Towel Day Release Challenge in Memory of Douglas Adams - 25 May

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Towel Day ( ) is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001) - for a biography see .

I thought I could just wear a towel that day, but why not get other Bookcrossers who love Douglas Adams involved too?

So, here's the Challenge: On Friday 25 May (your local time) release as many of Douglas Adams' books as possible. These can be books written by, collaborations with, containing stories by, or books about Douglas Adams. The list on the Fantastic Fiction website seems pretty complete - see for ideas.

All releases must be wild. Releases to OBCZs, donated to a charity or thrift shop, and the like will be considered wild.

Releases that fit multiple release challenges are welcome.

After making your releases, record them here with and a link to your journal entry. Please mention in your release notes that the book was released as part of this challenge and/or as part of Towel Day with a link to that website
( ).

Report any catches (and new members resulting from this challenge). A link to the journal entry would also be appreciated.

While I'm sure we can all have a lot of fun with this, I will also offer some prizes, Wings for a month for:

- the BCer with the most number of releases,
- the BCer who does the most innovative or amusing themed release (at least IMHO),
- the BCer who uploads the most interesting or amusing release photo (again, IMHO), and,
- one other BCer who released any book, not received one of the other prizes, and who will be drawn at random.

You can post your releases and catches at any time, but the above prizes will be awarded by me sometime on the weekend of 2-3 June.

Have fun!

"Oh freddled gruntbuggly thy micturations are to me
As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
Groop I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes.
And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't!"


Jenny-G 9 yrs ago
...Who ?
Doctor Who ! Of course.

Sorry, don't have any of his books at present. Perhaps I'll leave a towel someplace ?


just don't know if I have any extra copies of his books on hand (I have some that I am keeping, plain and simple!). Now I have something to try to pick up between today and 5/25 -- good thing I will be at a book-themed event next weekend.


I'll try to find something I'm willing to release, really I will. Just stop with the poetry before my teeth all fall out or something.


Davros-10 8 yrs ago
DIDLING (participial vb.)
The process of trying to work out who did it when reading a whodunit, and trying to keep your options open so that when you find out you can allow yourself to think that you knew perfectly well who it was all along.

From "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams & John Lloyd

Not that any of us ever do this.


Today I'm hitting all the charity shops in my area looking for books.


It's unlikely that I'll find any at a charity shop - I think I have to go to the commercial used book store for that..I'll try to do that tomorrow.


I found a few books at the three charity shops closest to me - one is the outlet of the city council library so it's usually productive to go there - but one of the books I found was an autographed copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. At least the signature looks genuine when I compare it to the several copies I have that I had personally signed by Douglas Adams when he visited Australia.

Think I'll add this one to the PC too, even though I already have one. This one is just the signature, while the one I obtained in 1981 or 1982 is dedicated to me personally.


#1 The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
#2 Life, The Universe and Everything
#3 Life, The Universe And Everything
#4 Life, The Universe And Everything
#5 So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
#6 So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish
#7 And Another Thing
#8 And Another Thing

Unfortunately due to the weather none in an interesting place and no release photos.


Davros-10 8 yrs ago
Catch #1
#1 So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

later more , I going soon in the mountains ( see you in back our mountain)


kasenka 8 yrs ago
My release
This was also part of Vekiki's Monopoly game:

If you are Lost in Space you should have a towel with you. So, we decided to release a nice striped towel with a book called Lost in Space in a gas station where a random hitchhiker might find it and maybe get a hitch more easily with the towel with her! And of course with it all was a big friendly text ÄLÄ HÄTÄILE which is DON'T PANIC in Finnish. I think there were a couple of spaceships in the parking lot... (includes pics, but all text is in Finnish)


have to wait for my wife to get back so the picture can be taken, but this is the book:

with the explanation in the release notes ;)


Another Monopoly release :o) Pretty standard & unoriginal.....

Wow Davros10 - a catch already! :o)


in downtown Washington DC

I had ordered some additional Adams books, but they have yet to arrive (probably will show up tomorrow).

Glad I managed to get these released, though, because I forgot my towel. :(


This was my 7th annual Towel Day release. :-) Released Maailmanlopun ravintola (The Restaurant at the End of the Universe) at a movie theatre.


Here's our release:

And here's a link to an additional photo showing the sheer magnitude of the Towel Headquarters of the Western World:



on behalf of Team Wolf for the BC Monopoly Game:

See story (english/german) in the book journal entries (with pictures, of course).

It's the one and only release I've done for this Towel Day.


The More Than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide ( ) - no particular theme beyond a vague connection between hitchhikers and a gas station near a highway. Am hoping it gets caught up in the Memorial Day Weekend traffic, but we'll see...


Davros-10 8 yrs ago
I've just been going over the posts, release notes and release photos posted so far and all I can say is that it is going to be very hard for me to pick winners next weekend.

Keep them coming, and me laughing!


winghyphen8wing 8 yrs ago
Here's mine.
Not a Monopoly release since my teammate and her adorable assistants took care of that.

I thought about releasing it outside the warehouse of the fish wholesaler, but it might have gotten all wet & stinky...

Davros-10, you do know your challenge is on the list of activities on the Towel Day site, right? :D


Davros-10, you do know your challenge is on the list of activities on the Towel Day site, right? :D

Davros may have know that, but I didn't! That is awesome! :)


Davros-10, you do know your challenge is on the list of activities on the Towel Day site, right? :D

Davros may have know that, but I didn't! That is awesome! :)

Yeah, that's what I thought too. :)


Yes I did know, and I was quite chuffed about it.

Davros-10, you do know your challenge is on the list of activities on the Towel Day site, right? :D


Prizes of Wings for a month go to:

60f8 for most releases (2)
MyChildsCloset for the cute photo of your children wrapped in towels at Bed, Bath & Beyond
Wyando for the release on a bulldozer
hippolein who was the random winner

I think it normally takes 24-48 hours for your Wings to appear, or for your existing expiry date to be changed.

Thanks everyone, and see you again next year.


Thank you very much Davros-10, the wings arrived already!
Was fun participating in this, have to do it again next year.


..and may you always know where your towel is. :D


Wow! I didn't expect to win anything -- after all, we all know that Davros -10 releases a lot more books and I only managed to get 2 released. Thanks!

My other Adams books arrived three days late for towel day, but I will release them (with a towel) anyway in the near future. Looking forward to next year!


Woohoo! Thanks Davros and congrats to all who participated in this challenge, because they were all good released :)


Thank you very, very much, Davros-10! I've never had wings before, so I'll have to check out all the cool new features!


And my oldest son has already asked what we're going to do for towel day *next* year! Good to get them started early...


wingGhaneschawing 8 yrs ago
a catch


Good one Ghanescha. They seemed pleased to have found it.


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