The View From the SUMMERhouse
19 LIFE on a G-String


76 - White House L(AD)ies
77 - Stitches in TIME
78 - Cypress NIGHTs
79 - DARK Water
80 - The NIGHT Crew
81 - Haunted Castle on Hallow's EVE
82 - C(OLD) Choices
83 - Tr(AD)itions & Encounters: A Brief Global HISTORY
84 -, NINTH Edition
85 - The New Webster Dictionary of the English Langu(AGE), Volume 1
86 - Are You Afraid of the DARK?
87 - The League of NIGHT and Fog
88 - Hometown Girl: The Chesapeake DIARIES
89 - The Red Badge of Cour(AGE)
90 - Business Quot(AT)ions
91 - Im(AGE)s of Women in Transition
92 - Essentials of Human An(AT)omy and Physiology, TENTH edition
94 - Cook Yourself Thinner FASTer: Have Your Cake and E(AT) It Too with Over 75 New Recipes You Can Make in a Flash
95 - The Purpose Driven LIFE: WH(AT) on Earth (AM) I Here For?
96 - LIVING in the Balance of Grace and Faith: Combining Two Powerful Forces to Receive from God
97 - SEASONal Quilting: A YEAR in Stitches
98 - The Priv(AT)e Eye/Beguiled
99 - Cord Geometry Learning in Context THIRD Edition
100- Contemporary Quilts from Tr(AD)itional Designs
101- Grave Goods (Mistress of the Art of DEATH)
102- The Imperial Cruise: A Secret HISTORY of Empire and War
103 - To Save (AM)erica: Stopping Ob(AM)'s Secular-Socialist Machine
104 - Spectacular (AM)erica
105 - Crimes by MoonLIGHT
106 - FOREVER Faithful
108 - The Florab(AM)a L(AD)ies' Auxiliary & Sewing Circle
109 - Right NEXT Door: Father's DAY
110 - Suitable For Fr(AM)ing
111 - The ELEVENTH Commandment/ Coast Ro(AD)
112 - Nothing's Fair in FIFTH Grade
113 - Fl(AM)e of New Orleans
114 - DEATH of a Gentle L(AD)y
115 - Baby-Sitters at Sh(AD)ow Lake



With 3 catches! (edit: 4th catch!)

#1. SATURDAY NIGHT (Drôle de SAMEDI SOIR !) (released on a Saturday night of course, chased and caught by elle-m)

#2. LIFE (Les choses de la VIE) (adapted for the screen, in front of a movie theatre)

#3. SIXTH DAY (La rivière du SIXIÈME JOUR) ("A river runs through it", at the Fishing Federation)

#4. RENDEZ-VOUS (RENDEZ-VOUS d’amour dans un pays en guerre) (chased and caught by elle-m)

#5. MORNING (MATIN brun)

#6. CHILDHOOD (Balades au pays de l’ENFANCE)

#7. YEAR (L’ANNÉE du tigre)

#8. HOURS (Les HEURES) (caught by AF who even specified catch time !)

#9. RENDEZ-VOUS (Le RENDEZ-VOUS des héros) (ETA: 4th catch, by AF)



32. Nicholas: A New hAMpshire Tale ( ), wild release with photo. [I thought that "new" would be on the list, but since I can make do with the embedded "AM" I guess I don't need it for this one!]

33. Please Don't Feed the vAMpire! ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo. [Yeah, I'm leaning heavily on the "AM"s so far, but there's more variety to come!]

34. The Arctic Grail: The Quest for the Northwest Passage and the North Pole, 1818-1909 ( ), for the years in the subtitle; wild release, photo.


35. Half MOON ( ), wild release, multiple challenges, photo.

36. The HOUR of Peril ( ), wild release, photo.

37. The LAST Continent ( ), wild release, photo. Update: got a nice catch on this one!

38. One Thousand and One NIGHTs ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.

39. Tale of a White NIGHT ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.

40. Midori DAYS ( ), wild release.

41. JUNE Pride ( ), wild release.

42. When the CENTURY was YOUNG ( ), controlled release.


8. Garfield takes the cake--His FIFTH Book,


wild releases with photos:

5. A SEASON for Slaughter (season) -
6. If You Could See Me NOW (now) -
7. TIME and Again (time) -
8. The FINAL HOUR (final, hour) -

controlled releases:

9. A SUMMER to Die (summer) -
10. Under the Blood-Red SUN (sun) -
11. And THEN What Happened, Paul REVERe? (then, ever) -
12. Annie and the OLD One (old) -
13. The Secret of the OLD Mill -
14. Under the Blood-Red SUN (sun) -
15. A Girl NAMed Disaster (a.m.) -
16. Everything's EVENTual: 14 DARK Tales (dark, event) -

I wonder if eventual might work too - possibly a better fit for the challenge than event? Either way, the subtitle says dark, so I figure I'm ok. :)


wild releases with photos:

I wonder if eventual might work too - possibly a better fit for the challenge than event? Either way, the subtitle says dark, so I figure I'm ok. :)

Eventual - happening in due course of time

Works for me! :)


9. Memories of Anne Frank--Reflections of a CHILDHOOD friend,


43. Gastroanomalies: Questionable Culinary Creations from the Golden AGE of American Cookery ( ), wild release, photo.

44. DARK Matter: A Ghost Story ( ), wild release, multiple challenges.

45. The END of Order: Versailles 1919 ( ), wild release.




wingeljwing 6 yrs ago
#19_ Moon Molly Moon et le livre magique
#20_ April Avril enchanté


1. Joanne Fedler - Weiberabend

2. Thomas Harris - Schwarzer Sonntag

3. Wolfgang Hohlbein - Der Magier - Der Erbe der Nacht

4. Nino Filasto - Die Nacht der schwarzen Rosen

5. Alexandra Cordes - Bittersüße Jahre

6. Rainer Erler - Deley: Verspätung

7. Stephanie Meyer - Biss zum Ende der Nacht


10. Dear Ellen Bee--A CIVIL WAR Scrapbook of Two Union Spies,
11. Garfield makes it big--His 10TH Book,
12. Owl's Journey--Four CENTURIES of an American County,


46. DEATH Note ( ), controlled release, multiple challenges.

47. An Edible HISTORY of Humanity ( ), wild release.


3 - Star Trek the NEXT Generation: Ghost Ship

4 - True Stories of the FIRST World War

5 - Terror on TUESDAY: A Lois Meade Mystery

6 - Hotel Marchand: A Secret LIFE

7 - Rizzoli & Isles: LAST to Die: A Novel

8 - Miss Marple's FINAL Cases

9 - Good MORNING, Killer: An FBI Agent Ana Grey Novel

10 - DARK Road Home

11 - Girls NIGHT

12 - A Thief of TIME

13 - MOONlight Cove: A Chesapeake Shores Novel



18. Silent NIGHT in Dry Creek
19. The FEAST of All Saints
29. It Only Takes a MOMENT


6. The Voyage of the DAWN Treader


wingMaranlinwing 6 yrs ago
Release #5
5. WINTER Solstice by Rosamunde


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