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wingchamonix44wing 10 yrs ago
Release # 5
# 5)
Good Harbor by Anita Diamant


Complete Thread
Since it hasn't started yet, I'll get it going. If guinaveve wants to continue this, I will most willingly defer to her.

The rules are almost same as they were for those previous challenges, so I am just going to C&P the same ones here edited a bit to keep up to date---
I have made it my goal to read as many books given to me by other BCers as possible and then move them on. I wasn't hoarding by any means, I gave out as many as I got surely. I would still like to thank the kind BCers who passed books along to me via trade, bookrelays, wild releasing, and RABCKs and so I will continue the journeys of those books. In other words I want to "Keep Them Moving."

The rules-
1. The book must be released in 2011. (it could have been read at any time). This includes ANY KTM book you have. The goal is to KTM.
2. The release can be in any manner you see fit- wild release, relay, ring, ray, box, trade, RABCK, ect.
3. The book must NOT be originally registered by you, but another BCer. It doesn't matter how you got it (ring, ray, box, relay, wild release, trade, RABCK, etc) as long as you were not the first to register it. There is no prize for the most releases.
4. Please post links to each book after you read and release it. You can do that in this thread. Also number the release so we know if it is the first, second, third, (you get the point) book for the challenge.
5. When the challenge is over I will randomly choose participates in the challenge to receive a prize. Don't join for the prizes. They are just small tokens, nothing major.
6. I will start a new thread for this challenge every 4 months as the thread got too large in previous years. It will be a year long challenge, but should have 3 threads (January-April, May-August, and September-December).
7. No need to let me know you are joining, just chime right in. And you can join anytime throughout 2011.
8. Enjoy!!!
If you have any questions, let me know.


1. Echo Burning by Lee Child from dove-i-libri to NMReader


Thanks booklady331 for starting KTMC 2011.


bestfriends 10 yrs ago
KTMC # 1


you are welcome.


1. Snow White,
2. Absalom, Absalom!!,
(had to wait till another 1001-library member wanted this book)
3. The Unconsoled,
4. Look for Me by Edeet Ravel,
5. The Marble Faun by Nathanial Hawthorne

Thanks for starting KTMC 2011, booklady331.



1. Jane Austen: Mansfield Park
2. Colleen McCullough: Tim
3. Satu Haapala: Hengitämme samaa huonetta
4. Victoria Thompson: Murder in Little Italy
5. Joel Haahtela: Naiset katsovat vastavaloon
6. Hanif Kureishi: Gabriel's Gift
7. Irmgard Keun: Polkkatukka, silkkisukka
8. Sue Townsend: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4
9. Eva Ibbotson: Journey to the River Sea
10. Zoé Valdés: Arkipäivän mitättömyys
11. Tess Gerritsen: Kirurgi
12. Imre Kertész: Lopetus
13. Doris Pilkington: Rabbit-Proof Fence
14. Debbie Macomber: Susannah's Garden
15. Hillary Waugh: The Late Mrs.D
16. Annamari Marttinen: Kuu huoneessa
17. John Banville: The Sea
18. Xinran: The Good Women of China
19. Mario Puzo: The Godfather
20. Kristina Carlson: Maan ääreen
21. Alexander McCall Smith: Espresso Tales
22. Harper Lee: Kuin surmaisi satakielen
23. Judith Krantz: Scruples Two
24. Amanda Cross: 3213 heinäpaalia
25. Janet Evanovich: Plum Lovin'
26. Eric Newby: Round Ireland in Low Gear
27. David Baldacci: Wish You Well
28. Audrey Niffenegger: The Time Traveler's Wife
29. Piers Paul Read: On the Third Day
30. Mukhtar Mai: In the Name of Honour
31. Aldous Huxley: Brave New World
32. James Herriot: Elämäni kissat
33. Terttu Pajunen-Kivikäs: Tätien Anna-Mari
34. Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who Tailed a Thief
35. Debbie Macomber: This Matter of Marriage
36. Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Petals of Blood
37. Tania Unsworth: The Seahorse


books added below when done


1. Happy Birthday, Mister Holmes! (in German) by various authors
2. Juuson linjat on jumissa (in Finnish) by Kaarlo Hirvonen
3. Murhasalonki (in Finnish) by Tuuli Rannikko
4. Isoon taloon Ankka
5. The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett
6. Losing You by Nicki French
7. Viivi ja Wagner: Pannaan haisemaan, elämä on lyhyt! (in Finnish)
8. Jalokivisilmäinen tonnikala by Manuel Vicent
9. Stenhuggaren (in Swedish) by Camilla Läckberg
10. Franska ordspråk by Herman Stolpe
11. Journey to the South by Annie Hawes
12. Äiti ja koira (in Finnish) by Anja Snellman
13. Most Loving Mere Folly by Edith Pargeter / Ellis Peters
14. Naiset katsovat vastavaloon by Joel Haahtela
15. The Calligraphers' Night by Yasmine Ghata
16. Kellokosken prinsessa by Ilkka Raitasuo ja Terhi Siltala
17. The Sunday Philosophy Club by A. McCall Smith
18. A Clockwork Orange (in Swedish) by Anthony Burgess
19. Mielen häiriöitä (in Finnish) by Minette Walters
20. Pelle ja isä (in Finnish) by Hans Peterson
21. Juoniemeä ei voi unohtaa (in Finnish) by Rebekka Räsänen
22. Vanhat tädit eivät muni (in Finnish) by Mark Levengood
23. Dobry by Monica Shannon
24. Kirurgi (in Finnish) by Tess Gerritsen
25. Wish You Were Here by Rita Mae Brown
26. Rest in Pieces by Rita Mae Brown
27. Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs
28. Missä olet nyt? (in Finnish) by Mary Higgins Clark
29. Auringonkukkatalvi (in Finnish) by Nora Schuurman
30. Neilin tähteet eli Hardwick's Sauce
31. Rinnakkain (in Finnish) by Reko Lundán
32. Mystery Mile by Margery Allingham
33. If a Tree Falls at Lunch Break by Gennifer Choldenko
34. The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey
35. Andalusian karkea suola (in Finnish) by Vivi-Ann Sjögren
36. Kirje maan ääriin (in Finnish) by Annika Luther
37. Tutkimuskohteena kuolema (in Finnish) by Elizabeth Ferrars
38. Itsenäisyyspäivä (in Finnish) by Richard Ford
39. Pobby ja Dingan (in Finnish) by Ben Rice
40. Jenny (in Swedish) by jonas Gardell



2. The Golden Compass from Sweetybeans to audio bookbox
3. 11 on Top from sweetybeans to audio bookbox
4. Strange Piece of Paradise from firegirl to audio bookbox
5. If I stay from indygo88 to audio bookbox
6. Lords of Light -- wild
7. Star Trek The Next Generation -- wild



1. Helene Tursten: Lasipaholainen
2. Helene Tursten: Kultainen vasikka
3. Reija Kaskiaho: Pientä purtavaa
4. Tana French: The Likeness
5. Jo Nesbø: Punarinta
6. Torey Hayden: Sähkökissa
7. Tony Parsosns: One for My Baby
8. Maarit Verronen: Matka Albaniaan
9. Helene Tursten: Tatuoitu torso


1)The Sweetest Taboo by Carole Matthews (with release photo)

2)False Colours by Georgette Heyer (with release photo)

3)Rowdy Devil's Hide & Seek by Steve Parish

4)Joey Grey's Playmates by Steve Parish


#1 - Fire in the Blood by Irene Nemirovsky (originally registered by waterfalling who sent it to mrsgaskell who passed it on to me and now I've passed it on to Dunzy)
#2 - Beggars Banquet by Ian Rankin (originally registered by K-i-s-m-e-t, wild released today)
#3 - The Death Maze by Ariana Franklin (originally registered by NuKnees who sent it to mrsgaskell who kindly let me have it. I've passed it off to 3 other people who read the first installment of this series and wanted more.)


#1 Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

#2 The Nitrogen Murders by Camille Minichino

#3 If Books Could Kill by Kate Carlisle

#4 A Drunkard's Path by Clare O'Donoghue


1) Ella Minnow Pea - Registered by Microsquid - passed to non-bookcrosser
2) One Good Turn - Registered by helod - wild released
3) In The Woods - Registered by bjarstkular - wild released
4) When will there be good news - Registered by Kerriou - wild released
5) The Big Overeasy - Registered by TheLostBook - to Hayes13 (Bookray)
6) East of the Sun - Registered by jnpert - to blueblack (VBB)
7) Black Swan Green - Registered by dancing-dog - to LovesOU (bookring)


wingchamonix44wing 10 yrs ago
Release # 5
# 5)
Good Harbor by Anita Diamant


slb453 10 yrs ago
Release #1


8. A Million Open Doors to judygreeneyes
9. The Fifth Child from oliviapoolside to oppem
10. Travel with Charley from debnance to spfldjohn
11. A Confederacy of Dunces from unknowncritic to ciloma
12. Black and Blue -- ABC bookbox
13. Here on Earth -- ABC bookbox
14. White Oleander -- ABC bookbox
15. My Grandfather's Blessings -- ABC bookbox
16. Welcome to the World, Baby Girl -- ABC bookbox
17. She's Come Undone -- ABC bookbox
18. Middlesex -- ABC bookbox
19. Memoirs of a Geisha -- ABC bookbox
20. Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice Box -- ABC bookbox
21. A Recipe for Bees -- ABC bookbox
22. Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii -- ABC Bookbox
23. The Book of the Dead -- ABC bookbox
24. Hell's Belle -- ABC bookbox
25. The Empress File -- ABC bookbox
26. Remember Me -- ABC bookbox
27. A Prayer for Owen Meany -- ABC bookbox
28. Saving Faith -- ABC bookbox
29. The Sword of Mary -- ABC bookbox
30. Agent Out of Place -- ABC Bookbox
31. Eleventh Hour -- ABC bookbox
32. Whirlwind -- ABC Bookbox
33. Category 7 -- ABC bookbox
34. Absolute Zero -- ABC bookbox
35. People & Other Aggravations -- ABC bookbox
36. Soul Rider by Jack Chalker -- wild
37. Stands a Calder Man -- wild
38. One Nation Under God -- wild
39. The Gazebo -- purple4
40. When Sophie Gets Angry -- bookbox
41. Navy Brat -- love2cook
42. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to akosidulot
43. Vice Cop by Bill McCarthy to Easterngirl71
44. The History of Rasselas to mafarrimond
45. Rituals from davemurray101 to mafarrimond
46. Get Shorty from christina82 to jax987654321


will count, even if you read it last year or decided not to read it.


wingchamonix44wing 10 yrs ago
Release # 6
A Jarful Of Angels by Babs Horton
on its way to keeta1


wingchamonix44wing 10 yrs ago
Release # 7
The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith
Sent to dutch-book


(numbering continued from January)

8) Interworld - Registered by vedranaster - to Vekiki (bookring)
9) The Dolls House - registered by LilyKilp - to Vekiki (bookring)
10) Anguished English - registered by ApoloniaX - Wild release
11) Company of Liars - registered by raeliz64 - to bookmaniac70 (bookring)
12) Becoming Abigail - registered by Annimanni - to Vilda (VBB)
13) When will there be good news? - registered by jillbe - wild release
14) Cellist of Sarajevo - registered by Katisha50 - reelased at Manchester, UK meet up


1. Undercover Affair by Lilian Peake registered by hunterryu - wild OBCZ
2. With Strings Attached by Vanessa Grant registered by Hunterryu - wild OBCZ
3. Springtown by DeLoras Scott registered by hunterryu wild OBCZ
4. Desert Man by Barbara Faith registered by bookstogive wild OBCZ


One of the books I am currently reading is a KTM. Got to get it finished and off.


bestfriends 10 yrs ago
KTMC # 2
Een Spaans Hondje - Rascha Peper


47. My Country Vs. Me from BigJohnLefty to CD bookbox
48. Hong Kong from PGO-books4all
49. Against Medical Advice from easterngirl71 to fanclub
50. Relentless from judygreeneyes to winner of Happy Day Release US
51. Imperial Woman from GrammarBroad to ladilee24
52. Frankly, My Dear from NMReader to ladilee24
53. Unfit to Command from k00kaburra to wild release


Battlestations (Classic Star Trek 31)
[sent to me Phoenix-Flight, wild-released]

Memories of My Melancholy Whores
[sent to me by ciloma, bookray]

The Penelopiad (1)
[sent to me by manola-pacifico, sent to a friend and potential BookCrosser]

The Helmet of Horror
[sent to me by LittleSuz, sent to a friend and potential BookCrosser]

Lion's Honey
[sent to me by LittleSuz, sent to a friend and potential BookCrosser]

[sent to me by mihi, sent to a friend and potential BookCrosser]

[sent to me by imawinn2, bookring]

Not Before Sundown
[sent to me by AnniManni, Favorite Book roundabout]

The Penelopiad (2)
[sent to me by Simson-Shilitoe, started a bookring]

Dream Angus
[sent to me by Simson-Shilitoe, started a bookring]

[sent to me by Ametisti, 100th Book Registered RABCK draw]


1. Colors Insulting to Nature


slb453 10 yrs ago
Release #2



#8: Leader of the Band by Fay Weldon


Olivia's Luck by Catherine Alliott

Second Chance by Jane Green


wingjumpinginwing 10 yrs ago
KTMC #3-5



bestfriends 10 yrs ago
KTMC # 3
De Hinkelbaan - Sepha de Leeuw


#11 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
by Mary Ann Shaffer, Annie Barrows

#12 Tears of the Giraffe
by Alexander McCall Smith
Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar


wingchamonix44wing 10 yrs ago
Release #14
The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid


54. The Whales in Lake Tanganyika from MaryWit to tabby-cat-owner
55. Main Street to cat207
56. Queer to cat207
57. The Busconductor Hines to Danielle23
58. Pippi Longstocking to Danielle23
59. Suspense -- wild release
60. An Invisible Sign of My Own by Aimee Bender --from bet80 to princess-peapod
61. A Ring of Endless Light to NMReader
62. Chappaquiddick Revealed -- wild release
63. The Red Queen -- 1001 library to ayntastic
64. We've Been Through So Much Together to iwillrejoice
65. A Portrait of Jane Austen to iwillrejoice
66. Dissecting Death from hyphen8 to glade1
67. First Family from MsJLaB to spoiledrotten


wingjumpinginwing 10 yrs ago
6. Holy Cow! An Indian Adventure



slb453 10 yrs ago
Release #3 Islam's Black Slaves: The Other Black Diaspora



That is a really cool release, Chamonix! Awesome photos. What a great idea for a release spot! Hope you get a journal entry soon! :)


wingjumpinginwing 10 yrs ago



time-traveler 10 yrs ago


How exciting!! nice JE.


I think I must have lost track somewhere, but I'll carry on.

#5 Blue Genes by Val McDermid

#6 The Wrecks of Eden by Catherine Owen


May - August.

Check your numbers in the new thread. Let me know if I missed any or anyone. Thanks.


slb453 10 yrs ago
Releases #4-6
4) The Night of Wishes
5) The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
6) The Princess and the Goblin


wingjumpinginwing 10 yrs ago
KTMC #8-10


here are my Keep Them Moving books for Jan-April 2011

#1: The Life of Pi
#2: Erzähler der Nacht
#3: Never the Bride
#4: 200 Zimmerpflanzen in Farbe
#5: A Prayer for Owen Meany
#6: The Last Curtain
#7: Der Duft des Mangobaums
#8: Der geteilte Himmel
#9: Der Hexer
#10: Der Medicus
#11: Der mystische Masseur




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