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The "SNAP!" Release Game is played here: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/472242
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August 2012, So far 45 BookCrossers (BX) from 11 countries have got at least one SNAP,
while about 7 BookCrossers are still SNAP Watchers...
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Last Update: 31 Aug 2012 23:59 CEST

1265: US: Erishkigal: "Corpus Delecti or, to give you more choice, The Body of the Crime." by PATRICIA D. Cornwell
1264: US: BruceAlexander: "Unnatural Exposure" by Patricia Cornwell and Blair BROWN
1263: CA: rureading: "Play Dirty" by Sandra BROWN
1262: US: BruceAlexander: "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan BROWN
1261: AU: Davros-10: "My Name Is Martha BROWN" by Nicola Thorne
1260: US: BruceAlexander: "Six of One" by RITA Mae Brown
1259: CA: rureading: "Hiss of DEATH" by Rita Mae Brown
1258: US: BruceAlexander: "White Elephant Dead (Death on Demand Mysteries, No. 11)" by CAROLYN Hart
(A)1257: DE: Wyando: "Bitter wine" by CAROLYN Llewellyn
1256: CA: rureading: "Dead by MIDNIGHT" by Carolyn Hart
1255: US: BruceAlexander: "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" by JOHN Berendt
1254: US: T02S03B11D20: "Headwind" by JOHN J. Nance
1253: UK: MissMarkey: "The Family Pack" by JOHN Hegley
1252: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Spy Who Came In from the Cold" by JOHN le Carre
1251: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - The Scripts - The Daleks" by TERRY Nation and John McElroy
1250: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Scions of Shannera (Heritage of Shannera, Book One)" by Terry Brooks
1249: US: BruceAlexander: "Defcon ONE" by Joe Weber
1248: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Tango One / Buried at Sea /Julie and Romeo / Dead Sleep" by STEPHEN Leather / Paul Garrison / Jeanne Ray / Greg Iles
1247: US: BruceAlexander: "Duma Key" by Stephen KING
1246: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Trap" by Tabitha King
1245: US: BruceAlexander: "Help, Im Trapped in an Aliens BODY" by Todd Strasser
1244: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Body Farm" by PATRICIA Cornwell
1243: US: BruceAlexander: "Scarpetta" by PATRICIA Cornwell
1242: CA: rureading: "RED Mist" by Patricia Cornwell
1241: US: BruceAlexander: "Roses are Red" by JAMES Patterson
1240: AU: Davros-10: "Hogs #2 - Hog Down" by JAMES Ferro
1239: US: hyphen8: "Alex Crosss Trial" by by James PATTERSON and Richard DiLallo
1238: US: BruceAlexander: "Lifeguard" by JAMES Patterson and Andrew Gross
1237: DE: Wyando: "The Black Tower" by Phyllis D. JAMES
1236: US: BruceAlexander: "Double Cross" by JAMES Patterson
1235: UK: Huffpuff: "The Jester" by JAMES Patteson and Andrew Gross
1234: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who Storybook 2009" by Keith Temple, James Moran, Gareth Roberts, Mark Gatiss, Paul Magrs, Gary Russell and Nicholas Pegg
1233: US: NancyNova: "Eleanor and FRANKLIN - The Story of Their Relationship Based on Eleanor Roosevelts Private Papers" by Joseph P Lash
1232: AU: Davros-10: "The Hardy BOYS - Choke Hold" by Franklin W. Dixon
1231: NO: zimort: "a HAPPY Boy" by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
1230: UK: saskiasosmile: "These happy GOLDEN years" by Laura Ingalls Wilder
1229: FI: lunatum: "The Golden Silence" by PAUL Johnston
1228: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - The Last Resort" by Paul Leonard
1227: US: NancyNova: "The Last Promise" by Richard PAUL Evans
1226: AU: Davros-10: "Aphrodisiacs - TOUCH - Taste - Sight - Smell - Hearing" by Paul Scott
1225: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Touching the Sky / I Like it Like That / A Catch of Consequence" by Susan Madison / CLAIRE Calman / Diana Norman
1224: AU: Davros-10: "Runaway LADY" by Claire Thornton
1223: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "LADY Roseanne (Horses of Half-Moon Ranch)" by Jenny Oldfield
1222: FI: lunatum: "Lady of Dreams" by BARBARA Taylor Bradford
1221: US: NancyNova: "The Bean Trees" by BARBARA Kingsolver
(A)1220: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Romantic Novels of BARBARA Cartland - The Ghost Who Fell in Love" by BARBARA Cartland
1219: DE: Wyando: "year storm" by barbara WOOD.
1218: AU: Davros-10: "The Mad Reader, 50th Anniversary Edition" by Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis, Bill Elder and Wallace WOOD
1217: NO: zimort: "According to the Rolling Stones" by Mick Jagger, Keith RICHARDS, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood
1216: AU: Davros-10: "Decalog 4 - Re-Generations" by Andy LANE and Justin Richards (Editors)
1215: US: T02S03B11D20: "Firefly LANE" by Kristin Hannah
1214: UK: MissMarkey: "Pond Lane and PARIS" by Susie Vereker
1213: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Three Weeks in Paris / The Secret Life of Bees / Fair Game" by Barbara Taylor Bradford / Sue Monk Kidd / Elizabeth YOUNG
1212: CA: rureading: "So Brave, Young, and HANDsome" by Leif Enger
1211: US: quietorchid: "Whip HAND" by Dick Francis
1210: US: NancyNova: "DEAD Hand" by Harold Coyne
1209: US: hyphen8: "DEAD Men Dont Get the Munchies" by Miranda Bliss
1208: US: BruceAlexander: "DEAD Sleep" by Greg Iles
(N)1207: CA: rureading: "DEEPer than the Dead" by Tami Hoag
1206: FI: lukutuoli: "Bottom Burps and other Deep Poems about LIFE" by Purple Ronnie
1205: US: BruceAlexander: "Your Money or Your Life - Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence" by Joe Dominguez and Vicki ROBIN
1204: US: T02S03B11D20: "Mortal Fear" by ROBIN Cook
1203: US: BruceAlexander: "Zippity Zoom" by Stephen Cosgrove and Robin JAMES
1202: US: NancyNova: "London Bridges" by JAMES Patterson
1201: AU: Davros-10: "Hogs 2 - Hog DOWN" by James Ferro
1200: NO: zimort: "A Long Way DOWN" by Nick Hornby

Snaps 1118 - 1199: Aug 2012 (Part 1/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


some statistics: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7468521

057: CA: rureading: "The CURIOUS Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Age Stories" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
056: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night - Time" by MARK Haddon.
055: DE: Wyando: "The Philosopher and the WOLF; What a wild animal teaches us." by Mark Rowlands
054: DE: Thaliomee: "Der Knochenmann: Das Buch zum Film" by Wolf Haas
053: US: hyphen8: "The Only Book; A Compendium of One-Of-A-Kind Facts"
by Gerard Del Re, PATRICIA Del Re
052: DE: Wyando: "BODY of evidence" by Patricia Cornwell
051: NZ: keeta1: "The DEATH of the Body" by C. K. Stead
050: CA: maggiemuffet: "Betrayal in DEATH" by J.D. Robb
049: DE: Wyando: "Unnatural DEATH" by Dorothy L. Sayers
048: US: T02S03B11D20: "Chosen For DEATH" by Kate Clark Flora
047: US: quietorchid: "Death Comes for the ArchBISHOP" by Willa Cather
046: DE: ekorren: "The Conversions of a BISHOP" by Dom Hélder Pessoa Câmara
045: UK: Vekiki: "The Bishop's MAN" by Linden MacIntyre
044: US: T02S03B11D20: "A Hollow MAN by Dan Simmons"
043: DE: ekorren: "The MAN on the Balcony" by Per Wahlöö and Maj Sjöwall
042: DE: Wyando: "Stern MEN" by Elizabeth Gilbert
041: CA: rureading: "A Most Wanted MAN" by John le Carre
040: US: quietorchid: "Enslaved by Ducks, How ONE Man Went from Head of the Household to Bottom of the Pecking Order" by Bob Tarte
039: UK: Vekiki: "Zone ONE" by Colson Whitehead
(B)038: FI: lukutuoli: "One for My Baby" by Tony PARSONS
(A)037: DE: Wyando: "Just count the DARK hours" by Julie Parsons
(A)036: FI: lukutuoli: "SOUNDS of the Dark" by Mary Higgins Clark
035: CA: rureading: "The Sound of Wings: The Life of Amelia Earhart" by MARY S. Lovell
034: US: hyphen8: "Died in the Wool: A KNITTING Mystery" by Mary Kruger
033: US: quietorchid: "MARY Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns" by MARY Thomas
032: US: eparks4232: "O Beulah Land" by Mary LEE Settle
031: US: T02S03B11D20: "Killing Floor" by Lee CHILD
030: CA: rureading: "Child 44" by Tom Rob SMITH
(N)029: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who, Full CIRCLE" by Andrew Smith
028: US: NancyNova: "Palace Circle: A Novel" by Rebecca DEAN
027: US: hyphen8: "Sole Survivor" by DEAN Koontz
(N)026: AU: Davros-10: "Alien Nation" by ALAN Dean Foster
025: UK: marsala: "The uncommon reader" by ALAN Bennett
024: DE: ekorren: "The Paris Trap" by ALAN Furst
023: IE: KiwiinEngland: "Watchmen" by Alan MOORE
022: DE: Wyando: "Full coverage, Mr. Bush, »Dude, Where's My Country«" by MICHAEL Moore
021: US: hyphen8: "The Andromeda Strain" by MICHAEL Crichton
020: NZ: keeta1: "The Poet" by MICHAEL Connelly
019: AU: Davros-10: "Mike's Election Guide" 2008 by Michael MOORE
018: FI: lukutuoli: "Stupid White Men" by MICHAEL Moore
017: US: eparks4232: "Nancy, A Portrait of My Years with Nancy Reagan" by MICHAEL K. Deaver
016: AU: Davros-10: "Snow Angels" by Fern Michaels, MARIE Bostwick, Janna McMahan and Rosalind Noonan
015: US: T02S03B11D20: "GODS Behaving Badly" by Marie Phillips
014: DE: ekorren: "GOD bless our pastor - and our pastor's wife alike" by Barbara Seuffert
013: US: eparks4232: "Sadhana a WAY to God: Christian Exercises in Eastern Form" by Anthony de Mello
012: DE: ekorren: "Far is the WAY to Happiness" by Hedwig Courths-Mahler
011: IE: KiwiinEngland: "No Way DOWN, Life and Death on K2" by Graham Bowley
010: US: NancyNova: "Scorpion Down, Sunk by the Soviets, Buried by the Pentagon, The Untold STORY of the USS Scorpion" by Ed Offey
009: AU: Davros-10: "Tales From Nowhere, Unexpected STORIES From Unexpected Places (Lonely Planet)" Edited by Don George
--- (Remark: from now on only "keywords", no "the/and/in/by/a/of/...") ---
008: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Simple Soul AND other stories" by Catherine Cookson
007: DE: ekorren: "KING Arthur and the Knights of the Table Round" by Käthe Recheis
006: FI: Annimanni: "The DEATH of Kings (Emperor II)" by Conn Iggulden
005: DE: ekorren: "Death of an Expert Witness" by PHYLLIS Dorothy James
004: US: T02S03B11D20: "SEA Jade" by Phyliss Whitney.
003: AU: Davros-10: 20,000 "Leagues Under The SEA" by Jules Verne
002: US: hyphen8: "When China Ruled the SEAS" by Louise Levathes
001: UK: Vekiki: "Let Not the Waves of the Sea" by Simon Stephenson (start of game)
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(N) = found with Newbie
(A) = Anonymous found


some Statistics: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7495664
139: US: quietorchid: "MOUNTAINS beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man who Would Cure the World" By Tracy Kidder
138: CA: Minerva101: "At The Mountains Of Madness And Other TALES of Terror" by H. P. Lovecraft
137: CA: rureading: "Gatty's TALE" by Kevin Crossley-Holland
136: US: quietorchid: "The Handmaid's Tale" by MARGARET Atwood
135: DE: ekorren: "Island of the LOST Dreams" by Margaret Mitchell
(N)134: DE: Wyando: "How the Garcia GIRLS lost their accents" by Julia Alvarez
133: DE: Thaliomee: "A cage full of GIRLS" by Beth Gutcheon
132: CA: Minerva101: "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne FRANK
131: US: NancyNova: "DUNE Messiah" by Frank Herbert
130: DE: Wyando: "The house near the DUNE" by Agatha Christie
129: US: quietorchid: "GOD Emperor of Dune" by Frank Herbert
128: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Songs of Galileo - VOICE of God" by M.T. Jones
127: CA: maggiemuffet: "Voice of the PIONEER" by Bill McNeil
(N)126: CA: rureading: "The Pioneer WOMAN: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story" by Ree Drummond
125: US: quietorchid: "Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman" by Elizabeth Buchan.
124: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Secret WOMAN" by Victoria Holt
123: US: NancyNova: "A Woman of Spirit" by HERBERT Tarr
(N)122: DE: ekorren: "Royal Bavarian Sports Breviary" by HERBERT Rosendorfer
(N)121: FI: lukutuoli: "Oh, WONDERFUL May" by Herbert Ernest Bates
120: DE: LiniP: "Wonderful JOURNEYs on land and at water, military campaigns and funny adventures of Baron of Münchhausen" by Gottfried A. Bürger
119: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Incredible JOURNEY" by Sheila Burnford
118: DE: Wyando: "The JOURNEY to Tamerland" by Angelika Mechtel
117: DE: ekorren: "Manuel or The JOURNEY to the Beginning of the World" by Fredrik Vahle
(A)116: DE: Wyando: "The Forest - A Literary JOURNEY" by Kerstin Ekman
115: US: NancyNova: "Left For Dead - My JOURNEY Home from Everest" by Beck Weathers
114: US: solittletime: "PLAIN and Simple - A Woman's Journey to the Amish" by Sue Bender
113: US: hyphen8: "SARAH, Plain and Tall" by Patricia MacLachlan
112: IE: KiwiinEngland: "Sarah: BOOK one of the Cannan Trilogy" by Mark Halter
111: DE: ekorren: "At the next BOOK everything becomes different" by Alex Capus
110: FI: lukutuoli: "The Rules - a MAN's Book" by Jyrki Lehtola
109: CA: rureading: "Old MAN's Cave (Bone, Vol. 6)" by Jeff Smith
108: US: solittletime: "The FIRST Man in Rome" by Colleen McCullough
107: FI: lukutuoli: "The First Sip of Beer and OTHER Small Pleasures" by Philippe Delerm
106: US: hyphen8: "The Woman Who Swallowed a Toothbrush and OTHER Bizarre Medical Cases" by Rob Myers
105: DE: Wyando: "From Wolves and OTHER animals - Animal-Researchers talking" by Wilhelm Topsch (editor)
104: UK: Vekiki: "The Raven & Other FAVOURITE poems" by Edgar Allan Poe
103: US: quietorchid: "The Secret LIFE of Lobsters - How Fishermen and Scientists are Unraveling the Mysteries of our Favorite Crustacean" by Trevor Corson
102: DE: ekorren: "Strange Life Story of His Majesty Abraham Tonelli / Newest Fates of an Adventurous Man" by Ludwick Tieck and E.T.A. Hofmann
101: CA: rureading: "Brave New WORLD" by Aldous Huxley
100: UK: Vekiki: " What If Our World Is Their Heaven? The Final CONVERSATIONs of" Philip K. Dick
099: DE: Wyando: "Our CENTURY - a conversation" by Helmut Schmidt, Fritz Stern
098: IE: KiwiinEngland: "For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts Advice to WOMEN" by Barbara Ehrenreich, Deirdre English
097: FI: lukutuoli: "LITTLE Women" by Louisa May Alcott
096: IE: KiwiinEngland: "The LITTLE Friend" by Donna Tartt
095: DE: Thaliomee: "The Finding fox - how the LITTLE fox got a mother" by Irina Korschunow
(N)094: US: quietorchid: "The Cat's LITTLE Instruction Book" by Leigh W. Rutledge
093: FI: lukutuoli: "A Little FOLLY" by Jude Morgan
092: CA: rureading: "The Brooklyn Follies" by PAUL Auster
091: US: hyphen8: "I Never Loved Your MIND" by Paul Zindel
090: CA: maggiemuffet: "A Mind to MURDER" by P.D. James
089: CA: rureading: "Murder Past Due (Cat in the Stacks Mystery)" by Miranda JAMES
088: US: T02S03B11D20: "Posession" by PETER James
087: UK: Vekiki: "In the NIGHT Room" by Peter Straub
086: US: quietorchid: "Lammas NIGHT" by Katherine Kurtz
085: DE: ekorren: "Letters from the Night" by Robert Dessaix
084: FI: lukutuoli: "Sam's Letters to Jennifer" by JAMES Patterson
083: US: 6of8: "The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln" by JAMES C. Humes
082: US: NancyNova: "James Herriot's Favorite DOG Stories" by James Herriot
081: UK: Vekiki: "HOW To Teach Quantum Physics To Your Dog" by Chad Orzel
080: AU: Davros-10: "How Many Miles To Babylon?" by JENNIFER Johnston
079: CA: rureading: "BITING the Bullet" by Jennifer Rardin
078: CA: maggiemuffet: "Lover's Bite" by Maggie Shayne
077: FI: lukutuoli: "Wives and Lovers" by Jane ELIZABETH Varley
076: IE: KiwiinEngland: "The Historian; to you, perceptive reader, I bequeath my HISTORY..." By Elizabeth Kostova
075: US: NancyNova: "The Short History of a PRINCE" by Jane Hamilton
074: DE: Wyando: "The SMALL Prince", by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
(N)073: FI: lukutuoli: "A SMALL Hug Book" by Kathleen Keating:
(A)072: DE: ekorren: "The SMALL Prince", by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
(N)071: IE: KiwiinEngland: "The GOD of small things" by Arundhati Roy
070: DE: Wyando: "HOUSE of God" by Samuel Shem
069: US: flewry: "Little House on the Prairie" by LAURA Ingalls Wilder
068: CA: rureading: "Eggs in Purgatory; A Cackleberry Club Mystery" by Laura CHILDS
(A)067: US: quietorchid: "A CHILD's Garden of Verse" by Robert Louis Stevenson
066: FI: lukutuoli: "Children's Own Magic Tricks" by JANE Bull
065: US: T02S03B11D20: "When Day Breaks" by MARY Jane Clark
064: US: quietorchid: "Cows on Parade" by Mary Ellen SULLIVAN
063: CA: maggiemuffet: "The Seventh PRINCESS" by Nick Sullivan
062: US: T02S03B11D20: "A PRINCESS of Landover" by Terry Brooks
061: DE: ekorren: "KASPERle and the Princess of Luda" by Silvia Gut
060: DE: LiniP: "The STORY of virtuous Kasper and beautiful Anne" by Clemens Brentano
059: UK: Vekiki: "Brokeback Mountain & other STORIES" by Annie Proulx
058: US: quietorchid: "Kidnap; The Story of the Lindberg CASE" by George Waller.
Snaps 001 - 057: January 2012
(N) = found with Newbie
(A) = Anonymous found


199: US: hyphen8: "What Looks Like CRAZY on an Ordinary Day" by Pearl Cleage
198: CA: Minerva101: "CRAZY in Love" by Chris Manby
197: US: quietorchid: "They Say You're Crazy - How the WORLD's Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who's Normal" by Paula J. Caplan.
196: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Best DOG in the WORLD" by Sylvia Green
195: US: NancyNova: "Marley and Me - LIFE and Love with the World's Worst Dog" by John Grogan
194: UK: Vekiki: "the book of LIFE" by Stuart Nadler
193: CA: rureading: "It's All Too Much - An Easy Plan for Living a Richer LIFE with Less Stuff" by Peter Walsh
192: US: T02S03B11D20: "A Good DOG - The Story of Orson Who Changed My Life" by Jon Katz
191: US: Erishkigal: "Help! My DOG Has An Attitude" by Gwen Bohnenkamp
(A)190: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Curious Incident OF the Dog In the Night-Time" by Mark Hadden
189: CA: rureading: "The Charming Quirks of Others" by Alexander McCall SMITH
188: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "MEN of Men" by Wilbur Smith
187: DE: Thaliomee: "A MAN - a book" by Eduard Augustin, Philipp von Keisenberg and Christian Zaschke
186: NZ: keeta1: "The MEN and the Girls" by Joanna Trollope
185: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Mr Nosey follows his Nose - A Mr MEN Word Book" by Roger Hargreaves
184: CA: Minerva101: "IRON Man The Armor Trap" by Greg Cox
183: US: Erishkigal: "Wolf and Iron" by GORDON R.(upert) Dickson
(N)182: CA: Minerva101: "BORN to Rock" by Gordon Korman
181: US: NancyNova: "ONE of the Family (Born in the USA, Idaho)" by Kristine Rolofson
180: DE: ekorren: "ONE fat englishman" by Kingsley Amis
179: CA: Minerva101: "The Lucky One" by NICHOLAS Sparks
178: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "DEATH Knell" by Nicholas Wilde
177: US: hyphen8: "So Close the Hand of DEATH" by J.T. Ellison
176: CA: rureading: "Death GOES on Retreat" by Sister Carol Anne O'Marie
175: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Famous Five - Five go off IN a caravan" by Enid Blyton
174: US: Erishkigal: "The CATCHER in the Rye" by J. D. Salinger
173: CA: Minerva101: "Catch her if YOU can" by Merline Lovelace
172: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "PS I love you Gramps" by Linley Jones, illustrated by Christine Ross.
171: CA: rureading: "I'll Walk Alone" by MARY Higgins Clark
170: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Featherbys" by Mary Q Steele
169: DE: Wyando: "BELOVED Country Life" by Mary Scott
168: US: quietorchid: "Cry, The Beloved COUNTRY" by Alan Paton
167: US: T02S03B11D20: "Low Country" by ANNE Rivers Siddons
166: CA: rureading: "POWERs that be" by Anne McCaffery
165: US: quietorchid: "POWER Rangers Wild Force Animal Power Activity & Sticker Book"
164: US: NancyNova: "Straits of Powers" by JOE Buff
163: CA: Minerva101: "Primary Target" by Joe Weber
162: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The 6th Target" by JAMES Patterson and Maxine Paetro
161: US: hyphen8: "The Negro's Civil War - How American Negroes Felt and Acted During the War for the Union" by JAMES M. McPherson
160: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Exit to the End of the World" by JAMES Dunn
159: CA: rureading: "The Children's Story... But Not Just for Children" by JAMES Clavell
158: US: solittletime: "WORLD Beneath the Sea" by James Dugan
157: FI: lukutuoli: "This is also MY world - Tommi Läntinen" by JayJay Leskinen
156: DE: ekorren: "In MY mother's house" by Kim Chernin
155: US: NancyNova: "Jack Nicklaus - My STORY" by Jack Nicklaus with Ken Bowden
154: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Wonderful ME! Poems and stories" by Margaret Mahy
153: DE: Wyando: "You are me. The history of deception." By JOAN Aiken.
152: US: Erishkigal: "Democracy" by JOAN Didion
151: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Danger at half-MOON lake" by Joan Rawlins BIggar
150: US: quietorchid: "Hunters of the RED Moon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
149: US: Erishkigal: "Tuesday the Rabbi Saw RED" by Harry Kemelman
148: CA: rureading: "The RED Queen" by Philippa Gregory
147: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The RED hat" by John Bayley
146: CA: Minerva101: "Cloaked in RED" by Vivian Vande Velde
145: AU: BibliophileOz: "Roses are Red" by JAMES Patterson
144: AU: Davros-10: "A Bridge to Wiseman's" Cove by JAMES Moloney
143: US: NancyNova: "Cross" by JAMES Patterson
142: CA: Minerva101: "All Things BRIGHT And Beautiful" by James Herriot
141: CA: rureading: "Burning Bright" by TRACY Chevalier
140: US: T02S03B11D20: "Dead Run" by P.J.TRACY

Snaps 058 - 139: February 2012
(N) = found with Newbie
(A) = Anonymous found


some Statistics: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7526838

--- (Remark: from now on the rule of *exact names* is in place)
269: US: T02S03B11D20: "Julie and Romeo Get Lucky" by Jeanne Ray
268: SE: Elskaliam: "Aunt Julia and the WRITER" by Mario Vargas Llosa
267: US: quietorchid: "The FINE Art of Literary Mayhem - A Lively Account of Famous Writers and their Feuds" by Myrick Land
266: DE: ekorren: "The MURDER seen as fine art" by Stephan Kaiser
265: CA: rureading: "MURDER on the Eightfold Path" by Diana Killian
264: US: qieutorchid: "Murder in the Map ROOM" by Elliott Roosevelt
263: CA: Minerva101: "ROOM" by Emma Donoghue
262: FI: lukutuoli: "A closed ROOM" by Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö
261: FI: hippolein: "In the Rooms of the Sea" by RICHARD Mason
(A)260: FI: lukutuoli: "Classic AMERICAN Cars" by Richard Nichols
259: US: hyphen8: "American History in _100_ Nutshells" by Tad Tuleja
258: CA: rureading: "100 Questions FROM My Child" by Mallika Chopra
257: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "mothers and DAUGHTERS: shared wisdom from me to you"
256: US: Erishkigal: "Daughter of Fortune" by ISABEL Allende
255: SE: Elskaliam: "EVA Luna" by Isabel Allende
(A)254: DE: Wyando: "Eva and the forgers" by ANNA Dünnebier
253: SE: Elskaliam: "Save the HORSES, Sara!" By Anna Sellberg
252: FI: hippolein: "The Horse Whisperer" NICHOLAS evans
251: NZ: keeta1: Inheritance by Nicholas SHAKESPEARE
250: US: Erishkigal: "King Lear" by WILLIAM Shakespeare
249: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Supermum and Spike the Dog" by WILLIAM Taylor
248: CA: rureading: "Only in the Movies" by WILLIAM Bell
247: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Pattern Crimes" by WILLIAM Bayer
246: AU: BibliophileOz: "Intimate PLAY - Creating Romance in Everyday Life" by William Betcher
245: FI: hippolein: "Play Dead" by PETER Dickinson
244: DE: Wyando: "School maintenance departments" by PETER Bichsel
243: CA: rureading: "Behind the Curtain" by PETER Abrahams
242: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Doom Sword - the sword flickered with a pale blue inner FIRE" by Peter Beere
241: FI: hippolein: "Dragon Fire" by ANDREW Kaplan
240: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Batman - Mask of the Phantasm - the animated movie" by ANDREW Helfer
239: US: T02S03B11D20: "Lord of the Dance" by ANDREW Greely
238: US: quietorchid: "Regular and decaf" by ANDREW G. Gadtke.
(N)237: FI: lukutuoli: "A Hero for Leanda" by ANDREW Garve
236: US: T02S03B11D20: "DEAD and Gone" by Andrew Vachss
235: CA: rureading: "Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine HARRIS
234: FI: hippolein: "Not A Day Goes By" by E. Lynn HARRIS
233: US: NancyNova: "Enigma" by Robert HARRIS
232: FI: lukutuoli: "Salty Sand" by Joanne HARRIS
(N)231: CA: rureading: "DEATH's Excellent Vacation" by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner
(B)230: DE: ekorren: "Tenant for DEATH" by Cyril Hare
229: DE: LiniP: "DEATH in the Datcha" by Anna Malyschewa
228: DE: ekorren: "DEATH in the North Sea" by J. R. L. Anderson
227: FI: hippolein: "Banking on DEATH" by Emma Lathen
226: DE: ekorren: "DEATH was wrongly connected" by Stefan Murr
225: FI: Niksu: "DEATH in High Water" by Donna Leon
224: FI: hippolein: "DEATH Is Now My Neighbour" by Colin Dexter
(A)223: US: T02S03B11D20: "Tender DEATH" by Annette Meyers
222: CA: rureading: "The Pocket Guide to the AFTERlife - 91 Places Death Might Take You" by Augusta Moore & Elizabeth Ripley
221: DE: ekorren: "Ten YEARS after the Flash" by Philip K. Dick
220: DE: Wyando: "10 Years, 160.000 Km and 5 continents. Odyssey into happiness. As cycling nomads around the WORLD." by Dorothee Krezmar and Kurt Beutler
219: DE: ekorren: "Petzi at the END of the world"
218: DE: Wyando: "Evelyne Binsack - Expedition Antarctica - 484 DAYs to the end of the world." compiled by Markus Maeder.
217: US: NancyNova: "The Dangerous Days of Daniel X" by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
216: US: quietorchid: "Dangerous Beauty - Life and DEATH in Africa - True Stories From a Safari Guide" by Mark C. Ross
215: DE: ekorren: "Beyond is DEATH" by Maria Nurowska
214: US: Erishkigal: "Death of a GOD" by S.T. Haymon
213: DE: Wyando: "The GOD of small things" by Arundhati Roy
212: DE: ekorren: "GOD's time is the very best time (Two stories about Johann Sebastian Bach) by Mia Munier-Wroblewski
211: US: Erishkigal: "The Lord God Made them All" by JAMES Herriot
210: US: T02S03B11D20: "Toys" by James Patterson and NEIL McMahon
209: FI: lukutuoli: "Anansi BOYS" by Neil Gaiman
208: US: quietorchid: "Confessions of a Wall Street Shoeshine BOY" by Douglas Stompf
(B)207: DE: Wyando: "The Boy in the MOON" by Kate O'Riordan
(A)206: DE: ekorren: "MOON Palace" by Paul Auster
205: FI: lukutuoli: "The Moon is Down" by JOHN Steinbeck
204: AU: Davros-10: "Outlaw Of Gor" by John NORMAN
(N)203: UK: pinkoeria: "London Belongs to Me" by NORMAN Collins
202: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Ernie and Bert BOOK" by Norman stiles, illustrated by Joe Mattieu
201: US: solittletime: "Alex Alligator And His Fearsome Jaws (Snappy Fun Books)" by PAUL Flemming
200: CA: rureading: "The Magic of Groundhog DAY - Transform Your Life Day by Day" by Paul Hannam

Snaps 140 - 199: March 2012 (Part 1/2)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by bookcrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


350: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who; Full Circle" by Andrew SMITH
349: US: quietorchid: "The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agecny" by ALEXANDER McCall Smith
348: CA: Minerva101: "An Accidental ADVENTURE; We Are Not Eaten By Yaks" by C. Alexander London
347: FI: hippolein: "Joonas and the ADVENTURE in Forestsland" by Reijo Vahtokari
346: CA: rureading: "What the DOG Saw; and other adventures" by Malcolm Gladwell
345: SE: Elskaliam: "Lonely HEARTS and homeless dogs" by Lucy Dillon
344: DE: ekorren: "Like a sting THROUGH the heart" by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
343: CA: Minerva101: "Through a GLASS Darkly" by Karleen Koen
342: UK: Vekiki: "Storm Glass; OPAL Cowan Trilogy" by Maria V. Synder
341: SE: Elskaliam: "The BLACK opal" by Victoria Holt
340: CA: rureading: "The BLACK Tower" by Louis Bayard
339: CA: Minerva101: "Black HORSES for the King" by Anne McCaffrey
338: US: hyphen8: "The HORSE and His Boy" by C.S. Lewis
337: US: T02S03B11D20: "The VALLEY of the Horses" by Jean Auel
336: SE: Elskaliam: "I remember my green valley"by RICHARD Llewellyn
335: UK: saskiasosmile: "Watership Down" by RICHARD Adams
(A)334: UK: pinkoeria: "The Rosary Girls" by RICHARD Montanari
333: SE: Elskaliam: "The guards" by RICHARD Bachman
332: US: T02S03B11D20: "Empire Falls" by RICHARD Russo
(A)331: CA: rureading: "Mr. SHAKESPEARE's Bastard" by Richard B. Wright
330: US: quietorchid: "SHAKESPEARE" by Mark Van Doren
329: DE: Wyando: "The Shakespear Secret" by J(ennifer) L(ee) Carrell
328: CA: rureading: "Tek" Secret by WILLIAM Shatner
327: SE: Elskaliam: "The big Hoggarty diamond" by WILLIAM M Thackeray
326: FI: hippolein: "The Dark SIDE Of The Moon (Definitions) " by William Corlett
(N)325: UK: saskiasosmile: "The other SIDE of you" by Sally Vickers
324: US: Erishkigal: "On the Bright Side, I'm Now the GIRLfriend of a Sex God - Further Confessions of Georgia Nicolson" by Louise Rennison:
323: CA: Minerva101: "The Other Boleyn GIRL" by Philippa Gregory
322: CA: rureading: "The Quiet Girl" by PETER Hoeg
321: US: T02S03B11D20: "Rummies" by PETER Benchley
320: SE: Elskaliam: "Miss Smillas sense for SNOW" by Peter Hoeg
(A)319: FI: hippolein: "Season of Snows and Sins" by PATRICIA Moyes
318: US: T02S03B11D20: "Through the Wall" by PATRICIA Wentworth
(N)317: US: quietorchid: "The Florist's Daughter" by PATRICIA Hampl
316: CA: Minerva101: "The Changling Sea" by PATRICIA A. McKillip
315: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Goodbye Summer" by PATRICIA Gaffney
314: SE: ELskaliam: "Nest of wasps" by PATRICIA Cornwell
313: UK: Vekiki: "The Skinny" by PATRICIA Marx & Susan Sistrom
312: FI: hippolein: "CAROL" by Patricia Highsmith
311: CA: rureading: "A Novena for Murder by Sister Carol" ANNE O'Marie
310: CA: Minerva101: "Christ the LORD - Out of Egypt" by Anne Rice
309: FI: Lukutuoli: "Spiking the GIRL" by Gabrielle Lord
308: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Floating GIRL" by Sujata Massey
(N)307: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by STIEG Larsson
306: SE: Elskaliam: "Men that hates WOMEN" by Stieg Larsson
305: DE: Wyando: "If women LOVE too much - the secret addiction of being needed" by Robin Norwood
304: FI: hippolein: "Must LOVE Dogs" by Claire Cook
303: UK: marsala: "The people's act of LOVE - a novel" by James Meek
302: FI: hippolein: "If Wishes Were HORSES. A novel of lost love and exuberant sensuality" by Francine Pascal
301: US: Erishkigal: "The Valley of HORSES" by Jean M. Auel
300: Ca: Minerva101: "On A Pale Horse" by Piers ANTHONY
299: US: quietorchid: "Lyle Price Guide to American Furniture" by ANTHONY Curtis.
(N)298: CA: rureading: "The Various Flavours of Coffee" by ANTHONY Capella
297: CA: Minerva101: "Jennifer SCALES and the Ancient Furnace" by Mary Janice Davidson and Anthony Alongi
296: DE: Thaliomee: "Moonshine scale" by Ildikó von Kürthy
295: FI: lukutuoli: "Half Moon Street" by ANNE Perry
294: DE: Wyando: "Shells in my hand" by ANNE Morroe Lindbergh
293: SE: Elskaliam: "IN the jaws of the lion" by Anne Holt
292: UK: saskiasosmile: "The book is - The WIND in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame
291: UK: pinkoeria: "SHADOW of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafron
290: FI: hippolein: "SHADOW and Sun" Åke Edwardson
289: SE: Elskaliam: "Children of the SHADOWS" by Maria Gripe
288: CA: BlackGryphon: "The SHADOW Club" by Neal Shusterman
287: NZ: keeta1: "The Chameleon's Shadow" by Minette Walters
286: US: hyphen8: "Shadows ALL Around Her" by Catherine Mulvany
285: SE: Elskaliam: "All the colors of the darkness" by PETER Robinson
284: US: quietorchid: "The Dreaming Void" by Peter F. HAMILTON
(N)283: CA: rureading: "Mersey View" by RUTH Hamilton
282: SE: Elskaliam: "THREE cases for Wexford" by Ruth Rendell
281: DE: Wyando: "The Third Twin" by KEN Follett
280: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Lie DOWN with Lions" by Ken Follett
279: FI: hippolein: "Let it COME Down" by Paul Bowles
278: CA: rureading: "How Come the Best Clues are Always in the Garbage?" by LINDA Bailey
277: FI: lukutuoli: "A Sonata for Miriam" by Linda OLSSON
276: SE: Elskaliam: "I now want to sing you mild songs" by LINDA Olsson
275: US: NancyNova: "The 7 Worst Things Good Parents Do" by John C and Linda D Fried
274: FI: hippolein: "Replica 01. Amy No. 7" by MARILYN Kaye
273: SE: Elskaliam: "The summer WITH George" by Marilyn French
272: CA: rureading: "Always Postpone Meetings with TIME-Wasting Morons" by Scott Adams
(A)271: FI: lukutuoli: "Once Upon a Time THERE Was a Father!" by David Sipress
270: FI: hippolein: "You can GET there from here" by Shirley MacLaine

Snaps 200 - 269: March 2012 (Part 2/2)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


430: FI: hippolein: "Yes, nice girls too..." by IRENE Kassorla
429: AU: Davros-10: "Putting It All Together - How To Be A Total Person" by Dr. IRENE Kassorla
428: CA: rureading: "The Courilof AFFAIR" by Irene Nemirovsky
427: US: hyphen8: "The Arnheiter AFFAIR" by Neil Sheehan
426: US: T02S03B11D20: "The MYSTERIOUS Affair at Styles/Curtain" by Agatha Christie
425: FI: lukutuoli: "Mysterious Grains of Rye" by Agatha CHRISTIE
424: SE: Elskaliam: "A girl CAME to Bagdad" by Agatha Christie
423: NL: anicha: "Come to the WAR" by Leslie Thomas
422: FI: hippolein: "War Dragons (Star Trek - Captain's Table #1)" by JAMES T. Kirk, Hikaru Sulu, L. A. Graf
421: CA: rureading: "Favorite Dog STORIES" by James Herriot
420: DE: ekorren: "Stories" by THOMAS Mann
419: FI: hippolein: "WHITE Hotel" by D. M. Thomas
418: SE: Elskaliam: "The white tiger" by TONY Anthony and Angela White
417: US: Erishkigal: "Finding MOON" by Tony Hillerman
416: CA: rureading: "The GIRL Who Chased the Moon" by Sarah Addison Allen
415: US: Erishkigal: "There's A Boy in the GIRLs' Bathroom" by Louis Sachar
(A)414: NL: anicha: "the GIRL with the perl earring" by Tracy Chevalier
413: UK: pinkoeria: "Kiss the Girls" by JAMES Patterson
412: US: hyphen8: "MIND Changer" by James White
411: FI: hippolein: "Mindfighter" by ANNA Popkess
410: NL: anicha: "BLACK Beauty" by Anna Sewell
409: FI: hippolein: "Kuhala and BLACK Midsummer" by Markku Ropponen
408: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Black Sunday" by Thomas HARRIS
407: US: Erishkigal: "Last Scene Alive" by Charlaine HARRIS
406: CA: rureading: "Club Dead" by Charlaine HARRIS
405: SE: Elskaliam: "When the lambs go silent" by THOMAS Harris
404: US: Erishkigal: "T.E.T., Teacher Effectiveness Training" by Dr. THOMAS Gordon
403: FI: hippolein: "The PHANTOM of the School: Adventure in Vienna" by Thomas Brezina
402: FI: lukutuoli: "The Three Detectives and the PHANTOM Mirror" by Alfred Hitchcock, M.V. Carey
401: FI: hippolein: "PHANTOMS and Vampires" by Ulf Sindt and Magnus Bard
400: FI: lukutuoli: "The PHANTOM of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux
399: FI: hippolein: "Trixie Belden and The Mystery of the Phantom Grasshopper" by Kathryn KENNY
398: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Kenny's Big Adventure" by PHILIP Garside
397: US: quietorchid: "A House Called Awful END" by Philip Ardagh
396: SE: Elskaliam: "Let it NEVER end" by Åke Edwardson
395: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "If Tomorrow Never COMES" by Sidney Sheldon
394: FI: hippolein: "COME to me" by Amy Bloom
393: AU: Davros-10: "If Tomorrow COMES" by Sidney Sheldon
392: FI: hippolein: "In the Afternoon CAME restlessness" by Eva Illoinen
391: US: quietorchid: "When Jesus Came, the Corn Mothers Went Away; Marriage, Sexuality, and POWER in New Mexico, 1500-1846." by Ramon A. Gutierrez
390: US: solittletime: "Executive Power" by VINCE Flynn
389: FI: hippolein: "Miracle in the Andes; 72 Days on the Mountain and my LONG Trek Home" by Nando Parrado with Vince Rausse
388: DE: ekorren: "On Friday the Rabbi slept LONG" by Harry Kemelman
387: CA: rureading: "The Long Look" by RICHARD Parks
386: US: T02S03B11D20: "The PLAGUE Dogs" by Richard Adams
385: SE: Elskaliam: "TIME of the plague" by Stephen King
384: US: quietorchid: "Mama does TIME" by Deborah Sharp
383: CA: rureading: "Walking ZERO; Discovering Cosmic Space and Time Along the Prime Meridian" by Chet Raymo
382: SE: Elskaliam: "Zero" by ERIC van Lustbader
381: US: hyphen8: "Star Trek; Voyager: Death of a Neutron Star" by Eric Kotani
380: FI: necoconeco: "Faceless death (Wallander)" by Henning MANKELL
379: FI: hippolein: "Italian Shoes" by Henning MANKELL
378: SE: Elskaliam: "Tea-BAG" by Henning Mankell
377: FI: hippolein: "Handbags and Gladrags" by MAGGIE Alderson
376: CA: Minerva101: "Shiver" by MAGGIE Stiefvater
375: US: quietorchid: "Maggie's Ireland; Designer Knits on Location" by MAGGIE Jackson
374: US: Erishkigal: "GEORGE and Diggety" by Maggie Stern illustrations by Blanche Sims
373: CA: rureading: "Arthur & GEORGE" by Julian Barnes
(B)372: FI: hippolein: "The Late George Apley" by JOHN P. Marquand
371: US: quietorchid: "The Riddle of the Dinosaurs" by JOHN Noble Wilford.
370: FI: lukutuoli: "Naked Prey" by JOHN Sandford
369: CA: rureading: "Game Change - Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a LifeTIME" by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin
368: FI: lukutuoli: "The Time of Boundlessness" by EEVA Kilpi
367: FI: hippolein: "a bird in the HAND is worth ten on a branch" by Paul Westlake, Krista Partti, Eeva-Liisa Pitkänen
(A)366: CA: Minerva101: "DEAD Write; A Forensic handwriting Mystery" by Sheila Lowe
(N)365: US: quietorchid: "Tall, DARK and Dead - Nobody's Perfect" by Tate Hallaway
364: US: Erishkigal: "The Golden Compass; His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman
363: US: NancyNova: "Sleeping BEAUTY" by Phillip Margolin
362: US: Erishkigal: "Black Beauty" by ANNA Sewell
361: FI: lukutuoli: "Anna of TEN Lucks" by Paula Havaste
360: FI: hippolein: "The Puffin BOOK of Stories for Ten-Year-Olds" Edited by Wendy Cooling Illustrated by Steve Cox
359: US: quietorchid: "Mary Thomas's Knitting BOOK of Knitting Patterns" by Mary Thomas.
(N)358: ES: Elskaliam: "LETTERS to a bookstore" by Helene Hanff
357: DE: ekorren: "Tested love. From seamstress to professor's WIFE. Jacob Henle and Elise Egloff in family letters (1843-1848)."
356: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Kitchen GOD's Wife" by Amy Tan
355: US: hyphen8: "The Night Life of the Gods" by Thorne SMITH
354: FI: hippolein: "The Leopard Hunts in Darkness" by Wilbur SMITH
353: UK: pinkoeria: "When the Lion Feeds" by Wilbur SMITH
352: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Sunday Philosophy Club" By Alexander MCCALL Smith
351: US: Erishkigal: "The Good Husband of Zebra Drive" by Alexander McCall SMITH

Snaps 270 - 350: April 2012 (Part 1/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


some Statistics: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7553300

502: DE: Wyando: "The New York trilogy - City of Glass. Dropshadow. Behind closed doors." by PAUL Auster
(N)501: CA: rureading: "Sixpence HOUSE" by Paul Collins
500: US: T02S03B11D20: "Jane's House" by ROBERT Kimmel Smith
499: FI: hippolein: "Noonday - The searching saga of a family with one great and undivided passion" by ROBERT Perrin
498: US: Erishkigal: "I Will Fear No Evil" by ROBERT Heinlein
(N)497: DE: Wyando: "The coolest KILLER" by Robert Farrar
496: FI: hippolein: "Unnatural Killer" by PATRICIA Cornwell
495: NL: anicha: "Secret lover" by PATRICIA MacDonald
494: US: T02S03B11D20: "Postmortem" by PATRICIA Cornwell
493: DE: Wyando: "All that remains" by PATRICIA Cornwell
492: NL: anicha: "The Glass Cell" by PATRICIA Highsmith
(A)491: FI: hippolein: "Him Her Him Again The END of Him" by Patricia Marx
(N)490: NL: anicha: "House at the end of the world" by MICHAEL Cunningham
489: FI: hippolein: "Arrival (Smallville)" by Michael Teitelbaum, JERRY Siegel, Joe Shuster
488: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Calamity at the Circus" by JERRY Jerman
487: US: hyphen8: "The Mote in God's EYE" by Larry Niven&Jerry Pournelle
486: AU: Davros-10: "Star Trek #81 - Mudd In YOUR Eye" by Jerry Oltion
485: NL: anicha: "Your pet well nourished? - week of the pet 28th May up to and including 5th June" by Libelle
484: FI: lukutuoli: "Five get TRAPPED" by Enid Blyton
483: NL: anicha: "Trapped" by Dean Koontz
482: FI: lukutuoli: "Voice of the NIGHT" by Dean Koontz
481: DE: ekorren: "Treacherous Light of the NIGHT" by Juan Manuel de Prada
480: NL: anicha: "The NIGHT is dawning" by Catherine Cookson
479: US: T02S03B11D20: "Girl's Night" by Stef ANN Holm
(A)478: NL: anicha: "Babysittersclub nr. 16 - Jessie and the secret language" by Ann M. MARTIN
477: CA: rureading: "Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me" by MARTIN Millar
476: FI: lukutuoli: "BAD Dog and a Fierce Jam Session in Mars" by Martin Chatterton
475: CA: rureading: "Bad Blood" by JOHN Sandford
474: NL: anicha: "The judgement" by JOHN Grisham
473: FI: lukutuoli: "Surprise, surprise!" by JOHN O'Farrell
472: UK: Vekiki: "Let the Right ONE In" by John Ajvide Lindqvist
471: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "One BLUE Moon" by Catrin Collier
470: US: thegoaliegirl: "Miami BLUEs" by Charles Willeford
469: FI: hippolein: "Lost steps - Blue Prints" by JAN Blomstedt, Rax Rinnekangas
(N)468: CA: rureading: "The Mitten" by JAN Brett
467: NL: anicha: "WRONG again" by Jan Ipema
466: US: solittletime: "Ditching Mr. Wrong - How to End a Bad Relationship and Find MR. Right" by Nicholas Aretakis
465: AU: Davros-10: "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Stepping Stone Book Classics)" by ROBERT Louis Stevenson and Kate McMullan
464: FI: hippolein: "Lavondyss - Journey to an Unknown Region" by ROBERT Holdstock
463: US: Erishkigal: "Trion Rising" by ROBERT Elmer
462: NL: anicha: "The Scarlatti Inheritance" by Robert LUDLUM
461: CA: rureading: "The Bancroft Strategy" by ROBERT Ludlum
460: US: hyphen8: "Phule Me Twice" by Robert Asprin with PETER J(ewell) Heck
459: NL: anicha: "The REVENGE of the kangaroo" by Peter Burger
458: US: quietorchid: "REVENGE at Hatchet Creek" by Frank Lesli
457: CA: rureading: "The Revenge FILEs" by Jamie Rix
456: FI: hippolein: "The Odessa FILE" by Frederick Forsyth
455: UK: pinkoeria: "The Great Train Robbery File" by Bruce Reynolds, NICK Reynolds, Alan Parker
454: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - The Fall Of Yquatine" by Nick WALTERS
453: FI: hippolein: "The Ice HOUSE" by Minette Walters
(N)452: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The SAFE House" by Nicci French
(A)451: CA: rureading: "Safe Haven" by NICHOLAS Sparks
450: US: MyChildsCloset: "The HORSE Whisperer" by Nicholas Evans
449: US: quietorchid: "Horse Heaven" by JANE Smiley
448: NL: anicha: "Emma" by JANE Austen
447: US: Erishkigal: "Briar Rose" by JANE Yolen
446: FI: hippolein: "Jane Austen Book Discussion Club" by Karen Joy Fowler
(A)445: CA: rureading: "Vegan a GO-Go! A Cookbook & Survival Manual for Vegans on the Road" by Sarah Kramer
444: FI: hippolein: "Debbie Go Home" by ALAN Paton
(N)443: UK: saskiasosmile: "The Line of Beauty" by Alan Hollinghurst
442: US: quietorchid: "Glory in a Line; A LIFE of Foujita, the Artist Caught between East and West." by Phyllis BirnBaum
(A)441: FI: lukutuoli: "Single LIFE" by Candace Bushnell
440: FI: hippolein: "A DOG's life (Seven paws and Penny)" by Thomas Brezina
439: FI: lukutuoli: "The Terracotta DOG" by Andrea Camilleri
438: UK: pinkoeria: "Isle of Dogs" by PATRICIA Cornwell
437: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Hornet's Nest" by PATRICIA Cornwell
(A)436: FI: hippolein: "The Traveller Returns" by PATRICIA Wentworth
435: FI: lukutuoli: "Southern Cross" by PATRICIA Cornwell
434: US: MyChildsCloset: "Love's Daring Dream" by PATRICIA Matthews
433: CA: rureading: "A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend - For Every Guy Who Wants to be One/For Every GIRL Who Wants to Build One" by Felicity Huffman and Patricia Wolff
432: US: quietorchid: "The Other Boleyn GIRL" by Philippa Gregory
431: NL: anicha: "Memoires of a beautiful GIRL" by Alix Kates Shulman

Snaps 351 - 430: April 2012 (Part 2/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


583: US: Erishkigal: "Acorna's People" by Anne McCaffrey and ELIZABETH Ann Scarborough
582: US: quietorchid: "Once a Hero" by ELIZABETH Moon
581: US: Erishkigal: "TALK Before Sleep" by Elizabeth Berg
580: SE: Elskaliam: "Talk with an ANGEL" by Nick Hornby
579: FI: hippolein: "Black ANGEL" by Virginia Andrews
578: US: Erishkigal: "Angels&Demons" by Dan BROWN
(A)577: US: T02S03B11D20: "Cat's Eyewitness" by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown
(B)576: DE: ekorren: "Too bad that you are not dead" by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie BROWN
575: FI: lunatum: "The Meteorite" by Dan BROWN
574: AU: Davros-10: "Day of the Cheetah" by Dale BROWN
573: FI: hippolein: "Hello, Darkness" by Sandra BROWN
(N)572: AU: Davros-10: "Dale BROWNs Dreamland" by Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice
571: FI: hippolein: "Sunny Chandler's RETURN" by Sandra Brown
570: FI: lukutuoli: "Return to Summer ISLAND by Kristin Hannah" by Kristin Hannah
569: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - Island Of DEATH" by Barry Letts
568: SE: Elskaliam: "The swallow, the CAT, the rose, the death" by Håkan Nesser
(A)567: US: T02S03B11D20: "CAT in an Indigo Mood" by Carole Nelson Douglas
566: US: quietorchid: "James Herriot's Cat Stories" by JAMES Herriot
565: SE: Elskaliam: "Doublecrossing" by JAMES Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
564: FI: hippolein: "Destination - Morgue! - L.A. Tales" by JAMES Ellroy
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(A)558: FI: lukutuoli: "Where Does Puppe Hide?" by Eric HILL
557: FI: hippolein: "The DEATH of Dalziel" by Reginald Hill
556: UK: katrinat: "DEATH of an Ancient King" by Laurent Gauge
(A)555: CA: rureading: "AUNT Dimity's Death" by Nancy Atherton
554: DE: ekorren: "AUNT Lisbeth" by Honore de Balzac
553: US: quietorchid: "Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair - The True Life Mis-Adventures of a 30-Something Who Learned to Knit After He Split." by Laurie PERRY
552: FI: lukutuoli: "Traitors Gate" by ANNE Perry
551: SE: Elskaliam: "1222 OVER the sea" by Anne Holt
550: DE: Wyando: "Over Tumbled GRAVES" by Jess Walter
549: SE: Elskaliam: "The guy in the GRAVE beside" by Katarina Mazetti
548: CA: rureading: "SECRETS to the Grave" by Tami Hoag
547: US: MyChildsCloset: "Three Complete Western Love Stories - First Love, Wild Love; Sweet Savage HEART; Midnight Secrets" by Janelle Taylor
546: SE: Elskaliam: "A womans HEART" by Maya Angelou
545: FI: hippolein: "Heartland - Out of the DARKNESS" by Lauren Brooke
544: US: quietorchid: "People of Darkness" by TONY Hillerman
543: US: T02S03B11D20: "Sacred Clowns" by TONY Hillerman
542: US: quietorchid: "Jim the Boy; a Novel" by TONY Earley.
541: US: Erishkigal: "Coyote Waits" by TONY Hillerman
540: FI: hippolein: "The Case of the Colonist's Corpse - A Sam Cogley Mystery (Star Trek)" by Tony Isabella, BOB Ingersoll
539: CA: rureading: "The Defenestration of Bob T. Hash III" by DAVID Deans
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535: DE: Wyando: "The Man Who Cast Two Shadows" by CAROL O'Connell
(N)534: CA: rureading: "Mobbed" by Carol HIGGINS Clark
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(N)516: CA: rureading: "Comes a WIND" by Linda Arms White
(A)515: FI: hippolein: "Tricky WINDS" by Belva Plain
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504: CA: rureading: "Tamburlaine Must DIE" by Louise Welsh
503: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "SHADOW -- go mad! Men die, killers die; but there is no clue" by Maxwell Grant

Snaps 431 - 502: April 2012 (Part 3/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


649: SE: Elskaliam: "The ANGEL on the seventh step of the stairs" by Frank McCourt
648: US: solittletime: "Bedeviled ANGEL; A Works Like Magick Novel" by Annette Blair
647: FI: lunatum: "ANGELs and Demons" by Dan Brown
646: US: quietorchid: "The Killer ANGELS" by Michael Shaara
645: FI: hippolein: "Rage of ANGELS" by Sidney Sheldon
644: UK: saskiasosmile: "An ANGEL saved my life" by Jacky Newcomb
643: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Angels and Demons" by Dan BROWN
642: NZ: keeta1: "BLACK Valley" by Jim Brown
641: DE: ekorren: "Murder in Triplicate Unnatural Causes / An Unsuitable Job for a Woman / The Black Tower" by P. D. JAMES
640: FI: hippolein: "BLUE Moon" by James Hilton
639: DE: ekorren: "The Lady in BLUE" by Noëlle Châtelet
638: US: T02S03B11D20: "Winterton BLUE" by Trezza Azzopardi
637: DE: ekorren: "The prince of the BLUE mountains" by Rene Guillot
636: FI: lukutuoli: "Blue CITY - a Dirty Town" by Ross Macdonald
635: US: quietorchid: "The Devil in the White City; MURDER, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America" by Erik Larson
634: US: T02S03B11D20: "Murder on BANK Street" by Victoria Thompson
633: NZ: keeta1: "The GIRLS' Guide to Hunting and Fishing" by Melissa Bank
632: DE: ekorren: "The green eyed GIRL" by Catherine Gaskin
631: UK: saskiasosmile: "Nature GIRL" by Carl Hiaasen
(N)630: FI: lukutuoli: "Zlata's Diary - A Young Girl's LIFE in Sarajevo" by Zlata Filipovic
(N)629: US: T02S03B11D20: "Life Support" by TESS Gerritsen
628: SE: Elskaliam: "Unknown donor" by TESS Gerritsen
627: FI: hippolein: "CHILD's Hearth" by Tess Gerritsen
626: FI: lunatum: "Wall of STEEL" by Lee Child
625: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Hot STEEL - From Soviet-Era Afghanistan to Post 9/11 - Frontline Encounters of the Longest-Serving Foreign Correspondent in Kabul" by Terence White
624: US: MyChildsCloset: "Full Circle" by DANIELLE Steel
623: US: T02S03B11D20: "Sisters" by Danielle Steele
622: SE: Elskaliam: "The SISTERhood" by Colin Forbes
621: FI: hippolein: "Faith and FIRE (Sisters of Battle)" by James Swallow
620: SE: Elskaliam: "Ice and FIRE" by Margit Sandemo
619: FI: hippolein: "FIRE Arrow" by Franklin Allen Leib
618: SE: Elskaliam: "The girl who played with FIRE" by Stieg Larson
617: DE: ekorren: "Fire Jumper" by Nicholas Evans
616: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks
615: SE: Elskaliam: "The man who could talk to HORSES" by Nicholas Evans
614: US: Erishkigal: "The HORSE Whisperer" by Nicolas Evans
(B)613: FI: hippolein: "SEA Horse Caspar" by Sharon Siamon
612: US: quietorchid: "In the HEART of the Sea - the Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex" by Nathaniel Philbrick
611: UK: saskiasosmile: "Follow your HEART" by Susanna Tamaro
610: SE: Elskaliam: "HEARTS in Atlantis" by Stephen King
609: DE: ekorren: "The adventurous HEART" by Ernst Jünger
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(B)607: DE: ekorren: "King Laurin" by Siegfried Wollseiffen
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605: SE: Elskaliam: "Nightmares" by STEPHEN King
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603: SE: Elskaliam: "The knockers" by STEPHEN King
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597: SE: Elskaliam: "The talisman" by PETER Straub and Stephen King
596: FI: hippolein: "The Tax Inspector" by Peter Carey
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594: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - The NEW Adventures - St. Anthony's Fire" by Mark Gatiss
(N)593: SE: Elskaliam: "On the western front nothing NEW" by Erich Maria Remarque
592: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - The New ADVENTURES - Lucifer Rising" by Jim Mortimore and Andy Lane
591: FI: hippolein: "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" by Selma Lagerlöf. Illustrated by Hans Baumhauer
(A)590: AU: Davros-10: "The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair" by Enid BLYTON
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586: US: quietorchid: "Parallel LIVES - Five Victorian Marriages" by Phyllis Rose
585: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "LIFEs too short to frost cupcakes" by Rosie Wilde
(N)584: US: quietorchid: "Bitter Fame - A Life of Sylvia Plath" by ANNE Stevenson

Snaps 503 - 583: Mai (Part1/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


some Statistics: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7579070

697: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "I.D.: crimes of IDENTITY" by edited by Martin Edwards
(A)696: CA: rureading: "The CASE of the Case of Mistaken Identity" by Mac Barnett
695: US: quietorchid: "The Worst Case Scenario Survival Hand BOOK" by Joshua Piven
694: CA: rureading: "The BOOK Thief" by Markus Zusak
693: US: quietorchid: "MYSTERY and Crime; The New York Public Library Book of Answers" by Jay Pearsall
(N)692: CA: rureading: "Vampire Hunter D Volume 7; Mysterious JOURNEY to the North Sea, Part One" by Hideyuki Kikuchi
691: US: quietorchid: "Not ALL of Us Are Saints; A Doctor's Journey with the Poor" by David Hilfiker
690: US: Erishkigal: "All TOGETHER Now" by Anita Jeram
(A)689: FI: lukutuoli: "Let's PLAY Together" by Susan Adams
688: US: solittletime: "PLAY to the End" by Robert Goddard
687: DE: Wyando: "Nothing but great things, that make CHILDREN happy - Tinker, play, sing, read out, cook around the year" by Ursula Barff
686: CA: rureading: "Hard Questions For Adult CHILDREN and Their Aging Parents" by Susan Piver
685: FI: lukutuoli: "The Railway CHILDREN" by Edith Nesbit
684: US: Erishkigal: "The CHILDREN's Hour" by Jerry Pournelle and S. M. Stirling
683: CA: rureading: "CHILDhood" by Andre Alexis
682: US: hyphen8: "Witch CHILD" by Celia Rees
(A)681: DE: Wyando: "The forgotten CHILD" by John Matthews
(B)680: FI: lukutuoli: "Kites. Simple Models for CHILDREN" by Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig
679: FI: hippolein: "77 ideas for morning assembly and evening gatherings with children age 8-12" by CHRIS Chesterton
678: CA: rureading: "Waterton and Glacier in a Snap!" by Ray Djuff and CHRIS Morrison
677: FI: hippolein: "The Devil's Halo" by Chris Fox
676: FI: lukutuoli: "Devil Bones" by Kathy Reichs
675: NZ: keeta1: "The Road of Bones" by ANNE Fine
674: US: solittletime: "The House of Rohan - Ruthless" by Anne Stuart
673: CA: rureading: "A Gentleman of Fortune" by Anna DEAN
672: US: T02S03B11D20: "IceBOUND" by Dean Koontz
671: US: solittletime: "Bound by LOVE" by Rosemary Rogers
670: FI: hippolein: "Eat, Pray, Love - One Womans Search for EVERYTHING Across Italy, India and Indonesia" by Elizabeth Gilbert
669: DE: Wyando: "Everything will be GOOD" by Deborah Crombie
668: FI: hippolein: "No GOOD Deed" by Lynn S. Hightower
667: US: NancyNova: "GOOD News for Modern Man (The New Testament in Todays English Version)" by -
666: US: quietorchid: "The Good WOMEN of China - Hidden Voices" by Xinran Xinran
665: US: T02S03B11D20: "Edible WOMAN" by Margaret Atwood
664: DE: ekorren: "The WOMAN in the barrel" by Freeman Wills Crofts
663: FI: hippolein: "Every WOMAN's Book - Part II-III Mother and Child" by Paavo Airola
662: DE: LiniP: "The Holy DEVIL - Rasputin and the Women" by René Fülöp-Miller
(A)661: DE: Wyando: "DEVIL in disguise - The Germans and their serial killers." by Kathrin Kompisch and Frank Otto
660: US: quietorchid: "The Devil and the Disappearing Sea - Or, HOW I Tried to Stop the World's Worst Ecological Catastrophe." by Rob Ferguson.
659: US: hyphen8: "How to Write a CHILDREN #039;s Book and Get It Published" by Barbara Seuling
658: SE: Elskaliam: "Nobody takes my CHILDREN" by Donya al-Nahi and Eugen Costello
657: FI: hippolein: "Chess for Success - Using an Old Game to Build New Strengths in CHILDREN and Teens" by Maurice Ashley
656: SE: Elskaliam: "The children from Frostmo Mountain" by Laura Fitinghof
655: FI: lunatum: "The Steel WALL" by Lee Child
654: US: Erishkigal: "The Fly on the Wall" by TONY Hillerman
653: US: quietorchid: "PEOPLE of Darkness" by Tony Hillerman
652: FI: hippolein: "Winged people" by ERIK Wahlström
651: SE: Elskaliam: "It wasn't on purpose" by HANS Erik Engqvist
(B)650: DE: ekorren: "The SEVENTH Literazzia" by Hans Reimann

Snaps 584 - 649: Mai (Part 2/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


792: UK: saskiasosmile: "The Kalahari Typing SCHOOL for men" by Alexander McCall Smith
791: FI: hippolein: "SCHOOL for Tough Guys (Alex Rider 2)" by Anthony Horowitz
790: CA: rureading: "The School for HUSBANDS" by Wendy Holden
789: FI: hippolein: "Dona Flor and her TWO husbands" by Jorge Amado
788: FI: lukutuoli: "The Suitcase of Two ANGELS" by Jusa Peltoniemi
787: FI: hippolein: "The STONE Angel Flies" by Philippa Pearce
(N)786: FI: lukutuoli: "A Hot STONE" by Donald E. Westlake
785: CA: rureading: "The STONE Diaries" by Carol Shields
784: FI: lukutuoli: "Dearer Stone, Dearer FLOWER" by Vuokko Koistinen
783: US: NancyNova: "Flowers in the Rain and Other Stories" by Rosamunde PILCHER
782: US: T02S03B11D20: "Coming Home" by ROSAMUNDE Pilcher
781: DE: Wyando: "September" by Rosamunde PILCHER
780: FI: hippolein: "Starting Over" by ROBIN Pilcher
779: FI: lukutuoli: "The Marked" by Robin COOK
(N)778: CA: rureading: "Cure" by Robin COOK
777: US: T02S03B11D20: "Sphinx" by ROBIN Cook
776: FI: lukutuoli: "Sudden DEATH" by Robin Cook
775: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Death in the Devil's Acre; a Victorian Murder Mystery" by ANNE Perry
774: US: quietorchid: "The Ship WHO Searched." by Anne McCaffery and Mercedes Lackey
773: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who;he Smugglers" by Terrance DICKS
772: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "DOCTOR Who; The Seeds of Doom and The Deadly Assassin" by Philip Hinchcliffe and Terrance Dicks
771: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who; PARADISE Towers" by Stephen Wyatt

(B)770: FI: hippolein: "ALMOST Paradise" by Susan Isaacs
769: NZ: keeta1: "Almost DEAD" by Lisa Jackson
(N)768: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Deja DEAD" by Kathy Reichs
767: US: hyphen8: "The Dead and the Gone" by SUSAN Beth Pfeffer
(A)766: CA: rureading: "The Knitting Diaries" by Debbie Macomber, SUSAN Mallery, Christina Skye
765: FI: lukutuoli: "It Isn't Always Easy" by SUSAN Polis Schutz
764: FI: hippolein: "Once a WOLF" by Susan Krinard
763: US: T02S03B11D20: "Cry WOLF" by Tami Hoag
762: US: quietorchid: "Where White Men FEAR to Tread; The Autobiography of Russell Means." by Russell Means and Marvin J. Wolf
761: FI: hippolein: "Her FEARFUL Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger
760: UK: saskiasosmile: "A sudden fearful death (William Monk)" by ANNE Perry
759: US: quietorchid: "The QUEEN of the Damned" by Anne Rice
758: CA: rureading: "The QUEEN of Attolia" by Megan Whalen Turner
757: DE: ekorren: "Minuet and Marseillaise. The LIFE of Marie-Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of France" by Dorothy Moulton-Mayer
756: FI: hippolein: "The Signs of Our Time; The Secret Meanings of Everyday LIFE" by Jack Solomon
755: DE: Wyando: "LIFE isn't all ha ha hee hee" by Meera Syal
754: UK: Diane-Fraser: "A Life Like Other Peoples" by ALAN Bennett
753: CA: rureading: "I Am Half-Sick of Shadows" by ALAN Bradley
752: US: quietorchid: "EVERYTHING I Learned About Business I Learned from Monopoly" by Alan Axelrod
751: FI: hippolein: "EVERYTHING is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer
750: CA: rureading: "Everythings Eventual" by STEPHEN King
749: NL: motherof11: "The talisman" by STEPHEN king and Peter Straub
(B)748: DE: ekorren: "Different Seasons" by Stephen KING
747: DE: Wyando: "The Assistant of the Beekeeper" by LAURIE R. King
746: US: quietorchid: "The ART of Detection" by Laurie R. King
(N)745: FI: hippolein: "The Establishment is Alive and Well in Washington" by ART Buchwald
744: US: T02S03B11D20: "MOUSE" by Art Spiegelman
743: DE: ekorren: "Bony and the MOUSE" by Arthur W. Upfield
742: US: quietorchid: "The Tale of Despereaux - Being the STORY of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread" by Kaye DiCamillo
741: FI: lukutuoli: "Ghost Stories of the MIDNIGHT" by Ewa Christina Johansson, Gunila Ambjörnsson, Arne Norlin, Åke Persson&Kjell E. Genberg
740: FI: hippolein: "The Color Midnight MADE" by Andrew Winer
739: DE: Wyando: "Made in SWEDEN" by Torbjörn Flygt
738: FI: hippolein: "Behind the forbidden door - adventure in Sweden" by THOMAS Brezina
737: DE: ekorren: "Royal Highness" by THOMAS Mann
736: US: T02S03B11D20: "The True Bride" by Thomas Altman
735: FI: lukutuoli: "PERRY Mason and the Murder Skein" by Thomas Chastain
734: AU: Davros-10: "Perry Rhodan #23: PERIL on Ice Planet" by Kurt Mahr
733: US: Erishkigal: "P is for Peril" by SUE Grafton
732: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Q is for Quarry" by SUE Grafton
731: CA: rureading: "U is for UNDERtow" by Sue Grafton
730: UK: saskiasosmile: "DOWN Under" by Bill Bryson
729: US: quietorchid: "Watership Down" by RICHARD Adams.
728: US: MyChildsCloset: "The Hot Zone" by RICHARD Preston
727: CA: rureading: "Empire Falls" by RICHARD Russo
726: US: T02S03B11D20: "Shardik" by Richard Adams
725: DE: ekorren: "The GULL Jonathan" by Richard Bach
724: US: quietorchid: "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by RICHARD Bach
723: US: T02S03B11D20: "Blaze" by RICHARD Bachman
722: CA: rureading: "CLARA Callan" by Richard B. Wright
721: US: T02S03B11D20: "Clara - The Story of the Pug Who Ruled My LIFE" by Margo Kaufman
720: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Stuart - A Life Backwards" by ALEXANDER Masters
719: CA: rureading: "The Redemption of ALEXANDER Seaton" by Shona MacLean
718: US: Erishkigal: "The High KING" by Lloyd Alexander
717: FI: lukutuoli: "The Party of the Ape KING" by Ritva Toivola and Mika Launis
716: CA: rureading: "The KING of Attolia" by Megan Whalen Turner
715: US: quietorchid: "STORM of the Century - An Original Screenplay" by Stephen King
714: DE: ekorren: "Storm FLIGHT" by Herman Wouk
713: FI: hippolein: "The flight of the eagle" by JACK Higgins
712: AU: Davros-10: "STORM Warning" by Jack Higgins
711: CA: rureading: "Storm Prey" by JOHN Sandford
710: NZ: keeta1: "The Broker" by JOHN Grisham
709: US: Erishkigal: "The Two Towers" by J. R. R. Tolkein (JOHN Ronald Reuel )
708: NZ: keeta1: "The Tailor of Panama" by JOHN le Carre
707: US: quietorchid: "Of MEN and War" by John Hersey
706: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Men in Her LIFE" by Imogen Parker
705: CA: rureading: "LIFE of Pi" by Yann Martel
704: US: quietorchid: "A Different Life - Growing Up Learning Disabled and OTHER Adventures." by Quinn Bradlee
703: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Heavenly Date and OTHER Flirtations" by Alexander McCall Smith
702: FI: hippolein: "The ANGEL and Other Stories" by Patrick McGrath
701: US: Erishkigal: "Nobody's ANGEL" by Thomas McGuane
700: CA: rureading: "The Angel's GAME" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
699: US: quietorchid: "A BOOK of Games - A Course in Spiritual Play." by Hugh Prathner
698: US: T02S03B11D20: "A Clash of Kings - Book Two of a Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. MARTIN

Snaps 650 - 697: Mai (Part 3/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


873: CA: rureading: "Guardians of the West" by DAVID Eddings
872: FI: lukutuoli: "Snow Covers the Cedars" by DAVID Guterson
871: US: quietorchid: "The Irish Cottage" by DAVID Pritchard.
870: FI: hippolein: "Holy Gold" by David Gibbins
(B)869: DE: ekorren: "The secret of the GOLD mine" by Agatha Christie
868: DE: Wyando: "GOLD" by Sibylle Berg
867: FI: hippolein: "Gold Mine" by Wilbur SMITH
866: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Neighbors" by CAROL Smith
865: US: quietorchid: "Larry&039;s PARTY" by Carol Shields
864: SE: BAMP: "Ralph's PARTY" by Lisa Jewell
863: FI: lukutuoli: "W.I.T.C.H., The SECRET Library - The Party" by none
862: FI: hippolein: "Sixth Grade SECRETS" by Louis Sachar
861: DE: Wyando: "Bitter Secret" by BARBARA Wood
860: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Dancing on a Rainbow" by BARBARA Cartland
859: FI: hippolein: "Weeks of Paris" by BARBARA Taylor Bradford
858: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Portrait of the Artist's wife" by BARBARA Anderson
857: SE: BAMP: "Three weeks in Paris" by Barbara TAYLOR Bradford
856: US: Erishkigal: "DOGS" by David Taylor
855: US: quietorchid: "Dogs - (The LITTLE Guides)" by none
854: FI: lukutuoli: "The LITTLE Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
853: FI: hippolein: "Ten Little Indians" by Sherman Alexie
(A)852: CA: rureading: "Change the WORLD for Ten Bucks" by We Are What We Do
851: US: T02S03B11D20: "Welcome to the WORLD, Baby Girl" by Fannie Flagg
850: US: quietorchid: "The LOST World" by Michael Crichton.
849: US: T02S03B11D20: "The BOOK of Lost Things" by John Connolly
848: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The BOOK" by ted Wragg and Val Biro
847: US: quietorchid: "Kanji de Manga Volune 3, The Comic Book that Teaches You HOW to Read and Write Japanese!" by Glenn Kardy and Chihiro Hattori
846: CA: rureading: "How to Eat a Small COUNTRY" by Amy Finley
845: US: T02S03B11D20: "Up Country" by NELSON DeMille
844: NZ: keeta1: "Goodbye Bafana; NELSON Mandela My Prisoner, My Friend" by James Gregory
843: US: T02S03B11D20: "CAT in a Kiwi Con" by Carole Nelson Douglas
842: US: Erishkigal: "Cats Eyewitness" by Rita Mae BROWN
841: DE: Wyando: "The tennis player" by Rita Mae BROWN
840: FI: hippolein: "Tidings of Great Joy" by Sandra BROWN
839: CA: rureading: "Dinosaurs, Beware!" by MARC Tolon Brown
838: US: quietorchid: "FRENCH Rural History; An Essay on its Basic Characteristics" by Marc Bloch
(N)837: FI: lukutuoli: "A Food YEAR of a French Woman" by Mireille Guiliano
836: FI: hippolein: "A YEAR in Provence" by Peter Mayle
835: US: quietorchid: "A Journal of the Plague Year" by Daniel Defoe; edited by ANTHONY Burgess
834: AU: BibliophileOz: "The Red Fox" by Anthony Hyde
833: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Song of the DEAD" by Anthony Masters
832: NZ: keeta1: "Dead by Dusk" by SHANNON Drake
831: US: Erishkigal: "Shannon" by FRANK Delaney
830: CA: rureading: "New at the Zoo" by FRANK B. Edwards and John Bianchi
829: SE: BAMP: "The ANGEL on the seventh step" by Frank McCourt
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825: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who; TOUCHED By An Angel" by Jonathan Morris
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822: DE: Wyando: "Half as WILD; what really counts with 40" by Volker Marquardt
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820: NZ: keeta1: "Wild Justice" by Wilbur SMITH
819: US: T02S03B11D20: "Shrader Marks; Keelhouse" by Rob Smith
818: CA: rureading: "Tea TIME for the Traditionally Built" by Alexander McCall Smith
817: DE: Wyando: "The SAND has run through the time" by Matthias Brockmann
816: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Sand in the Shadows" by Sam LLEWELLYN
815: DE: Wyando: "LETHAL mudflat" by Sam Llewellyn
814: SE: BAMP: "The LETHAL marriage" by Heinz G. Konsalik
813: CA: rureading: "Lethal Dose" by JEFF Buick
812: US: T02S03B11D20: "YEAR Zero" by Jeff Long
811: FI: hippolein: "The YEAR of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion
810: SE: BAMP: "A Widow for one year" by JOHN Irving
809: DE: ekorren: "Fruits of wrath" by JOHN Steinbeck
(A)808: US: quietorchid: "Foliage in your Garden" by JOHN Kelly
807: DE: ekorren: "LORD John" by Georgette Heyer
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801: US: quietorchid: "Between You and I; A Little Book of Bad English" by JAMES Cochrane.
800: CA: rureading: "Politically Correct Bedtime STORIES" by James Finn Garner
799: DE: ekorren: "AMERICAN Short Stories 5" by various authors
(A)798: FI: hippolein: "Fast Food Nation; The DARK Side of the All-American Meal" by Eric Schlosser
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796: FI: hippolein: "Coastal Navigation" by Jeff Toghill
795: CA: rureading: "Bone #8; Treasure HUNTERS" by Jeff Smith
(N)794: DE: Wyando: "Two BLACK hunters" by Brigitte Kronauer
793: UK: Diane-Fraser: "MEN in Black (TM) ; Protecting the Earth from the Scum of the Universe." by Steve Perry

Snaps 698 - 792: June 2012 (Part 1/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


Some Statistics: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/7608328

904: US: quietorchid: "The Solace of OPEN Spaces" by Gretel Ehrlich
903: SE: Elskaliam: "Open letter to a murderer" by William JOHN Burley
902: FI: hippolein: "The Nine Wrong Answers" by JOHN Dickson Carr
901: NL: motherof11: "The hot valley" by JOHN Gordon Davis
900: SE: BAMP: "The first big Science Fiction book (anthalogy)" by JOHN-Henri Holmberg
899: DE: Wyando: "The Hotel New Hampshire" by John IRVING
898: US: quietorchid: "The Cider House Rules" by JOHN Irving
897: UK: pinkoeria: "The Fool's Run" by JOHN Sandford
896: FI: hippolein: "A Clouded PEACE" by John Cole
895: DE: ekorren: "PEACE - More than a word by various authors, edited by Hildegard Wohlgemuth" by various authors, Hildegard Wohlgemuth (Editor)
894: FI: hippolein: "The KINGs Peace" by Jo Walton
893: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "King Con" by STEPHEN J. Cannell
892: NZ: keeta1: "A Year in the Merde" by Stephen CLARKE
891: US: Erishkigal: "Micheal Moore is a Big Fat Stupid WHITE Man" by David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke
890: US: quietorchid: "Sleeping at the Starlite Motel And Other ADVENTURES on the Way Back Home" by Bailey White
889: FI: hippolein: "HOME is the Sailor (The Whole Truth Concerning the Redoubtful Adventures of Captain Vasco Moscoso de Aragao, Master Mariner)" by Jorge Amado
888: US: T02S03B11D20: "Hometown Wedding" by ELIZABETH Lane
(B)887: US: Erishkigal: "Acorna's Rebels" by Anne McCaffrey and ELIZABETH Ann Scarborough
886: SE: Elskaliam: "In MEMORY of Edward" by Elizabeth George
885: UK: pinkoeria: "B-17s over BERLIN; Personal Stories from the 95th Bomb Group (H); Memories of War" by Ian Hawkins (Editor)
884: NL: motherof11: "Funeral in Berlin" by by Len DEIGHTON
883: FI: hippolein: "WINTER, A Novel of a Berlin Family" by Len Deighton
882: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Winter" by Simon BROWN
881: US: Erishkigal: "Murder, She Meowed" by Rita Mae BROWN
880: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Shadows of Steel" by Dale BROWN
879: NZ: keeta1: "Strike Force" by Dale BROWN
878: US: T02S03B11D20: "ANGELS and Demons" by Dan Brown
877: SE: BAMP: "The MOUNTAIN of the Angels" by Leslie Schwartz
(A)876: DE: ekorren: "East of the Mountains" by DAVID Guterson
875: FI: lukutuoli: "The Sapphire Rose" by DAVID Eddings
874: FI: hippolein: "The Honest to God Debate" by John A. T. Robinson and DAVID L. Edwards

Snaps 793 - 873: June 2012 (Part 2/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


980: DE: ekorren: "Cosi fan tutti" by MICHAEL Dibdin
979: FI: hippolein: "Now" by MICHAEL Crichton
978: UK: pinkoeria: "The Scarecrow" by MICHAEL Connelly
977: FI: hippolein: "Queenie 1 and Queenie 2" by MICHAEL Korda
976: DE: Wyando: "Jurassic Park" by MICHAEL Crichton
975: SE: Elskaliam: "The poet" by MICHAEL Connelly
974: UK: pinkoeria: "The FIFTH Witness" by Michael Connelly
973: FI: hippolein: "NOTHINGSs Fair in Fifth Grade" by Barthe DeClements
972: US: T02S03B11D20: "To Say Nothing of the DOG" by Connie Willis
971: US: DrSlump612: "Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy DOG Stories" by Daniel Pinkwater
970: AU: Davros-10: "RED Dog" by Louis De Bernieres
969: US: T02S03B11D20: "Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer MYSTERY" by Julie Campbell
968: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Mystery of the MISSING Map" by Marcia Vaughan and Witold Generowicz
967: SE: Elskaliam: "MISSING" by Karin Alvtegen
966: SE: BAMP: "The Case of the Missing Books" by IAN Sansom
965: SE: Elskaliam: "You only live two times" by IAN Fleming
964: UK: pinkoeria: "On Chesil Beach" by IAN McEwan
963: FI: hippolein: "First Love, LAST Rites" by Ian McEwan
962: CA: rureading: "Vlad The LAST Confession" by C. C. Humphreys (Chris)
961: US: hyphen8: "The Last Battle" by C.S. Lewis
960: US: quietorchid: "The Silver Chair" by C.S. Lewis
959: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Sky in Silver Lace" by ROBIN Klein
958: US: thegoaliegirl: "MOTHER At Heart" by Robin Elliott
957: FI: lukutuoli: "Small Words for You Mother" by Anja Salokannel (Editor)
956: CA: rureading: "SMALL Favor" by Jim Butcher
955: US: T02S03B11D20: "SMALL World" by Tabitha King
(A)954: FI: lukutuoli: "Small Words About LIFE for You" by Anne Fried
953: US: quietorchid: "Tell Me Where It Hurts; A Day of Humor Healing and Hope in My LIFE as an Animal Surgeon" by Nick Trout
(A)952: FI: lukutuoli: "Dogs Life" by Mark Twain
951: US: T02S03B11D20: "Chicken Soup for the Soul CHRISTMAS Treasury" by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen
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949: CA: rureading: "CHRISTMAS Sampler Quilt" by Leisure Arts
948: US: Erishkigal: "The Spirit of CHRISTMAS; Creative Holiday Ideas" by -
947: US: NancyNova: "Jingle All the Way (A Bright Red Ribbon, The 24 Days of Christmas, Santa Unwrapped, Maybe This Christmas)" by Fern MICHAELS, Linda Lael Miller, Theresa Alan, Jane Blackwood
946: US: T02S03B11D20: "Yesterday" by FERN Michaels
945: CA: rureading: "Southern COMFORT" by Fern Michaels
944: US: T02S03B11D20: "Comfort and Joy" by KRISTIN Hannah
(A)943: FI: hippolein: "Sammys HOUSE" by Kristin Gore
942: US: NancyNova: "The Ice House" by MINETTE Walters
941: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Scolds Bridle" by MINETTE Walters
(A)940: FI: hippolein: "The Breaker" by Minette Walters
939: SE: Elskaliam: "The ICE cellar" by Minette Walters
938: FI: hippolein: "Knotted ICE" by Hannu Nieminen
937: DE: ekorren: "In the Ice House" by Minette Walters
936: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Open House" by ELIZABETH Berg
935: UK: pinkoeria: "With no one as witness" by ELIZABETH George
934: FI: hippolein: "A Very Suitable Revenge" by ELIZABETH George
(N)933: CA: rureading: "The Golden One" by ELIZABETH Peters
932: SE: Elskaliam: "A string of red" by ELIZABETH George
931: US: T02S03B11D20: "Elizabeths New Hero" by Francine Pascal
930: UK: saskiasosmile: "Elizabeth and her German GARDEN" by Elizabeth von Arnim
929: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Monster GARDEN" by Vivien Alcock
(B)928: FI: hippolein: "Midnight in the GARDEN of Good and Evil" by John Berendt
927: SE: Elskaliam: "Garden of DEATH" by Margit Sandemo
926: FI: hippolein: "A Very Easy DEATH" by Simone de Beauvoir
925: CA: rureading: "Bookmarked for DEATH" by Lorna Barrett
924: FI: hippolein: "So Many Steps to DEATH (Destination Unknown)" by Agatha Christie
923: US: T02S03B11D20: "Divided in DEATH" by J.D. Robb
922: SE: Elskaliam: "Carpetdealer Olssons DEATH" by Karin Wahlberg
921: DE: ekorren: "Death of an Expert Witness" by P. D. JAMES
920: FI: lukutuoli: "JAMES Bond 007 - You Only Live Twice" by Ian Fleming
919: SE: Elskaliam: "Taste for death" by P D JAMES
918: FI: lukutuoli: "A Mission in Finland, James Bond" by JOHN Gardner
917: DE: ekorren: "The waters below the earth" by JOHN Moore
916: FI: hippolein: "Via Mala" by JOHN Knittel
915: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The six Pack - Winning Writing from New Zealand BOOK Month" by John Campbell (Editor)
914: US: Erishkigal: "The Jungle BOOK 1" by Rudyard Kipling
913: SE: Elskaliam: "Cains book" by Marianne FREDRIKSSON
912: SE: BAMP: "The smile of the EVIL" by Marianne Fredriksson
911: SE: Elskaliam: "An evil place" by Dean KOONTZ
910: US: Erishkigal: "Twilight Eyes" by DEAN R. Koontz
909: US: T02S03B11D20: "PHANTOMs" by Dean Koontz
908: SE: BAMP: "The PHANTOMs" by Klas Östergren
(N)907: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Alfred Hitchcock and the three investigators the SECRET of Phantom Lake" by William Arden
906: FI: hippolein: "A Christmas Secret" by ANNE Perry
905: US: Erishkigal: "Pegasus in SPACE" by Anne McCaffrey

Snaps 874 - 904: Jun 2012 (Part 3/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


(N)1070: UK: pinkoeria: "A THOUSAND Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini
1069: FI: hippolein: "The HOUSE Of A Thousand Lanterns" by Victoria Holt
1068: SE: BAMP: "TWO children and own house" by Annette Rosengren
1067: FI: lukutuoli: "People of Two Floors" by JOHN Hawkesworth
1066: FI: lunatum: "NUMBER game" by John Verdon
1065: US: T02S03B11D20: "Hot Number" by CARLY Phillips
1064: US: BruceAlexander: "GHOSTs Of Boyfriends Past" by Carly Alexander
1063: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Naked Ghost, Burp! and BLUE Jam" by Paul Jennings
1062: US: BruceAlexander: "BLUE-Eyed Devil" by Robert B. Parker
1061: UK: pinkoeria: "BLUE Horizon" by Wilbur Smith
1060: FI: hippolein: "Blue Sky" by Annika IDSTROM
1059: FI: lukutuoli: "Letters to Trinidad" by Annika Idstrom
1058: FI: hippolein: "The Scarlet LETTER" by Nathanial Hawthorne
1057: US: BruceAlexander: "Practical ART Lettering" by E. G. Lutz
1056: US: T02S03B11D20: "Lose Weight with Dr. ART Ulene" by -
1055: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Blessed art thou among WOMEN" by Christine Johnston
1054: AU: Davros-10: "Night Shade - Gothic Tales By Women" by Victoria A. Brownworth and JUDITH M. Redding (Editors)
1053: FI: hippolein: "Daisy" by Judith Krantz
1052: US: NancyNova: "The Dreammaker" by JUDITH Stacy
(A)1051: FI: lukutuoli: "The Isle of Glass (The Hound and Falcon Trilogy)" by JUDITH Tarr
1050: FI: hippolein: "Jutta and the MOONshine pony" by Judith M. Berrisford
1049: UK: pinkoeria: "The MOON and Sixpence" by W. Somerset Maugham
1048: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "By the Light of the MOON" by Dean Koontz
1047: US: T02S03B11D20: "The MoonCHILD" by Kenneth McKenney
1046: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Tripwire" by Lee CHILD
1045: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Exploring Child Behaviour" by DONALD B. Helms, Jeffrey S. Turner
1044: FI: hippolein: "Just Do It - The Nike Spirit in the Corporate WORLD" by Donald Katz
(B)1043: FI: lukutuoli: "The Birth of the WORLD" by Peter Ackroyd
1042: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The World's Worst MURDERs" by Chancellor Press
1041: US: T02S03B11D20: "Gingerbread Cookie Murder" by JOANNE Fluke
(A)1040: FI: lukutuoli: "Salty SAND" by Joanne Harris
1039: US: hyphen8: "No Footprints in the Sand - A Memoir of Kalaupapa" by HENRY Nalaielua and Sally-Jo Bowman
1038: FI: hippolein: "Bored of the Rings - A Parody of J.R.R. Tolkien s The LORD of the Rings" by Henry N. Beard and Douglas C. Kenney of the Harvard Lampoon
1037: CA: megami-no-ushi: "DAY of Infamy" by Walter Lord
1036: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "It s a perfect DAY" by Abigail Pizer
1035: US: hyphen8: "DAY of Glory - The Guns at Lexington and Concord" by Philip Spencer
1034: FI: hippolein: "The Remorseful DAY" by Colin Dexter
1033: US: NancyNova: "On a Clear Day YOU can see General Motors" by J. Patrick Wright
1032: US: T02S03B11D20: "Who You Know" by Theresa Alan
(B)1031: FI: hippolein: "See You Tomorrow" by Peggy Woodford
1030: CA: rureading: "Elvis and the Grateful DEAD" by Peggy Webb
1029: US: T02S03B11D20: "DEAD in the Family" by Charlaine Harris
1028: US: hyphen8: "Every DEAD Thing" by John Connolly
1027: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "DEAD Even - the marriage made in heaven. The court case from hell." by Brad Meltzer
1026: US: BruceAlexander: "Dead and Loving It" by Mary JANICE Davidson
1025: US: NancyNova: "Along Came Zoe - You, Me&the Kids" by JANICE MacDonald
1024: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "CROWN Sable" by Janice Young Brooks
1023: NO: zimort: "The Jewel in the Crown" by PAUL Scott
1022: CA: rureading: "The Darkening GLASS" by Paul Doherty
1021: US: T02S03B11D20: "The GLASS Flame" by Phyllis Whitney
1020: NO: zimort: "The GLASS Lake" by Maeve Binchy
1019: SE: BAMP: "The Butterfly in the glass cover" by JEAN-Dominique Bauby
1018: FI: hippolein: "Sabbathday RIVER" by Jean Hanff Korelitz
1017: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "River of SECRETs" by Griselda Gifford
1016: FI: lunatum: "Grace s secret" by Taylor SMITH
1015: CA: rureading: "Blue Shoes and Happiness" by Alexander McCall SMITH
1014: SE: Elskaliam: "The Polestar" by Martin Cruz SMITH
(N)1013: UK: pinkoeria: "The Sunday Philosopher Club" by ALEXANDER McCall Smith
1012: DE: ekorren: "Behind closed doors" by Bruce ALEXANDER
1011: SE: Elskaliam: "The right hand and OTHER novels" by Alexander Solsjenitsyn
1010: SE: BAMP: "There stood a bench in the garden and OTHER Norwegian masterstories" by Ole Storm
1009: CA: rureading: "Marriage and Other Acts of Charity" by KATE Braestrup
1008: US: quietorchid: "The Kindness of Strangers" by KATE Adie
1007: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Unbidden TRUTH" by Kate Wilhelm
1006: SE: BAMP: "Mia - the truth about HIDDEN" by Monica Antonsson
1005: SE: Elskaliam: "ANGEL with hidden horns" by Margit Sandemo
1004: US: thegoaliegirl: "Guardian Angel" by JULIE Garwood
1003: CA: rureading: "UnBOUND" by Julie Kaewert
1002: SE: Elskaliam: "Spellbound" by MARGIT Sandemo
1001: FI: hippolein: "Your Own Judge" by MARGIT von Willebrand-Hollmerus
1000: SE: Elskaliam: "Caught by the TIME" by Margit Sandemo
999: UK: pinkoeria: "The Sands of TIME" by Sidney Sheldon
998: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "the times - Su Duko. The original and best-selling PUZZLE Book 3" by Wayne Gould (compiled)
997: US: quietorchid: "Puzzle Quilts - Simple Blocks, Complex Fabrics" by PAULA Nadelstern
996: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Sasscat to Win" by PAULA Boock
995: FI: hippolein: "JANE Austen in Boca" by Paula Marantz Cohen
994: CA: rureading: "Splash!" by JANE Hissey
993: SE: BAMP: "love (at) thefirst(dot)date" by JANE Moore
(N)992: US: quietorchid: "The BOOK of Ruth" by Jane Hamilton
991: CA: rureading: "The Book of Air and Shadows" by MICHAEL Gruber
990: NO: zimort: "Dude, where s my Country?" by MICHAEL Moore
989: UK: pinkoeria: "The Lincoln Lawyer" by MICHAEL Connelly
988: US: T02S03B11D20: "Airframe" by MICHAEL Crichton
987: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - The Coming of the Terraphiles" by MICHAEL Moorcock
986: FI: hippolein: "The Narrows" by MICHAEL Connelly
985: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Suspect" by MICHAEL Robotham
984: NZ: keeta1: "Timeline" by MICHAEL Crichton
983: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Nasty!" by MICHAEL Rosen
(N)982: FI: lunatum: "Rising Sun" by MICHAEL Crichton
981: CA: rureading: "By Nightfall" by MICHAEL Cunningham

Snaps 905 - 980: Jul 2012 (Part 1/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


Some Statistics:

(A)1117: US: hyphen8: "I Only Have Fangs for YOU" by Kathy Love
1116: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "You Belong to Me" by Mary HIGGINS Clark
1115: US: BruceAlexander: "All Through the NIGHT" by Mary Higgins Clark
1114: FI: hippolein: "Nights of Rain and Stars" by MAEVE Binchy
1113: UK: pinkoeria: "Firefly SUMMER" by Maeve Binchy
1112: US: T02S03B11D20: "SUMMER Island" by Kristin Hannah
1111: US: BruceAlexander: "SUMMER People" by Elin Hilderbrand
1110: US: thegoaliegirl: "Uncertain SUMMER" by Betty Neels
1109: DE: Wyando: "A summer with WOLVES" by Farley Mowat
1108: FI: hippolein: "Crying Wolf" by PETER Abrahams
1107: US: BruceAlexander: "The Tutor" by PETER Abrahams
1106: AU: Davros-10: "The Television Crimebusters Omnibus (The Bounty Thriller Collection)" by PETER Haining (Editor)
1105: US: T02S03B11D20: "White Shark" by PETER Benchley
1104: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Special Table" by PETER Marks and illustrated by Marjorie Scott
1103: FI: hippolein: "The Loser" by PETER Ustinov
1102: US: DrSlump612: "The Temporal Void" by PETER F. Hamilton
1101: FI: hippolein: "Only Dolls don t have TEARs" by Peter Kreuder
1100: FI: lunatum: "BLOOD tear" by Arne Dahl
1099: FI: hippolein: "Cold nerves, hot blood" by Arto Paasilinna
1098: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "BLOOD on the Tongue" by Stephen Booth
1097: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who and the Stones of BLOOD" by Terrance Dicks
1096: US: BruceAlexander: "Bad Blood" by LINDA Fairstein
1095: US: NancyNova: "Slow Dance with a Cowboy" by LINDA Style
1094: CA: rureading: "What s a Serious DETECTIVE Like Me Doing in Such a Silly Movie?" by Linda Bailey
1093: FI: hippolein: "Net Bandits (Internet Detectives)" by Michael Coleman
1092: US: BruceAlexander: "People of the Lakes (The First North Americans series, book 6)" by by Kathleen O Neal Gear and W. MICHAEL Gear
1091: FI: hippolein: "Dances With Wolves" by MICHAEL Blake
1090: UK: pinkoeria: "The Narrows" by MICHAEL Connelly
1089: US: NancyNova: "The Reversal; A Lincoln Lawyer Novel" by MICHAEL Connelly
(N)1088: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Stupid WHITE men...and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation!" by Michael Moore
1087: US: DrSlump612: "The White Queen" by Philippa GREGORY
1086: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Sickened; the TRUE story of a lost childhood" by Julie Gregory
1085: US: quietorchid: "I Know This Much Is True" by Walter LAMB
(N)1084: FI: lukutuoli: "Lamb Eaters" by Veikko HUOVINEN
1083: FI: hippolein: "Fatty liver" by VEIKKO Huovinen
1082: FI: lukutuoli: "Hägar the Horrible - the Berserk of the NORTH" by Chris&Dik Browne and Veikko Malmberg
1081: US: BruceAlexander: "Heaven and Hell; The Conclusion of the North and South Trilogy" by JOHN Jakes
1080: FI: hippolein: "A Beautiful Mind; The Life of Mathematical GENIUS and Nobel Laureate John Nash" by Sylvia Nasar
1079: UK: Huffpuff: "Test YOUR Cat; the Cat IQ Test - Is your Cat an Undiscovered Genius?" by E.M. Bard
1078: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Invaders from Within (Choose your own adventure)" by EDWARD Packard
1077: US: DrSlump612: "KNIGHT s Castle" by Edward Eager
1076: FI: lukutuoli: "Lassie returns HOME" by Eric Knight
1075: FI: hippolein: "A Long Trip Home" by NORA Roberts
1074: CA: rureading: "The Last Boyfriend" by NORA Roberts
1073: US: T02S03B11D20: "Jewels of the Sun" by Nora Roberts
1072: US: BruceAlexander: "A THOUSAND Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini
1071: US: T02S03B11D20: "The House of a THOUSAND Lanterns" by Victoria Holt

Snaps 980 - 1070: Jul 2012 (Part 2/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


1199: AU: Davros-10: "Hogs 2 - Hog Down" by JAMES Ferro
1198: FI: lunatum: "Warday" by Whitley Strieber and JAMES W. Kunetka
1197: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Ice Child / The Blue Nowhere / Warlock / SUZANNEs Diary for Nicholas" by Elizabeth McGregor, Jeffrey Deaver, Wilbur Smith, James Patterson
1196: US: BruceAlexander: "The MORNING After" by Suzanne Forster
1195: UK: Diane-Fraser: "When Morning Comes" by Audrey HOWARD
1194: US: BruceAlexander: "Santa Fe Tales and More" by HOWARD Bryan
1193: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Twelve" by HOWARD and Susan Kaminsky
1192: US: NancyNova: "Bride for a Price" by Stephanie HOWARD
1191: US: BruceAlexander: "Killing TIME" by Linda Howard
1190: UK: Diane-Fraser: "LOVE in the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marques
1189: US: NancyNova: "For the LOVE of a child" by Catherine Palmer
1188: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "Searching for Daddy - Desperate for LOVE, driven to the edge of hell" by Christine Joanna Hart
1187: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Can You Keep a SECRET? / If My Father Loved Me / Blessed are the Cheesemakers" by Sophie Kinsella, Rosie Thomas, Sarah-Kate Lynch
1186: US: BruceAlexander: "Kill ME Again (Secrets of Shadow Falls)" by Maggie Shayne
1185: CA: rureading: "Excuse Me, But I Was Next... How to Handle the TOP 100 Manners Dilemmas" by Peggy Post
1184: US: BruceAlexander: "The Magic School Bus Blows Its Top! A Book About Volcanoes" by Gail Herman, JOANNA Cole and Bruce Degan
(A)1183: NO: zimort: "MARRYING the Mistress" by Joanna Trollope.
1182: UK: Diane-Fraser: "The Marrying Game / Long Division / Checking Out" by Kate Saunders, SARAH Harvey, Stevie Morgan
1181: US: BruceAlexander: "Something More - Excavating Your Authentic Self" by SARAH Ban Breathnach
1180: US: hyphen8: "Pane of DEATH" by Sarah Atwell
1179: AU: Davros-10: "Doctor Who - DEATH to the Daleks" by Terrance Dicks
1178: FI: lunatum: "Boulevard of DEATH" by Evelyn Anthony
1177: US: BruceAlexander: "Harry Potter and the DEATHly Hallows" by J. K. Rowling
1176: US: hyphen8: "Flirting with DEATH" by M.D. Lake
1175: US: BruceAlexander: "Til Death Do Us Part" by KATE White, KATE Walsh
1174: US: T02S03B11D20: "Clear and Convincing Proof" by KATE Wilhelm
1173: UK: MissMarkey: "The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher or The Murder At Road Hill House" by Kate Summerscale
1172: US: NancyNova: "The White House Mess" by CHRISTOPHER Buckley
1171: FI: hippolein: "The Ballad of LEE Cotton" by Christopher Wilson
1170: US: NancyNova: "Banished" by LEE Magner
1169: US: T02S03B11D20: "Worth Dying For" by LEE Child
1168: US: BruceAlexander: "WOLF Tower - The Claidi Journals" by Tanith Lee
1167: US: T02S03B11D20: "WOLFs Trap" by W.D. Gagliani
(N)1166: FI: lunatum: "The Big Bad Wolf" by JAMES Patterson
1165: UK: saskiasosmile: "Kiss the girls" by JAMES Patterson
1164: US: BruceAlexander: "Robert Ludlums The Arctic Event" by Robert Ludlum and JAMES H. Cobb
1163: CA: rureading: "Dead Mans Grip" by Peter JAMES
1162: US: T02S03B11D20: "Season of the Machete" by James Patterson
1161: AU: Davros-10: "Othello - ACTORS on Shakespeare" by James Earl JONES
1160: US: NancyNova: "Prior BAD Acts" by Tami Hoag
1159: US: T02S03B11D20: "When Bad Things Hapen To GOOD People" by Harold Kushner
1158: US: BruceAlexander: "The Good DOCTOR" by Wensley Clark
1157: AU: Davros-10: "Dear LOVE Doctor" by Hailey North
1156: UK: Diane-Fraser: "LOVE is Innocent" by Barbara Cartland
1155: NZ: KiwiinEngland: "The Klone and I - a high-tech LOVE" by Danielle Steel
1154: DE: Wyando: "A love in New York" by EMILY Listfield
1153: US: BruceAlexander: "EMILY Dickinson - Selected Poems" by Mordecai Marcus
1152: UK: pinkoeria: "Wuthering Heights" by EMILY Brontë
1151: US: T02S03B11D20: "Dear Emily" by FERN Michaels
1150: US: BruceAlexander: "Razor SHARP" by Fern Michaels
1149: UK: pinkoeria: "Twelve Sharp" by JANET Evanovich
1148: US: BruceAlexander: "A Heart for the DROPPED Stitches" by Janet Tronstad
(N)1147: CA: rureading: "A Drop of the HARD Stuff" by Lawrence Block
1146: US: T02S03B11D20: "The Hard Way" by LEE Child
1145: FI: lukutuoli: "A Long Shot" by LEE Child
1144: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Worth Dying For" by Lee CHILD
1143: UK: pinkoeria: "Persuader" by Lee CHILD
1142: US: hyphen8: "The Book of the Dead" by DOUGLAS Preston and Lincoln Child
1141: US: BruceAlexander: "Americas Last DAYs" by Douglas MacKinnon
1140: US: T02S03B11D20: "The DAY After Tomorrow" by Allan Folsom
1139: FI: lukutuoli: "The Result of the Day ; PLUS" by Harri Istvan Mäki
1138: UK: saskiasosmile: "COLLINS Gem - Calorie Counter, plus protein, carb, fat and fibre" by -
(N)1137: CA: rureading: "The Hunger GAMEs" by Suzanne Collins
1136: US: BruceAlexander: "The Killing GAME" by Iris Johansen
1135: FI: lunatum: "Space game" by WILLIAM Sleator
1134: FI: lukutuoli: "Sofies Choice" by WILLIAM Styron
1133: AU: Davros-10: "Wolfsbane" by WILLIAM W. Johnstone
1132: US: NancyNova: "The Judgement" by WILLIAM J. Couglin
1131: US: BruceAlexander: "Dragon FIRE" by William S. Cohen
1130: US: T02S03B11D20: "BLUE Fire" by Phyllis Whitney
1129: US: BruceAlexander: "BLUE Blood (A Debutante Dropout Mystery)" by Susan McBride
1128: US: T02S03B11D20: "Babies and a Blue-Eyed MAN" by Myrna Mackenzie
(A)1127: DE: Wyando: "So I KILL the man of my dreams" by Dorothy Cannell
1126: US: BruceAlexander: "Kill the Messenger" by TAMI Hoag
1125: US: T02S03B11D20: "Secrets to the GRAVE" by Tami Hoag
1124: US: NancyNova: "Silent in the GRAVE" by Deanna Raybourn
1123: US: BruceAlexander: "The Sibyl in Her Grave" by SARAH Caudwell
1122: US: T02S03B11D20: "Lock and Key" by SARAH Dessen
(A)1121: CA: rureading: "The Birth of Venus" by SARAH Dunan
(N)1120: UK: saskiasosmile: "Footprints in the Sand" by SARAH Challis
1119: UK: Diane-Fraser: "Sacred Hearts" by SARAH Dunant
1118: AU: Davros-10: "The Top 100 Foods for a Younger YOU - 100 Remedies to Turn Back the Clock" by Sarah Merson

Snaps 1071 - 1117: Jul 2012 (Part 3/3)
(N) = found with Newbie
(B) = found by BookCrosser
(A) = Anonymous found


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