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This is RockDg9's challenge but I have been unable to make contact with her/him. I will get it started and turn it over to RockDg9 when he/she turns up.

Easy challenge for November. Release books with the word 'the' somewhere in the title, or your language equivalent. Embedded words do NOT count since THE is common in titles.

No need to join, just release and post any time.

Last year we released total 484

Controlled and wild releases are acceptable - however you want to release!

Post releases here. :)


I keep meaning to do a lot of these challenges, but then have not read the books with the right titles in time or forget to release them or something. But I just *might* have a book or two with "THE" in the title somewhere.


I know what you mean. count me in :o)


wingthegoaliegirlwing 6 yrs ago
I'm in
Count me in.


I need to get a bunch of books moving, and this looks like the best Challenge for it!


I haven't been saving books for this challenge... but with a stock of about 1000 I guess I'll be able to get a few matching ones out by the end of the month ;)




I know I have a bunch of these titles - I'll go dig them out and put them in a special "availables" location.


will register and release.



stephjb 6 yrs ago
Me too
I've got a few 'the' books registered this morning so just need to get them read before the end of November. Perfect excuse for staying in with a book


wingsakirmowing 6 yrs ago
I'll join!
I'm planning to seriously empty my AVL shelf before the end of the year so this is just perfect for that :)


I need the shelf space.





wing6of8wing 6 yrs ago
4 for me
1. THE Inn at Lake Devine

2. THE Black Tower

3. Face Down in THE Marrow-Bone Pie

4. THE Protestant Ethic and THE Spirit of Capitalism

These books will go out on the OBCZ shelf at Birdie's in Westminster tomorrow when BCinDC gathers there to celebrate MaryZee's birthday and remember her. - The Hunger Trace, controled release, snet from Amazon directly to another bookcrosser.


to release a few this way.



1. THE Passion of Jesus Christ --- Piper, John
2. Turkey's Gift to THE People --- Rucki, Ani
3. The Country Bunny and THE Little Gold Shoes --- Heyward, DuBose
4. Telling THE Time
5. Flik THE Inventor
6. Borreguita and THE Coyote --- Aardema, Verna
7. Eating THE Alphabet --- Ehlert, Lois
8. THE Letters are Lost -- Ernst, Lisa
9. THE Runaway Wand --- Disney
10. THE Bracelet --- Uchida, Yoshiko
11. Working Hard With THE Busy Fire Truck --- Horowitz, Jordan
12. Cooking with THE Cat -
13. THE Americans --- Smith, Penny
14. Rainbow Dash and THE Hot Day
15. THE Airship
16. THE Island Princess --- Man-Kong, Mary
17. THE Tiniest Pumpkin --- Craig, Janet
18. Berenstain Bears & THE Bad Influence --- Berenstain, Stan & Jan
19. THE Ugly Duckling
20. THE Prince and THE Pauper --- Disney
21. Goldilocks and THE Three Bears
22. THE Bambi Book ---Disney 12234475
23. Lady and THE Tramp--- Disney
24. THE Foot Book ---Dr. Seuss
25. THE Poky Little Puppy--- Lowrey, Janette
26. What's Up in THE Attic? ---- Alexander, Liza
27. THE New Puppy
28. Bugs Bunny and THE Pink Flamingos -- Ingoglia, Gina
29. THE Secret of Snow -- Inches, Alison
30. Castles in THE Air & Other Tales -- Krensky, Stephen
31. THE Unlikely Spy -- Silva, Daniel
32. Mother of THE Groom -- Alexander, Trisha
33. THE Desert King's Housekeeper Bride -- Marinelli, Carol
34. THE Wildwater Walking Club-- Cook, Claire
35. THE Otherside of Paradise --Paige, Laurie
36. Remodeling THE Bachelor -Ferrarella, Marie
37. THE Strong Silent Type- Ferrarella, Marie
38. THE Secret Baby Scandal - Lucas, Jennie


Release books with the word 'the' somewhere in the title,

Subtitle too? Thanks,



39. THE Pint-Sized Secret Woods, Sherryl
40. Taming THE Playboy Ferrarella, Marie
41. Back in THE Bachelor's Arms Pade, Victoria
42. THE Cowboys and THE New Year's Baby Woods, Sherryl
43. THE Forever Night Temte, Myra
44. TTHE Marriage Campaign Templeton, Karen
45. THE Rancher & His Unexpected Daughter Woods, Sherryl
46. THE Rebel's Bride Flynn, Chirstine
47. THE Millionaire and THE Mom Kay, Patricia
48. THE Runaway Bride McLinn, Patricia
49. THE Family Plan Wilkins, Gina
50. Babies in THE Bargain Pade, Victoria
51. THE McCaffertys: Slade Jackson, Lisa
52. THE Surprise Baby Benjamin, Nikki


1. March of THE Penguins by Jordan Roberts
2. THE Fox Busters by Dick King-Smith
3. THE Dog: Best in Show by Apple Jordan
4. THE tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck by Beatrix Potter
5. THE tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter
6. Waiting for THE moon by Kristin Hannah


53. THE Passion of Jesus Christ -- Piper, John
54. THE Right Stuff -- Wolfe, Tom
55. THE Smoke Ring -- Niven, Larry
56. Cry of THE Wolf -- Whiddon, Karen
57. In THE Courts of THE Sun -- D'Amato, Brian
58. THE Bumblebee -- Shechan, Angela
59. Sleeps For THE Winter -- Moore, Eva


wing83deawing 6 yrs ago
Release 1- 50
1. Winternächte DIE schönsten Geschichten für gemütliche Stunden

2. Philip Kerr - DER zweite Engel

3. Andrea Schacht - DIE Katze, die im Christbaum saß

4. Renate Fabel - Rasputin DAS Katerchen aus Moskau

5. Judith Steinbacher - Felix und DIE Schneeflocken

6. Tais Teng - DER große Winter

7. Spirituelles Lesebuch für DIE Advents- und Weihnachtszeit

8. Terrot - DER Engel der seine Harfe versetzte

9. Franziska Biermann - DER faule Kater Josef

10. Ingrid Noll - Kalt ist DER Abendhauch

11. Ken Follett - DIE Säulen der Erde

12. Lisa See - DIE rote Klinge

13. David Baldacci - DIE Verschwörung

14. Alistair MacLean - DIE Hölle von Athabasca

15. Baigent - DER Tempel und die Loge

16. Barbara Gowdy - DER weiße Knochen

17. Petra Barthel - DAS zwöflte Kleid über das dreizehnte

18. Sebastian Fitzek - DAS Kind

19. Michael Drosnin - DER Bibel - Code

20. Desmond Bagley - DER Feind

21. Stephen Fry - DAS Nilpferd

22. Steve Martini - DIE Liste

23. Ian Caldwell - DAS letze Geheimnis

24. Tessa Korber - DAS Erbe der Schlange

25. Einführung in DAS grüne Gewölbe

26. Ulrich Dopatka - Lexikon DER Präastronautik

27. Charles Berlitz - DER Roswell - Zwischenfall

28. Luc Bürgin - Rätsel DER Archäolgie

29. Jakob Maria Soedher - DER letzte Prediger

30. Sidney Sheldon - Zeit DER Vergeltung

31. Matthias Scharer - Sich nicht aus dem Herzen verlieren Von DER spirituellen Kraft der Beziehung

32. Mika Bechtheim - Im Zeichen DER Angst

33. Christine Feehan - Verführer DER Nacht

34. Sandra Brown - Dschungel DER Gefühle

35. H.G.Wells - Mr. Blettsworthy auf DER Insel Rampole

36. Patrick Redmond - DAS Wunschspiel

37. Phillip Finch - DIE Silhouette

38. Sidney Sheldon - DAS dritte Gesicht

39. John Grisham - DER Verrat

40. Corinne Hofmann - DIE weiße Massai

41. Ingeborg Heidrich - Kio, DER Kater

42. Karina Scheufler - Luna und ihre Nachfolger...oder, alles für DIE Katz

43. Walter Mosley - DER weiße Schmetterling

44. Myla Goldberg - DIE Buchstabenprinzessin

45. Karl Olsberg - DAS System

46. Alexandra Kui - Tod an DER Schleuse

47. Erdogan Ercivan - Verbotene Ägyptologie. Rätselhafte Wissenschaft und Hochtechnologie DER Pharaonen.

48. Edgar Noske - DER Bastard von Berg

49. Caren Benedikt - DIE Duftnäherin

50. H.M.Mons - DER Kavalier von Paris


60. Waiting for THE Rain -- Gordon, Sheila
61. THE Marriage Medallion -- Rimmer, Chirstine
62. THE Hunger Games -- Collins, Suzanne
63. Princess in THE Spotlight -- Cabot, Meg
64. THE Queen of Everything -- Caletti, Deb
65. THE Marrying Type -- Arnold, Judith
66. In THE Time of THE Wolves -- Charbonneau, Eileen
67. THE Spiderwick Chronicles --DiTerlizzi, Tony


wingsolittletimewing 6 yrs ago
That's amazing. You're up to 67 already. I haven't even started.



68. The Foot Book Seuss, Dr.
69. The Little Boy Who Gave His Lunch Away Hill, Dave
70. The Birthday Cat Ivory, Lesley


68. The Foot Book Seuss, Dr.
69. The Little Boy Who Gave His Lunch Away Hill, Dave
70. The Birthday Cat Ivory, Lesley



You are welcome. I contacted RockDg but didn't hear back. I had saved a number of books so I wanted to be sure that the challenge continued.


71. The Little Golden Book of Hymns -- Werner, Elsa
72. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs -- Stevens, Lyndy
73. Bugs Bunny and the Health Hog -- Slater, Teddy
74. The Sleeping Beauty -- Stevens, Lyndy
75. --The Easter Butterfly -- Geisler, Ruth
76. Going to the Dentist -- Usborne


7. THE Broken Promise Land by Marcia Muller
8. THE Crystal Cavern by Hannah Alexander
9. THE Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark
From THE Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler


wingNancyNovawing 6 yrs ago
release 10
10. THE Alibi by Sandra Brown


tomato68 6 yrs ago
Release #1
#1. When THE Spirit Is Willing


I'm doing a 24-hour rotating roster at the moment, and am using a borrowed computer when I can, so I won't be able to host this year. But I can participate. :)

1: THE Afterwork Cookbook (WILD)


want to step on your toes but I love this challenge. I am glad to fill in this year and hopefully next year you will be in the position to host again. thank you for allowing me to be your guest host.



#1. THE Gorillas of Gill Park

#2. Encyclopedia Brown Saves THE Day

#3. THE Great Ghost Rescue

#4. THE Coyote's Cry

#5. Chasing THE Falconers: On THE Run

#6. Running from THE Devil



1. THE broker
2. death on THE nile
3. THE aviators
4. THE agent
5. THE ambler warning
6. THE time returns
7. THE cottage
8. THE family
9. in THE best of families
10. THE man at kambala
11. THE night manager
12. death comes at THE end
13. THE adventurers
14. surrender THE stars
15. a cat on THE cutting edge
16. THE shattered stars
17. taming THE sheik
18. murder at THE pta luncheon
19. THE third deadly sin
20. for THE defense
21. THE age of innocence
22. THE five-minute marriage
23. THE doctor's Christmas
24. THE throat
25. THE wide house
26. THE big game
27. THE great alone
28. THE wedding
29. THE genesis code
30. THE alibi
31. alone with THE devil
32. for THE defense
33. dwellers in THE crucible
34. THE escape
35. THE bachelor's stand-in wife


11. THE things we do for love by Kristin Hannah





77. THE Princess's Secret Scandal -- Whiddon, Karen
78. THE Taming of Reid Donovan -- Pappano, Marilyn
79. THE Bride Collector by Ted Dekker




The Hours (released on November 18)


I have been in Sweden for a few days and got hold of a few swedish books I could release. Now I got uncertain about what kind of "language equivalent" would count here since swedish language usually does not use a word for "the", but a bent form of the noun, the so called "bestämd form" (=definite form).

katt = cat
katten = the cat

There are, of course, words for "the". But you need them only in some specific special cases or if you want to emphasize it's _this_ one specific object. Usually it's the "bestämd form".

Would a noun in "bestämd form" be valid or not?

(Note: It doesn't make much of a difference to me since I have lots of matching german books and the swedish ones were only a few anyway. I just want this to be clear.)


You'll have to double-check with booklady331 since they're hosting this year, but it sounds ok to me. If it's used as "the", then I would consider it to be valid for the challenge.


Sounds ok to me too. You need to go with what is appropriate for the language.


12. The Kindness of Strangers by Julie Smith
13. The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon
14. The Copper Beech by Maeve Binchy
15. The First Counsel by Brad Meltzer
16. The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris (this copy has a different cover and the registering bookcrosser left the "the" out of the title in the entry)
17. The Mark by Tim LaHayne and Jerry B. Jenkins
18. The Indwelling by Tim LaHayne and Jerry B Jenkins
19. The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwall



tomato68 6 yrs ago
Release #2



2: Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming THE Abuse of Rank (WILD)


THE White Road by John Connolly


80. THE Sheik and I -- Winstead Jone, Linda
81. THE Wildes of Wyoming Ace -- Langan, Ruth
82. THE Wildes of Wyoming Chance -- Langan, Ruth
83. THE Cowboys Pride -- Sands, Charlene
84. THE World's Last Bachelor -- Browning, Pamela
85. A Kiss in THE Moonlight -- Paige, Laurie
86. THE Hidden Heir -- Webb, Debra
87. THE Princess's Secret Scandal (2nd copy) -- Whiddon, Karen
88. THE Spiderwick Chronicals (2nd copy)


20. THE scent of a woman by Peggy Nicholson
21. THE backup plan by Sherryl Woods
22. THE 19th Wife by David Ebershoff
23. THE cat who tailed a thief by Lillian Jackson Braun


24. THE hostage by WEB Griffin
25. THE house of Giribaldi Street by Isser Harel
26. THE intercept by Dick Wolf
27. THE Choice by Bob Woodward
28. THE Silent Hour by Michael Koryta
29. THE Testament by John Grisham
30. THE Keeper by Sarah Langan
31. THE Rich and the Righteous by Helen Van Slyke


89. THE Store Keeper's Daughter -- Brunsterrer, Wanda
90. THE Bishop's Daughter -- Brunsterrer, Wanda
91. THE Longing -- Brunsterrer, Wanda
92. THE Mercy -- Brunsterrer, Wanda
93. THE Judgment -- Brunsterrer, Wanda
94. THE Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Prog. -- Heller, Dr. & Dr.
95. THE Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Prog. (2nd copy) -- Heller, Dr. & Dr.
96. THE Future Homeakers of America -- Graham, Laurie


Wild releases with photos.

1. THE Classic Malts of Scotland -
2. THE Mysterious Stranger -
3. Old Wives' Tales: THE Truth About Everyday Myths -


#1 - The Watchman -
#2 - The Two Minute Rule -
#3 - The Slumber Party -
#4 - The Heart Queen -
#5 - The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes -
#6 - A Walk in THE Woods -


97. THE Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket



19 - THE 5th Horseman
20 - THE Innocent
21 - Gift From THE Storm and Other Stories From Around THE World
22 - THE Magicians
23 - THE Girl with THE Dragon Tattoo
24 - From THE Dust
25 - THE Great Parade


It's a mix of english, swedish and german books... so don't be surprised of the large variety of marked words and endings, they all translate to "the" ;) DER kleine Eisbär hat viele Freunde THE House at Pooh Corner Murder of a Snake in THE Grass StamfejdEN THE River Bank Mats och Eva-Karin i leksakslandET DanslärarENs återkomst En plats i solEN GlasbrukET Guldlock och DE tre björnarNA KattEN som sa nej och andra berättelser FolkET som kramade trädEN THE Agamemnon / THE Libation Bearers / THE Eumenides (THE Orestes Plays) THE American Dream THE Clerk's Tale of Oxenford THE Lemur THE Time Machine Brevier DER Freundschaft DIE Schandmaske DAS Gold von Caxamalca DER irre Müllschlucker DIE Feuer von Troia Tochter DES Vulkans Und er nahm mich bei DER Hand Aber wo ist DAS Leben DAS Dekameron DER letzte Kirschkern DIE große deutsche Tour Himmel über DER Wüste (Paul Tante Julia und DER Kunstschreiber


98. The Second Man by Steve Zettler
99. THE Mighty Quinns by Kate Hoffmann
100. THE Rowan -- McCaffrey, Anne
101. THE Prince -- Machiavelli
102. THE Color Purple -- Walker, Alice


tomato68 6 yrs ago
Release #3



1. THE Nazi Officer's Wife,



tomato68 6 yrs ago
Release #4



32. THE wedding garden by Linda Goodnight
33. THE quilter's homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini
34. THE rancher takes a wife by Judith Bowen
35. embrace THE night by Karen Chance



36. THE footprints of god by Greg Iles
37. it's not about THE bike by Lance Armstrong
THE Virgin Suicides. It's also a "Movie Book."


21 THE Enchanted April
22 THE Making of Us
23 To Tell THE Truth
24 THE Taker
25 THE Mistress of Spices
26 THE Mist

27 THE Emperor’s New Clothes
I LOVE this release! We were driving through the middle of nowhere in Scotland when we found a Christmas tree! Needless to say had to add a little pressie...sadly the picture isn't brilliant.

28 THE Long Shot
29 THE Story Sisters
30 THE 50/50 Killer
31 Out of THE Blue
32 Let THE Bells Ring
33 THE Concrete Blonde
34 THE Long Walk
35 Perfume: THE Story of a Murderer
36 THE Graft
37 THE Murder Exchange
38 THE Know
39 THE Business
40 THE Windbreaker Season
41 THE 5th Horseman
42 Always THE Bridesmaid
43 THE Eleventh Hour


27 THE Emperor’s New Clothes
I LOVE this release! We were driving through the middle of nowhere in Scotland when we found a Christmas tree! Needless to say had to add a little pressie...sadly the picture isn't brilliant.



I keep forgetting and grabbing books without The in the title to release, but I did send a couple on their travels:

1.) When Duty Calls: A Novel of the Legion of THE Damned - on 11/5/2013
2.) THE Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - on 11/11/2013
3.) THE City of Falling Angels - on 11/19/2013
4.) THE Autumn Castle - on 11/19/2013
5.) THE Last of the Red-Hot Vampires - on 11/20/2013
6.) THE Illusion of Separateness: A Novel - on 11/20/2013
7.) THE Rescue - on 11/25/2013
8.) THE War of THE Worlds - on 11/25/2013
9.) THE Bridge of San Luis Rey - on 11/25/2013
10.) The Copenhagen Connection - on 11/25/2013


103. THE Pillars of Creation --- Goodkind, Terry
104. THE Engineered Engagement -- Vetxch, Erica
105. THE Colors of My Words -- Joseph, Lynn
106. THE Thin Executioner --Shan, Darren
107. THE Catcher in THE Rye -- Salinger, J. D.
108. THE Ruins Smith, Scott
109. THE Protectors Barton, Beverly
110. THE Touch





Controlled releases:

4. LE petit livre de Cakes salés et sucrés (in French) -
5. When THE Emperor was Divine -
6. Spice: THE History of a Temptation -
7. Star Wars: Revenge of THE Sith -
8. THE Long Walk -
9. THE Umbrella Man -
10. THE Sixty-Eight Rooms -
11. Under THE Blood-Red Sun -

Wild release:

12. THE Leap -


111. THE Choice is Yours -- Various
112. THE Eyre Affair
113. THE Spectrum -- Ornish, Deam
114. THE Regulators by Richard Bachman (Steven King) to purple4





115. Beyond THE Cross and THE Switchblade by David Wilkerson



36. THE confessions of a duchess
37. THE return journey
38. THE governess wears scarlett
39. enter THE hero
40. THE viscount who loved me
41. THE bourne ultimatum
42. THE kiss
43. THE bonfire of THE vanities
44. witness for THE defense
45. THE caine mutany
46. pregnant at THE wedding
47. THE fourth estate
48. THE blue ribbon
49. THE wild child
50. THE fourth protocol
51. second star to THE right
52. THE leopard prince
53. THE runaway and THE cattleman
54. at THE millionaire's request
55. petals on THE river
56. THE Italian doctor's wife
57. hold THE dream
58. THE appeal
59. THE nanny diaries
60. THE indiscretion
61. man on THE border


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