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The rules are almost same as they were for those previous challenges, so I am just going to C&P the same ones here edited a bit to keep up to date---
I have made it my goal to read as many books given to me by other BCers as possible and then move them on. I wasn't hoarding by any means, I gave out as many as I got surely. I would still like to thank the kind BCers who passed books along to me via trade, bookrelays, wild releasing, and RABCKs and so I will continue the journeys of those books. In other words I want to "Keep Them Moving."

The rules-
1. The book must be released in 2011. (it could have been read at any time). This includes ANY KTM book you have. The goal is to KTM.
2. The release can be in any manner you see fit- wild release, relay, ring, ray, box, trade, RABCK, etc.
3. The book must NOT be originally registered by you, but another BCer. It doesn't matter how you got it (ring, ray, box, relay, wild release, trade, RABCK, etc) as long as you were not the first to register it. There is no prize for the most releases.
4. Please post links to each book after you read and release it. You can do that in this thread. Also number the release so we know if it is the first, second, third, (you get the point) book for the challenge.
5. When the challenge is over I will randomly choose participates in the challenge to receive a prize. Don't join for the prizes. They are just small tokens, nothing major.
6. I will start a new thread for this challenge every 4 months as the thread got too large in previous years. It will be a year long challenge, but should have 3 threads (January-April, May-August, and September-December).
7. No need to let me know you are joining, just chime right in. And you can join anytime throughout 2011.
8. Enjoy!!!
If you have any questions, let me know.


85. Tell Me No Secrets by Joy Fielding to copchic905
86. CSI: Cold Burn to copchic905
87. The Thought for Themselves by Sid Roth -- wild release
88. lost boy lost girl by Peter Straub to heartthumper
89. Last Known Victim - Spindler, Erica to love2cook
90. Dakota Born - Macomber, Debbie to bamaforever
91. The Thirteenth Tale - Setterfield to the bookish bookbox
92. Hold Tight to Operation Paperback
93. Flyboys by James Bradley to jmsmom started with Paul's books
94. Shalimar the Clown to biisbsw
95. Pandora's Clock to Iwillrejoice
96. . Dead Silence -- ABC Bookbox
97. Dead Giveaway -- ABC Bookbox
98. Calm Before the Storm -- ABC bookbox
99. 204 ROSEwood Lane - Debbie Macomber to love2cook
100. "C" is for Corpse to biisbsw
101. Welcome to My pLANet Olson, Shannonto HunterRyu
102. Darkly Dreaming DEXTER Lindsay, Jeffto HunterRyu
103. DAUGHTER to angela861
104. The Book of the DEAD by Douglas Peston & L. Child to sha
105. The Last Patriot to purple4
106. All Through the Night to jmsmom
107. The PATient -- wild
108. Sword of Mary -- wild
109. Rules of Deception to a non BC friend
110. Devil Bones to NMReader
111. Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz to purple4




This is a great idea! Starting my post now so that I will remember to come back when I've released a book that qualifies.

1. The Academy
2. Pirates Pleasure
3. Sense of Evil
4. World War Z


LiniP 8 yrs ago
#71: Der kleine Prinz by Saint-Exupéry:


64. Tuomas Vimma: Gourmet
65. Julie Hyzy: State of the Onion
66. Chris Manby: Ready or Not?
67. Sue Townsend: Adrian Mole From Minor to Major
68. Janet Evanovich, Charlotte Hughes: Full Scoop
69. George Orwell: Burmese Days
70. Anna-Leena Härkönen: Akvaariorakkautta
71.Jacques Bonnet: Kirjaston henget
72. Riitta Jalonen: Kuvittele itsellesi mies
73. Cecily von Ziegesar: Gossip Girl
74. Tatiana de Rosnay: Viimeinen kesä
75. Javier Covo Torres: The Mayas, on the rocks
76. Michael Ende: Momo
77. Axel Hambraeus: Uddarbon pappi
78. Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who Played Brahms
79. Katie Fforde: Highland Fling
80. Mika Waltari: Feliks onnellinen
81. Patricia Cornwell: Hornet's Nest
82. Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
83. Johanna Hulkko: Jostakin kotoisin
84. Sima Qian: Historical Records
85. Anna-Leena Härkönen: Onnen tunti
86. Deborah Cameron: The Myth of Mars and Venus
87. Mikhail Lermontov: Hero of Our Time
88. Sofka Zinovieff: Eurydice Street
89. Stefan Zweig: Chess


LiniP 8 yrs ago
#72: Die drei MusketiereI:
#73: Die drei MusketiereII:


passmaster 8 yrs ago
KTMC 9-10 Democrats 2100 hunted in Groningen De Loervogel hunted there as well

I am moved.......


20. Seppo Jokinen: Koskinen ja pudotuspeli

21. Åsa Nilsonne: Siveysvyö

22. Donna Leon: Ajasta ikuisuuteen

23. Terry Marsh: The AA Pocket Guide to England

24. Elizabeth Noble: The Tenko Club

25. Alexandra Marinina: Murhaaja vastoin tahtoaan

26. Bill Bryson: Muistiinmerkintöjä pieneltä saarelta

27. Seppo Jokinen: Ajomies



16. The Holder of the World by Bharati Mukherjee
17. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
18. The Scapegoat by Daphne Du Maurier
19. Ghosts--The Story of a Reunion by Adrian Plass
20. My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle


81. Carol Shields: Jane Austen (in Finnish)
82. Åsa Nilsonne: Kaikessa hiljaisuudessa (in Finnish)
83. Antero Viinikainen: Aleksis Kivi ja Serbian prinsessa (in Finnish)
84. Monica Ferris: Crewel World (Needlecraft Mystery)
85. Laura Honkasalo: Eropaperit (in Finnish)
86. Eve Hietamies: Yösyöttö (in Finnish)
87. Mari Jungstedt: Kesän kylmyydessä (in Finnish)
88. Roddy Doyle: The Woman Who Walked Into Doors
89. Hanne Ramsdal: Jeg lukket døren bak ham da han gikk (in Norwegian)
90. Maeve Binchy: Quentins
91. Elina Karjalainen: Koirapostia (in Finnish)
92. Harri Nykänen: Raid ja paperiansa (in Finnish)
93. Laura Childs: Keepsake Crimes
94. Johanna Hulkko: Säkeitä Pietarista (in Finnish)
95. Roman Polanski: Roman (in Finnish)
96. Anita Aure: Sinä yönä tähdet (in Finnish)
97. Eeva Nikoskelainen: Heta Hörkkö ja kaksoiskierteen lumo (in Finnish)
98. Jacqueline Wilson: Ihanat, kamalat pojat (in Finnish)
99. Elias Canetti: Rösterna i Marrakesh (in Swedish)
100. Martin Chatterton: Paha Piski ja rajut jamit Marsissa (in Finnish)
101. Cleo Coyle: Through the Grinder
102. Eva Ibbotson: Virta vie viidakkoon (in Finnish)
103. Malin Persson Giolito: Dubbla Slag (in Swedish)
104. Mikkel Birkegaard: Libri di Lucan arvoitus (in Finnish)
105. Helena Petäistö: Aamiainen Cocon kanssa Brysselissä, Amsterdamissa ja Luxemburgissa (in Finnish)
106. Jennifer Chiaverini: The Sugar Camp Quilt
107. Gösta Ågren: Turuilla (in Finnish)
108. Kathleen Keating: The Little Book of Hugs
109. Jim Jinkins: Talvikisat ( Kaapon oivalluksia) (in Finnish)
110. Phillip Pullman: The Butterfly Tattoo
111. Walter d. Edmonds: Matchlock Gun
112. Pentti Holappa: Ystävän muotokuva (in Finnish)
113. Agatha Christie: The Moving Finger
114. Dolores Johnson: Taken to the Cleaners
115. Dolores Johnson: Taking the Wrap
116. Reijo Mäki: Tatuoitu taivas (in Finnish)
117. Reijo Mäki: Pitkä lounas (in Finnish)
118. Qiu Xiaolong: Musta sydän (in Finnish)
119. Thor Heyerdahl: Expedition Kon-tiki (in Swedish)
120. Taavi Soininvaara: Pimeyden ydin (in Finnish)
121. Andrzej Zaniewski: Rottaodysseia (in Finnish)
122. Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows: Kirjallinen piiri perunankuoripaistoksen ystäville (in Finnish)
123: Reijo Mäki Kruunun vasikka (in Finnish)
124. Maria Lang: Se, döden på dig väntar (in Swedish)
125. Anna-Leena Härkönen: Ei kiitos (in Finnish)
126. Michael White: Firenzen salaliitto
127. Kent Haruf: Plainsong
128. Kallio & Otsamo: FC Palloseura 3 - Veskari ohrapellossa
129. Laura Childs: Death by Darjeeling
130. Anne Holt: corner corner Sokea jumalatar


You are cleaning out your shelves. Great going.


1. The Brief History of the Dead
2. Kindred
3. Mailman of Birdsville Track : The Story of Tom Kruse
4. The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America
5. Alias Madame Doubtfire
6. 44 Scotland Street
7. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
8. Single White Vampire
9. All That Swagger
10. The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare
11. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
12. The Scold's Bridle
13. Déjà Dead
14. Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years
15. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
16. The Mammoth Hunters
17. Chicken with Plums
18. To the Nines
19. Death du Jour
20. The Girl Who Played with Fire
21. The Second Wives Club
22. Lost Girls
23. The Broker
24. Sacrifice
25. The Girl Who Played Go
26. SAS Phantoms of the Jungle
27. One Hot Country Summer
28. Secrets of Eden
29. The Monsters of Templeton
30. The Glass Dragon
31. I, Robot
32. Girl with a Pearl Earring
33. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
34. Absurdistan: A Bumpy Ride Through Some of the World's Scariest, Weirdest Places
35. Reader's digest book of historic Australian towns
36. Luck in the Shadows
37. Small Island
38. Death Warmed Up / Death Beside The Seaside
39. The Scent Trail


You can join at anytime.


#22 A Man in Uniform by Kate Taylor

#23 The Cruellest Month by Louise Penny

#24 Fifth Son by Barbara Fradkin


winggoldenwattlewing 7 yrs ago


LiniP 7 yrs ago


Great going.


winggoldenwattlewing 7 yrs ago
41. Surviving Galeras
42. A Dog's Purpose
43. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe


wingjumpinginwing 7 yrs ago
KTMC #30
30. Breakfast at Tiffany’s



winggoldenwattlewing 7 yrs ago
44. The House on the Strand


winggoldenwattlewing 7 yrs ago
45. Chiefs of the Australian Army: Higher Command of the Australian Military Forces, 1901-1914 (Australian Army History Collection)

46. Weary The Life of Sir Edward Dunlop

(Also released in the Themes Releases)


Themed releases are fun.


Themed releases are fun.

They are.


slb453 7 yrs ago
Release #13
13. Garfield: This is Your Life


passmaster 7 yrs ago
KTMC 11 Bloeiend Vacuum was left in Portugal in the Algarve, waiting for a new reader. It got its mileage, but wants to see more of the world


#25 The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura


31. Inspector Imanishi Investigates
32. In the Woods


LiniP 7 yrs ago
#83 - #90
#83: Jane Eyre:
#84: Carrie:
#85: An Evil Cradling:
#86: The Canterbury Tales:
#87: Frankenstein:
#88: Draußen vor der Tür:
#89: Death in the Clouds:
#90: The Killings at Badger´s Drift:

My aim is to reach 100 which should be possible.


110. Last Known Victim - Spindler, Erica to love2cook
111. Dakota Born - Macomber, Debbie bamaforever
112. The Thirteenth Tale Setterfield bookbox


Keep it up.


47. Life of Pi, by Yann Martel
Left outside of the Mathematical Sciences Building, Australian National University, ACT.
(Also released in the Themed Release Challenge)

48. The Burnt House, by Faye Kellerman


49. The Loop, by Joe Coomer

50. Not Meeting Mr Right, by Anita Heiss


51. The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold.

(Also released in the Themed Release Challenge)


14) Random Acts of Kindness: 365 Ways to Make the World a Nicer Place

15) The Family


52. Simisola (Inspector Wexford Mysteries), by Ruth Rendell

53. The Scold's Bridle, by Minette Walters



LiniP 7 yrs ago
Release #91-95


post here how many YOU Kept Moving in 2011. Thanks everyone and trust to see you KTMing next year.


LiniP 7 yrs ago
#96: Die Geschichte der Deutschen:
#97: In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts:

Slowly counting until 100, but I will send out a book box before New Year´s.


We will continue. I hope to continue to read and release my KTM books.


LiniP 7 yrs ago
#98: Candide:
#99: LL Story:
#100: The Leopard:
#101: Huckleberry Finn:

Yeah, I managed the 100. Maybe there will be a few more. Let´s see.


wingbooklady331wing 7 yrs ago
RE: #98-
Great going. It is fun to reach your goal.



Wintering, by Victor Kelleher. (CAUGHT & JOURNALLED)


wingjumpinginwing 7 yrs ago
KTMC #35


55. Cat on Hot Bricks, by Noreen Shelley.

56. Billie's Kiss, by Elizabeth Knox. (CAUGHT)


57. Voices from the River, by Victor Kelleher.


58. City of Fear, by Alafair Burke.

59. Scarlet Feather, by Maeve Binchy.
ADDED: Book journelled.

60. Not Meeting Mr Right, by Anita Heiss.

61. Touch and Go, by Elizabeth Berridge.

62. Suzannah's Gold, by Carol Preston.


63. Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
by Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett.

64. The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold.
(Also a themed release)
ADDED: Book journelled.


So my total would be 64 books. Not as much as I wished but I'll do better next year, I hope.
Thanks, booklady331, for this challenge! The year would have been empty without it.


I will take part in next year´s challenge as well. Wishing you all a Happy New Year! Einen guten Rutsch!


65. 44 Scotland Street, by Alexander McCall Smith.

66. The Loop, by Joe Coomer.

67. The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America, by Bill Bryson.

68. Death of an Expert Witness, by P. D. James.

That's me for this year. Thank you for running this and I plan to take part in next year's.


passmaster 7 yrs ago
KTM 12

Released earlier today. I plan to take part next year, start earlier and mention all the books fulfilling the rules (not done this year).

NB I did not take part for the prizes, so please do not choose me and make somebody else happy. For all participants all the best for a good and healthy 2012!


wingjumpinginwing 7 yrs ago
KTMC #35
Last one for 2011:

35. Mr. Pip

Thanks for hosting!


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