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Hello everyone, new-ish member here!

I released this book today on a small playground in Piraeus,Greece. While it's in Greek, I think it's easy to understand which book it is ; )))


The Year of the Rooster ( ), released in a downtown playground; photo.



1. Harcourt School Publishers Trophies: ELL Reader Grade 3 Hello! by Alma Flor Ada

2. Beezus and Ramona Movie Tie-in Edition by Beverly Cleary

Actually, there may have been a couple of others for the Becky's Hugs Challenge, but I am very behind on posting. ; )


16 - Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren

17 - Digby Takes Charge / Digby se hace cargo

18 - I'm Glad I'm Me: Poems About You



with release photo

1. The Paper Bag Princess -


1. ABC's for a Better Planet


with release photo

2. The Tiny Seed -


with release photo

3. The Trumpet of the Swan -


with release photo

4. Bunny in a Basket -


with release photo

5. The Pillowcase Cat Caper -
Not *exactly* a playground, but this train is next to the picnic area and the kids climb all over it. :)


with release photo

6. Flat Stanley Goes Camping -


Released in the playground at Riverbank Park:

19 - Duck's Walk in Riverbank Park / Promenade de canard dans Riverbank Parc


20 - Where Is Home, Little Pip? / ¿Dónde se encuentra el hogar, Pipita? - [CAUGHT]

21 - Tonka: Building The New School

22 - Scooby-Doo!: The Thanksgiving Mystery - [CAUGHT]

23 - The Best School Year Ever - [CAUGHT]


with release photo

7. The Twits -


Alia_Rus 1 yr ago
Nice idea
I will join this challenge and I will release some books in the playgrounds in Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania).


V. Gusev "Under the ninth pine in the open field" (Под девятой сосной в чистом поле).

Book will be released tommorow in the morning in Riga, Latvia (


Grandma's ladushki (Ладушки у бабушки).

Book will be released tomorrow in Riga, Latvia -


"Wish upon a Pike" (По щучьему веленью).

Multiple challenges -


I haven't been keeping count, but I got a very sweet JE on a playground release today:

B is for Bear ( )


S. Prokofieva "Tale of the ill-mannered mouse" (Сказка о невоспитанном мышонке).

Book was left in baby go-cart. Release with a photo -


with release photo

1. Big Picture -



with release photo

2. The Hawaiʻi Snowman -


JessicaEby 1 yr ago
Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm from Canada. I release a lot of kids' books and sometimes I do leave them at parks that have playgrounds. I was unaware of this challenge until I saw hyphen8's last post cross-posted with another challenge, but I will try and remember to post in here when I do playground releases from now on! These are the ones I've done so far in 2018:

1. Canadian Inventors (from the Scholastic Canada Biographies series)

You can't see the playground in the release photo, but I left the book in a walkway that goes to a playground behind an elementary school. The school was closed for the summer but the walkway remains open through the summer months so that kids can still play there.


2. Follow the Drinking Gourd

This is a kids' book about a family of American slaves escaping to Canada via the Underground Railroad. I left it in a park in a very small town. In the photo you will see that it is suspended from a historical plaque that relates to the book's subject matter, with the playground equipment in the background.


3. Slip the Otter Finds a Home

Earlier this summer I released a children's book about a little otter moving to a new home with her family. I left it at a big park in a small town called Otterville. It was late and dark while we were there, so the photo is a little hard to see. I left the book by the entrance to a swimming pool, across from a baseball diamond, along the path that leads to the park's playground equipment.


4. There Are No Polar Bears Here!

Also earlier in the summer, I released a kids book called There Are No Polar Bears Here! I left it at a park called Lakeside Park, which is on the shore of Lake Ontario. It has a beach, but it also has playground equipment and across a paved path from the playground equipment, it has a carousel. You can't see the carousel itself in the photo, or the playground equipment-- but the book is propped against the outside of the carousel, facing the playground equipment.


5. The Voyage of Roberta Bondar

On the weekend, I released a kids' book about Canada's first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar. I left it at a park called Baycliffe Park which has a rocket ship themed play structure.


I got a catch on one of my playground books; the astronaut book left at the rocket ship playground :)

5. The Voyage of Roberta Bondar

On the weekend, I released a kids' book about Canada's first female astronaut, Roberta Bondar. I left it at a park called Baycliffe Park which has a rocket ship themed play structure.


25 - Dora the Explorer Phonics: A Walk to Play Park



Οι ιστορίες του Μπιντλ του Βάρδου = The Tales of Beedle the Bard in Greek


There is no app to replace your lap!


One book in a playground per month for the year 2019!

January 2019
February 2019
March 2019
April 2019
May 2019
When we were living in the hotel between moves, I lost track of my book releases. I know I left a couple of books at the playroom in the coffee shop we go to, but I didn't journal them, and a couple at the playground at the building my church shared with another church. I'm going to have to try to track them down ….
June 2019
July 2019
August 2019
September 2019
October 2019
November 2019
December 2019


I did my first playground release of 2019 this afternoon! The book was Dinosaurs from Head to Tail, and it was left at South End Community Park in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. South End's playground equipment is dinosaur themed. You can't see the play structures in the photo, but they were just behind me when I was taking the picture. The dinosaur in the picture sits atop a small hill at the edge of the play area, facing all the playground equipment.


bagged together, with release photo

1. はらぺこあおむし -
2. La Oruga Muy Hambrienta -


with release photos

3. Little Miss Magic -
4. Little Miss Naughty -


I released a book tonight to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The book was for older kids/teens-- a My Story book called "D-Day: Lieutenant Andy Pope, Normandy 1944"-- and I left it at a park called Normandy Park. I released it on the play structure, facing the basketball court at about 9:30 PM.


with release photos

5. First 100 Words -
6. First 100 Words -


6. First 100 Words -

I like how you left the "first words" book in an Alphabet part of the play structure; great release!


JessicaEby 2 mos ago
Peter Pan
Unfortunately the release photo is very dark, but I left a copy of The Story of Peter Pan at a playground that's made of/built around an old tugboat.


Unfortunately the release photo is very dark, but I left a copy of The Story of Peter Pan at a playground that's made of/built around an old tugboat.

This book was caught this morning!


so will be releasing some specifically at these two.





I had a couple more books to release for the Pirate Challenge today, and I did them both at playgrounds, in boat/pirate ship themed play structures. The first one was at an accessible playground, in a "sway ship," which I'd never seen before but was pretty cool. Kids go in it and it can be rocked back and forth gently as if the ship is moving in water. The second one was a whole pirate ship creative/play structure, and I left the book in its bow. Neither photo is great, but they both have photos!

Nathaniel McDaniel and the Magic Attic: Bigbeard's Hook, released in the "sway ship" at an accessible playground:

Captain Monty Takes the Plunge, released in the bow of a pirate ship play structure:




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