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Themes 2014
Welcome to the ultimate reading/release challenge for 2014!

The challenge is intended for readers and/or releasers. You can list all the books you read/release or only log those for the theme – your choice. There are points, just to keep track of your personal best.

You get 1 point for reading a book, 1 point for releasing a book & 1 point if the book fits in with that months’ theme – maximum points is 3/book (you can’t count the theme twice!)

Join at any time. I will put up a monthly thread, where you will list your read/ released/ themed books and points you’ve accumulated. If it’s a BC book, include the BC link in your post. Feel free to use these books for other challenges

There’s no prize for the most points or anything, but I will do some random drawings throughout the year. I won’t promise an ongoing tally this year (I failed miserably at that last year).
??’s – PM me (faster response) or post a question.

Here are the 2014 Ultimate Challenge Themes – with some suggested titles below each one. Foreign language titles are fine (include a translation for me please). EMBEDDED WORDS are fine (sorry – I lost my mind and changed the rules midway last year. If I do it again, gently remind me please!)

January - Friends and Family – mate, pal, buddy, husband, wife, daughter, sister
Best of Friends, Between Sisters, The girls with the Grandmother Faces

February - Since it’s the year of the Winter Olympics, anything related to the Olympics – winter or summer. Sports, athletes, mountain, jump, race, ring (Olympic rings)
Big Sky Mountain, Swimming, A ring and a promise

March - Places (generic or specific) – Paris, France, lake, mountain
A River Runs Through It, The Paris Wife, A Stone Creek Christmas

April - Ready, Set, Action! Movement, such as jump, swim, walk, hike (think of the ‘-ing’ words in English)
A Walk Across America, Balancing Act, Climb: Stories or Survival from Rock, Snow and Ice

May - Architecture – door, window, Roman, Classic, house, building, bridge, church
A Skeleton in God’s Closet, The Rancher Next Door, Bridge of Sighs

June - Emotions – alert, proud, pity, hurt, down, joy, blue, calm - anything from this education link: http://www.sonoma.edu/---/listemotions.htm
Proud Harvest, Comfort and Joy, Blue Smoke

July - Arts and Crafts – Quilting, Quilling, Beads, Paint, Portrait
A Thread of Grace, How to Make an American Quilt, A Painted House

August - Royalty – anything to do with royalty past or present, such as Queen, King, moat, castle, robe, fortress, battle, sword, parade, crown
Riding with the Queen, Sand Castle Bay, The King must Die

September - Clothes and Jewelry – ring, dress, shirt, shoe, sock
Bound Feet and Western Dress, A Ring and a Promise, The Robe

October – Space and Time - Anything accepted in the tick-tock challenge, plus sky, rocket, star, moon, etc.
A Patchwork Planet, I Saw the Sky Catch Fire, Carolina Moon

November – Things that fly - Birds, Bees, Bugs, Planes
Butterflies of Grand Canyon, Babes In Arms: Four Seasons in Firefly Glen

December – Person or People - Women, Associate, Doctor, Lawyer, President, Actor
A Monk Swimming, A Lucky Irish Lad, A Perfect Stranger, A Reporter’s Life


cally-c 6 yrs ago
Count me in!
Love this challenge & the way it helps me choose what to read next. The themes you've chosen look great; thanks NancyNova for running this again.


into themes. Not sure if I can wait until January to do that. Might do it tomorrow morning!

By the way, you seem a little preoccupied with Paris in springtime, NancyNova! Are you planning on going there in March?


Paris is springtime would be nice, but alas, NO vacation until July this year. Back to back grad school classes + working full time will be keeping me busy.


I didn't finish posting in 2013, but the themes influenced my reading selections. I hope to be more diligent this year. Thanks for all your hard work, NancyNova.


Glad the themes work, whether you post or not! I'm going to try to be more diligent in reading according to the themes myself. I got way off track in 2013....


SCOUT-FINCH 6 yrs ago
I'm in!
Last year was my first year attempting this Challenge...the themes are great for '14! I'll just be trying to beat my overall total for '13 - while trying to *finally* conquer the 52 Towns in 52 Weeks Challenge..I did better in '12 than I did in '13! :-( and of course, also doing my favorite Valentine's and Christmas Challenges....Happy New Year, NancyNova and thank you for taking the lead on this one again!


Thanks for organizing this again.


I'm in the midst of a huge book culling and will most definitely have books that fit most of these themes...in fact, I suspect I'll be good for all 12 months... :)


Welcome. Glad the themes will help.


and at least give it a try. I hope I understand all the rules so if I mess up, please feel free to correct me. Thanks for letting me play.


I can only repeat "minesayn"s: I hope I understand all the rules so if I mess up, please feel free to correct me. Thanks for letting me play.


It was fun participating this challenge last year. I see lots of nice themes listed and need to check and organize my TBR piles for this challenge. It'll be another fun year!


I like using themes to help organize the massive TBR stash.


JPix 6 yrs ago
I'm in again!
Thanks NancyNova for a great challenge last year and for keeping it going this year. I'm looking forward to searching through my bookshelf to find themed books, and I'm really glad to see the return of embedded words! My reading rate has gone down a bit of late because I've been spending my train journeys watching instructional videos for work and my bed time reading on Ulysses by James Joyce, which I'm only 1/5 of the way through so far. Anyway, I'm hoping to pick up the pace as the year goes on and give more time to reading and releasing, which this challenge is perfect for encouraging!


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