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Easy challenge for November. Release books with the word 'the' somewhere in the title, or your language equivalent.

Controlled and wild releases are acceptable - however you want to release!

Post releases here. :)


but they were released on Oct 31... :(


Yeah, I did the same thing. lolol.


November 1 -- all wild
1. this is THE Day Kidd, Sue Monk
2. The Mammoth Hunters Auel, Jean
3. THE Careful Use of Complements Smith, Alexander
4. THE Testament Grisham, John
5. The Beggar's cup Blau, Eric
6. THE Negative Covino, Michael
7. THE 9 Steps to Financial Freedom Orman, Suze
8. Swim With THE Sharks Mackay, Harvey
9. THE Bourne Identity Ludlum, Robert
10. THE Case for Christ Strobel, Lee
11.THE Great American Bathroom Reader Charlton, Mark
12. THE Good Earth Buck, Pearl
13. THE Pillars of THE Earth Follett, Ken
14. Devotions for THE Man in THE Mirror Morley, Patrick
15. Light for my Path for THE Workplace Varios
16. THE Lightkeeper's Daughter Dooly, Paige
17. The Newcomer Eakes, Laurie
18. THE Master's Matach Murray, Tamela
19. God Gave THE Song Kovach, Katheen
20. Pursuing THE Goal Johnson, Jennifer
21. THE Engineered Engagement Vetsch, Erick
22. Over THE Top Ziglar, Zig
23. The Simple Guide to Puppies Kennedy, Stacy
24. THE O2 Diet Glassman, Keri
25. Fire From THE Mountain Cabezas, Omar
26. Straight from THE Heart Exley, Richard
27. Keepsake for THE Heart Townsend, Amelia
28. THE Clay Marble Ho, Minfong
29. THE One I Want Scotch, Allison
30. THE Night Thoreau Spent in Jail Lawrence, Jerome
31. THE Night Thoreau Spent in Jail Lawrence, Jerome
32. THE Crucible Miller, Arthur
33. THE Thurber Carnival Thurber, James
34. THE Last Series Higdon, Hal
35. THE Rainmaker Grisham, John
36. THE Ex Lutz, John
37. THE Little Death Parrish, P. J.
38. THE Reef Roberts, Nora
39. THE Land & People of THE Soviet Union Andrews, William
40. THE Land & People of Spain Shubert, Adrian
41. Book of THE Dead Cornwell, Patricia
42. Indiana Jones and THE White Witch Caidin, Martin
43. THE Cross and THE Switchblade Wilkerson, David
44. THE Moscow Vector Ludlum, Robert
45. THE Lucky One Sparks, Nicholas
46. THE Devil's Punchbowl Iles, Greg
47. THE Virgin Homeowner Papolos, Janice
48. THE Cashflow Quadrant Kiyosaki, Robert
49. THE Fire Next Time Baldwin, James
50. The Twelve Powers Fillmore, Charles
51. THE Face on THE Milk Carton Cooney, Caroline
52, THE Chocolate War Cormier, Robert
53. Secrets in THE Shadows Schraff, Anne
54. THE Book of Virtues Bennett, William
55. THE Church of Liberalism Coulter, Ann


Wow. :)

Off to look for some books to release for this challenge...


I sent two boxes of books to two different VA Hospitals, so it helped me to release and hopefully the books will be read.


release as many in colder weather, I hibernate.


1. The Navigator by Clive Cussler
2. November of THE heart by LaVyrle Spencer
3. THE pilgrim's progress by John Bunyan
4. A Kiss in THE dark by Tiffany White
5. THE wedding gamble by Julia Justiss
6. summer of THE storm by Catherine George
7. THE secret she keeps by Cassie Miles
8. THE seduction of shay devereaux by Carolyn Davidson
9. THE bridegroom by Linda Lael Miller
10. THE quest by Lindsay McKenna
11. THE only man in wyoming by Kristine Rolofson
12. THE road Home by Susan Crandall
13. After THE reunion by Rona Jaffe
14. The Vision of Emma Blau by Ursula Hegi


Great start NancyNova



56. And Ladies of THE Club
57. THE Dog Who Couldn't Stop Loving Masson, Jeffrey
58. THE Search Roberts, Nora
59. Toll For THE Brave Higgins, Jack
60. Gifted Hands THE Ben Carson Story Carson, Ben
61. Losing THE Moon Henry, Patti
62. The Smoke Jumper Evans, Nicholas
63. THE Mammoth Hunters Auel, Jean
64. The Broken Window by Jeffery Deaver


Wild release

1. M.C. Higgins THE Great - The Man Who Hated Television The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett The Castaways


65. THE Cross and THE Switchblade
66. THE House of THE Seven Gables
67. THE Good Earth
68. Something's Alive on THE Titanic


1. The Enemy by Lee Child
2. The Upstart by Catherine Cookson
3. Flashman and the Redskins by George MacDonald Fraser



wingNancyNovawing 6 yrs ago
Next Set
15. THE Sugar Camp Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini
16. THE Quilter's Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini
17. THE Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods
18. Sarah and THE Sheriff by Allison Leigh
19. THE Color of Courage by Patricia Davids
20. Breathless for THE Bachelor by Cindy Gerard
21. THE Reader by Bernhard Schlink
22. THE Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
23. THE Ideal Bride by Stephanie Laurens


4. The Road by Cormac McCarthy
5. The Drowning People by Richard Mason


Wild release

2. The Priest -


All controlled in this set:
1. THE Tigger Movie:
2. THE Foot Book:
3. Santa Paws and THE New Puppy:
4. THE Bears' Christmas:
5. Home is Where THE Cat Is:
6. THE Nanny Diaries:
7. THE Vow:


Wild release

3. The Navigator -


wingNancyNovawing 6 yrs ago
24. THE Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark


1 Nerilkas Story/The Coelura

2 Love in the Present Tense

3 The Gates of Sleep

4 The Ghattis Tale

5 At the Stroke of Madness

6 Out of the Past

7 The Tristan Betrayal

8 Village Matters/The Village Show

9 The Alchemist

10 The Crow Trap

11 Powers that be: The Petabee Trilogy

12 The Cat who went up the Creek

13 The Unnumbered

14 The King's Justice

15 The Riddle of St Leonards

16 The City who Fought

17 The Reapers

18 The Last Day

19 Camber the Heretic

20 One for the Money

Also released a copy of "The Redbreast" to a charity shop. However it was a second copy & the BCID I noted was the copy I released in February! So I don't know wether it's a pre-numbered copy or lacking a BCID entirely as only one comes up on a search of my shelf! And I though I was being organised :o) oh well......



1. The Storyteller's Beads,
2. The Tragedy of Hamlet,
3. The Catcher in the Rye,
4. The Family Bible Companion,
5. The Glow-in-the-Dark Planetarium Book
6. The Tempest,
7. The Comedy of Errors,
8. The Screwtape Letters,
9. The Taming of the Shrew,


booklady331 67
Diane-Fraser 5
geishabird 3
hyphen8 3
ksloan23 7
maggiemuffet 3
MyChildsCloset 18
NancyNova 24
Plum-crazy 20
sha 1
tabby-cat-owner 8

total 159

Excellent start everyone!


wingshawing 6 yrs ago
Some kind soul gave me wings on bookcrossing. Thank you so much to my kind benefactor, any one want to fess up?




wingNancyNovawing 6 yrs ago
25. THE Funhouse by Dean Koontz
26. 2012: THE War for Souls by Whitley Strieber
27. THE Anastasia Syndrome by Mary Higgins Clark
28. All Through THE Night by Mary Higgins Clark
29. THE Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn
30. THE Five Towns by Leslie Tonner



1. Playing THE Game by Barbara Taylor Bradford
2. THE Devil's Heiress by Jo Beverley
(This one was caught before I could make release notes. Finder joined and took a picture!)



Wild releases:

4. THE Postcard Killers -
5. Honor by Fire: Japanese Americans at War in Europe and THE Pacific

Controlled releases:

6. THE Cannibal -
7. THE Day THE World Came to Town -


A second copy of:
The Road by Cormac McCarthy



31. THE Silent Service: Ohio Class by H. Jay Riker
32. A Season in THE Highlands by Jude Deveraux, et al


69. The Black Dahlia Ellroy, James
70. For THE Love of Books Shwartz, Ronald
71. THE Policy Little, Bentley
72. THE Sword of Truth Morris, Gilbert
73. Holy Clues THE Gospel According to Sherlock Holmes Kendrick, Stephen
74. THE Things That Matter Medelson, Edward
75. Under THE Tuscan Sun Mayes, Frances
76. How Sccer Explains THE World Foer, Franklin
77. THE Book of Books Krantz, Les; Knight, Tim
78. THE Road Taken Jaffe, Rona
79. Incidents in THE Life of a Slave Girl Jacobs, Harriet
80.Interview With THE Vampire Rice, Ann
81. THE Tiger's Child Hayden, Torey
82. Under THE Lake Woods, Stuart
83. THE Shining King, Stephen
84. A Plague of Secrets to purple4
85. The Mercy Rule to purple4
86. The Bride Collector
87. The Time Machine
88. THE Family Under the Bridge Carlson, Natalie
89. THE Thirteenth Tale Setterfield, Diane


The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson


ksloan23 6 yrs ago
Release 8
Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming THE Abuse of Rank


wingNancyNovawing 6 yrs ago
release 33
33. THE Next to Die by Kevin O'Brien


90. Secrets of Tut's Tomb & THE Pyramids Reiff, Stephanie
91. THE Dinosaur Mystery Warner, Gertrude
92. THE Birthday Room Henkes, Kevin


34. Beauty and THE big bad wolf by Carol Grace
35. THE baby secret by Joyce Sullivan
36. THE Bravo Family Way by Christine Rimmer


1. THE door to december
2. THE valentine's day murder


All controlled, as they were in the bag of books I gave to Skyring for the 2012 Australian Bookcrossing Unconvention

#1 Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion
#2 The Hardy Boys: Choke Hold
#3 Doctor Who: The Pirate Loop
#4 Doctor Who: The Stone Rose
#5 The Fall Of Fergal
#6 From The Pavilion End
#7 Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs: The Question Of Alien Minds
#8 The Old Gringo
#9 Doctor Who And The Underworld
#10 The Food Chain
#11 The Baby And Toddler Body Language Phrasebook



1. The Raven and Other Favorite Poems (dual with World Diabetes Day)



booklady331 90
Davros-10 11
Diane-Fraser 7
eponine38 1
geishabird 3
hyphen8 7
ksloan23 8
maggiemuffet 5
Maranlin 2
MyChildsCloset 18
NancyNova 36
Plum-crazy 25
sha 13
tabby-cat-owner 8
thegoaliegirl 4

total 238


Is it ok to release whatever there is to release and post everything at once at the end of the month? If so, and you don't care that I haven't said anything yet, you may count me as a participant. No idea how many books I have released yet, but during the past few days I preferred the "The" books in any case.


That's fine ... I'll just add your name and release number when you add a list of released books (I do my tallying by reading the thread backwards) :)


Controlled releases:

8. THE Day They Came to Arrest THE Book -
9. THE Three-Inch Golden Lotus -


4 books in one with two of them having The in the title. Only counted as one release for this challenge ;)

The Loop and also The Coffin Dancer


wingbooklady331wing 6 yrs ago
#93 - 94
93. THE Summer of Riley Bunting, Eve
94. THE Diary of Ma Yan Ma Yan


Wild release:

10. Murder She Wrote: THE Maine Mutiny -


9. The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare


5. THE last juror (journaled before I could make release notes)
6. early from THE dance



1. THE King is a Fink, by Johnny Hart, Brant Parker, Johnny Hart.

2. THE Best of Friends, by Joanna Trollope.



wingbooklady331wing 6 yrs ago
#97 - 99


winghyphen8wing 6 yrs ago
The catch #1
Release #5 was caught. :)

Honor by Fire: Japanese Americans at War in Europe and THE Pacific

THE Client, by John Grisham. Also part of the Movie Books release challenge.


All controlled releases

11. Surviving Hitler: A Boy in THE Nazi Death Camps -
12. THE Angel Experiment -
13. THE Book Thief -
14. Harry Potter and THE Sorcerer's Stone -
15. THE Prince and THE Pauper -
16. THE Haymeadow -
17. THE Schwa was Here -
18. Encyclopedia Brown and THE Case of THE Disgusting Sneakers -
19. Sorcerers of THE Frozen Isles -



7. are you afraid of THE dark


booklady331 97
Davros-10 11
Diane-Fraser 8
eponine38 1
geishabird 7
goldenwattle 2
hyphen8 19
ksloan23 8
maggiemuffet 5
Maranlin 2
msrubble 1
MyChildsCloset 18
NancyNova 36
Plum-crazy 43
sha 13
tabby-cat-owner 9
thegoaliegirl 7

total 287


Wild releases

20. Murder on THE Prowl -
21. Number THE Stars -
22. A Bend in THE Road -
23. THE Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff -
24. THE Pocket Guide to Girl Stuff -



2. Airs Above the Ground (dual with Diabetes)


wingMaranlinwing 6 yrs ago
Release #3
3. THE Servants of Twilight by Dean Koontz



Wild release

25. Harry Potter and THE Prisoner of Azkaban -


mixed: some wild, some controlled

26. THE Left Hand of Darkness -
27. THE Orchid Thief -
28. Gay-Neck: THE Story of a Pigeon -
29. To Sail Beyond THE Sunset -
30. THE Eleventh Hour -
31. Call for THE Dead -
32. THE Illustrated Man -
33. THE Incredible Journey -
34. Secrets of THE Tudor Court -
35. THE Cosmic Computer -
36. THE Poisonwood Bible -
37. East of THE Mountains -
38. THE Moon is a Harsh Mistress -
39. Birds of Prey: Drama and Excitement in THE World of Birds -


First catch of the challenge for me :o) wasn't registered using the "the" but as you can see, the cover has the "the" on it... :)



releasing for "The" November Challenge. The Murder Book



100. The Amplified Bible
101. The Innocent Man Grisham, John
102. The Red Tent
103. The ZooKeeper's Wife to Bulan-Purnama

& it looks like it's off around the world! Agatha Raisin and The Fairies of Fryfam The Hyde Park Murder


The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro


wingbooklady331wing 6 yrs ago
104 Your Child and the Christian Life (Learning for Life) A Family Activity Book
by Rick Osborne, K. Christie Bowler


#12 The Computers of Star Trek
#13 Doctor Who: Night Of The Humans
#14 The Unit: Seek And Destroy
#15 Doctor Who And The Carnival Of Monsters
#16 The Tangled Skein
#17 Doctor Who And The Three Doctors
#18 Asterix And The Golden Sickle
#19 Wedding Etiquette: The What, How & When Of Weddings
#20 Doctor Who: The New Adventures: Iceberg
#21 Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor
#22 Doctor Who: The Armageddon Factor
#23 Doctor Who: The Myth Makers
#24 Sunderland: The RAF’s Legendary Protector Of The Sea Lanes
#25 The Sword Of Forever
#26 Doctor Who: The Wheel In Space
#27 Doctor Who: Short Trips: The History Of Christmas
#28 Doctor Who: The Burning
#29 The Greek Tycoon’s Pregnant Wife
#30 The Italian Tycoon’s Bride
#31 The Medusa Effect
#32 Doctor Who: The Revenge Of The Cybermen
#33 Return To The Fractured Planet
#34 The Lucky Stiff
#35 The Skylark Of Space
#36 Doctor Who And The Deadly Assassin
#37 Doctor Who: The Stone Rose
#38 The Trouble In Hunter Ward
#39 Doctor Who: The Power Of The Daleks
#40 The Big Picture
#41 Doctor Who: The New Adventures: The Dimension Riders
#42 Doctor Who: The Curse Of Fenric
#43 The Peppermint Pig
#44 Looking For The Possible Dance
#45 Doctor Who: The Scripts: The Daemons
#46 Doctor Who And The Daleks
#47 The Brazos
#48 Doctor Who: The Hollow Men
#49 Doctor Who: The Widow’s Curse


Words for "the" or "of the" in german are:
der, die, das, dem, den, des
(and a few more which don't occur in my booklist) Abel mit DER Mundharmonika All in THE Same Boat Ballad of THE Sad Cafe Bekenntnisse DES Hochstaplers Felix Krull Biedermann und DIE Brandstifter DAS Ambulanzschiff DAS Bad DAS Lamm DAS Lastauto DAS Leben meiner Mutter DAS Lied DER schwarzen Berge DAS Mädchen auf DER Schaukel DAS Meisterstück DAS Phantom DAS Porträt DAS Reich zerfiel, DIE Reichen blieben DAS Schweißtuch DER Veronika DAS war eine schöne Reise / DIE Leute mit DEM Sonnenstich DER Arzt von Stalingrad DER Aufmacher DER Glöckner von Notre-Dame DER Hauptmann von Köpenick DER Himmel über Kasakstan DER Irrtum DES Dottore Gambassi DER kurze Brief zum langen Abschied DER Mensch im Spiegel DER Novembermörder DER Papalagi DER Pate DER Prozeß DER Rabbi DER stille Don I DER Tanz DER Mörder DER Tod DES Vergil DER veruntreute Himmel DES Sieges bittere Tränen DIE Barrings DIE Bestandsaufnahme DIE drei Musketiere DIE Farbe Lila DIE Gottesmänner DIE Jungfrau im Lavendel DIE Leiden DER Familie de Marquardt DIE Libelle DIE Nachtvögel DIE Phönizier DIE Reisende DER Nacht DIE Schattenkönigin DIE schönsten Erzählungen DER Welt II DIE See DES Schicksals DIE vierzig Tage DES Musa Dagh DIE weiße Massai DIE wunderbaren Jahre Farm DER Tiere Geschichte DES Chevalier de Grieux und DER Manon Lescaut Gespräche mit Goethe in DEN letzten Jahren seines Lebens Handorakel und Kunst DER Weltklugheit Ich zähmte DIE Wölfin Karussell DER Liebe Kiss THE Girls LE avventure di pinocchio Lügen in Zeiten DES Krieges Meine Feindin, DIE Königin Mohn in DEN Bergen Nathan DER Weise play to THE end Sherlock Holmes und DER blaue Karfunkel Tales of THE Alhambra Tanausu, DER letzte König DER Kanaren Tewje, DER Milchmann THE Buddha of Suburbia THE Case of Thomas N THE complete Winnie-THE-Pooh / THE House at Pooh Corner THE Countess Cathleen / Playboy of THE Western World THE Dream Lover THE Encyclopedia of Earth and Other Planets THE Horse and His Boy THE Hot Zone THE Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman THE Last Battle THE Lion, THE Witch and THE Wardrobe THE Magic Bicycle THE Magician's Nephew THE Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume 1 THE Norton Anthology of English Literature Volume 2 THE Railway Children THE Sculptress THE Silmarillion THE Silver Chair THE Songlines THE Stephen King Companion THE Twenty-seventh City THE Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" Trommeln in DER Dämmerung Wem DIE Stunde schlägt


8. THE Colour
9. An Instance of THE Fingerpost
10. THE Undomestic Goddess
11. Fried Green Tomatoes at THE Whistle Stop Cafe

That's all I could scrounge up this year...thanks for hosting!


40. Lamb: THE Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal -


wingMaranlinwing 6 yrs ago
Release #4
4. THE Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving

I didn't get as many released this year as I had hoped, but it was a fun challenge once again. Thanks, RockDg9 for hosting.


3. The Blue Flower (dual with Diabetes)


and then tally the results. :)


Released November 30th
105. Secrets of Tut's Tomb & THE Pyramids Reiff, Stephanie
106. Secrets of the Desert Murdoch, Kath
107. THE Loch Ness Monster Mystery Fleming, Maureen
108. THE New Bear at School Weston, Carrie
109. THE Chimpanzees I Love Goodall, Jane


44 The Black Path

45 The Color Purple

46 Little House on the Prairie

47 The Undomestic Goddess

48 All the Pretty Dead Girls

49 The Lighthouse

50 The Forgotten Man

51 The Life & Times of Barley Beach

52 A Gate at the Stairs

53 Mistress of the Game

54 In the Frame

55 The Other Boleyn Girl

This always a great challenge & thanks for running RockDg9 - see you next year for more!



Really great work everyone! :)

booklady331 105
Davros-10 49
Diane-Fraser 9
ekorren 95
eponine38 3
geishabird 11
goldenwattle 2
hyphen8 40
ksloan23 11
maggiemuffet 11
Maranlin 4
msrubble 1
MyChildsCloset 18
NancyNova 36
Plum-crazy 55
sha 13
tabby-cat-owner 9
thegoaliegirl 8
total 480

Wonder how it travelled down there.....


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