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~~MAY Stats~~ Reduce Mount TBR Challenge 2010

List your name and goal as the title of your thread, and underneath list the number, title and author of your TBR book that you finished! (Follow my lead!)

~~~~~~~~~ ALSO: ~~~~~~~~~~

When you have met your goal, you have accomplished your challenge for the year! We won't be making up new goals through the year. That's just *TOO* confusing. Thank you for carefully considering your goals at the beginning of the challenge!

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Quick Review (There will not be a quiz!)

Any book counts, as long as you INTENDED to read it before January 2010. This includes books on hand (As some have pointed out, they may not be registered, but we're on the honor system, OK?) bookrings you've signed up for, bookrays & books from bookboxes you signed up for, even trades you arranged prior to the challenge beginning. Not new purchases, trades, etc AFTER January 1. That would be books ADDED to your pile. We want to REDUCE the piles we have on hand NOW!



~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ Note! Note! ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

I can't commit to keeping a webpage and doing monthly PMs and prizes, but what we CAN do is this. ...

1. Everyone whop participates will get a book mark at the end of the year.

* * * AND * * *

2. We'll put the name of everyone who met their goal in a bowl and pick two winners at the end of the year.

Sound like fun?
~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ (Our Theme!) ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

A Little Ditty Just for Us! By Arnold Lobel. ...
Books to the ceiling!
Books to the sky!
My pile of books is a mile high!
How I love them!
How I need them!
I'll have a long beard by the time I read them!

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ (ANOTHER Note!!) ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

CRRCOOKIE has started a page with our statistics listed. Here is the Link:


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DoveiLibri's -?- TBRs (Goal=45)

Currently Reading:
♦18. Sotah by Naomi Ragen TBR since Jan 2006, Pages: 485

NEXT:(TBR Short List!)

♦19. Zipporah, Wife of Moses by Marek Halter TBR since December 2008, pages: 278
♦20. The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl TBR since Dec 2009, Pages: 400
♦21. Pictures, 1918 by Jeanette Ingold Reserved for Tillie i Libri. TBR since July 2009, Pages: 153
♦22. Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon TBR since waaaay before Nov 2008, Pages: 251
♦23. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See TBR since way before Dec 2007, Pages: 269
♦24. Queen of Dreams by Chitra Divakaruni TBR since Dec 2008, Pages: 307
♦25. The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley TBR since May 2006, Pages: 582
♦26. Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom TBR since Dec 2009, Pages: 193
When those are done, I will be more than halfway to my goal!!!


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♦15. The Eye of Horus by Carol Thurston TBR since Sept 2008, Pages: 414, Reserved for JulesPaige


♦16. The Exile by Pearl S. Buck
TBR since April 2008, Pages: 218


♦17. The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson
TBR since May 24, 2007, when I joined OpheliaPhillips' BOOKRAY!
Pages: 352, Is supposed to go to MaryZee next.


♦18. Sotah by Naomi Ragen
TBR since Jan 2006, Pages: 485 Catnap by Carole Nelson Douglas 241p. - TBR since 01/07 - 01/05/10 Cat on a Blue Monday by Carole Nelson Douglas 374p. - TBR since 1994 - 02/05/10


Wow, that's a long time to be on the TBR list -- 16 years. Congratulations for persevering with it. I really liked that book.


You can imagine me packing & unpacking this, & many other books, as I moved from house to house - 5 times since 1994. I never let a book go in those days, read or unread. I can usually let them go now... usually. I have quite a few from the series now so I had to start at the beginning & work my way through. Lord Huntingdon's Legacy by Emily Hendrickson 232p. - TBR since 01/08 - 03/05/10 An Angel's Wish by Mary Kingsley 253p. - TBR since 02/09 - 03/05/10 Off Her Rocker by Jennifer Archer 298p. - TBR since 02/09 - 03/05/10 Mistaken Mistress by Margaret McPhee 296p. - TBR since 02/09 - 04/05/10 One Touch of Magic by Amanda McCabe 215p. - TBR since 02/09 - 04/05/10 Too Late for Angels by Mignon F. Ballard 284p. - TBR since 01/09 - 04/05/10 A Regency Summer by Mary Balogh, Charlotte Louise Dolan, Sandra Heath, Melinda McRae, Sheila Walsh 347p. - TBR since 2003 - 05/05/10


A Mother's Delight by Monique Ellis, Violet Hamilton, Isobel Linton, Sheila Rabe, Jeanne Savery, Lois Stewart 379p. - TBR since 2003 - 05/05/10 An Evening At Almack's by Alice Holden, Donna Davidson, Teresa DesJardien, Isobel Linton 287p. - TBR since 2003 - 05/05/10 Blossoms by Karen Harper, Patricia Oliver, Patricia Rice, Margaret Evans Porter, Mary Balogh 346p. - TBR since 2003 - 06/05/10 Dashing and Dangerous by Mary Balogh, Edith Layton, Melinda McRae, Anita Mills, Mary Jo Putney 378p. - TBR since 2003 - 06/05/10


A Match for Papa by Maria Greene, Victoria Hinshaw, Donna Simpson 253p. - TBR since 2003 - 06/05/10 Tokens of Love by Mary Balogh, Sandra Heath, Margaret Westhaven, Carol Proctor, Sheila Walsh 347p. - TBR since 2003 - 07/05/10


Underneath the Mistletoe by Monique Ellis, Paula Tanner Girard, Alice Holden 254p. - TBR since 2002 - 07/05/10 The Wychford Murders by Paula Gosling 253p. - TBR since 2003 - 08/05/10 Death in Store by Jennifer Rowe 173p. - TBR since 2004 - 08/05/10 The Princeton Murders by Ann Waldron 263p. - TBR since 2008 - 09/05/10 Death of a Princeton President by Ann Waldron 244p. - TBR since 2008 - 10/05/10 A Rare Murder In Princeton by Ann Waldron 245p. - TBR since 2008 - 11/05/10 A Little Gentle Sleuthing by Betty Rowlands 269p. - TBR since 1997 - 15/05/10


Flowers for the Bride by Donna Bell, Carola Dunn, Jean R. Ewing, Marcy Stewart, Phylis Warady, Winifred Witton 269p. - TBR since 2002 - 18/05/10


Touched By Time by Leanne Shawler 220p. - TBR since 2005 - 22/05/10






# 9 Sweetgrass (in Dutch), Jan Hudson (finished)
#10 - Neuzen (in Dutch), Carry Slee (finished)
#11 Neerslag, Elisabeth Eybers (poems in Afrikaans- finished)
#12 - Holy Guacamole, Nancy Fairbanks (reading)

Edit May 4: finished #9. Now some 2010 bookrings to finish first!
Edit May 10: added #12.
Edit May 29: finished #10.
Edit May 30: finished #11.



Belonged to my daughter; has been around for at least 7 or 8 years.

Started May 8; finished May 9. Released it without remembering to count the pages (d'oh) but it was somewhere around 136 (the Amazon info is wrong, wrong, wrong).


#16: Kitchten (Kitchin) - Banana Yoshimoto
#17: De Mercedes-moord (The Mercedes Coffin) - Faye Kellerman
#18: Julius Winsome - Gerard Donovan


Started and finished: 05-01-2010


Started 05-01-2010; finished 05-02-2010.


Started and finished: 05-14-2010.








by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows (BOOKRAY)





This book has been in my TBR shelf since July 2009, just registered it only now after reading it!











The Florida library doesn't keep track of paperbacks - thank goodness. This was once i still had!


Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood






tbr since???? 833-6307574




Sarah Harrison - Flowers Won't Fax


Sue Grafton - P is for Peril


Sue Grafton - Q is for Quarry



#51 The Hanging Valley {eter Robinson (in house since 2007, not yet registered)
#52 The pilots Wife Anita shreve Tbr since 2007


> #53 The Constant Princess - Phillipa Gregory. I'm shamed to admit this has been TBR since Sept 2006!!


#54 Learning to Swim by Clare Chambers. Mt Tbr since April 2009


#55 J is for Judgement. Honour system - on Mt TBR since at least 2008, possibly earlier. off to register it now1


#56 Rococo - Adriana Trigiani - registered recently, on Mt TBR since who knows when, at least 2008.


> #57 Caedmon's Song - Peter Robinson - Tbr since feb 2007


This was a bookring I signed up for in 2009.



I know it's recently registered, but it was on my wishlist since April 2009.

This is a ring that I've been on since 2009.




#9 The Ukrainian Wedding by Larry Warwaruk

#10 The Sultan's Seal by Jenny White


I've read so far 38 books that is about 39,6% of the challenge. Quite good progress, I say.




#18 Magpie by Jill Dawson
TBR since August 2009
#19 Constance by Rosie Thomas
TBR since August 2008


#20 First Fruit by Penelope Evans
TBR since August 13th 2009


#21 A Family Man by Amanda Brookfield.

tbr since August 2009


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