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"Dentist, dentist, here is the news
I've got a book here just for you"....
(with apologies to Robert Palmer)

In about an hour, I am off to the oral urgeon to have some stitches taken out of my mouth (go ahead, it's okay to be jealous of me :-)) The last time I was there, I was reading a book my Bookcrossing pal dittybopper sent me about physics and baseball. My oral surgeon was intrigued by the book--he went to Yale, where the author teaches, and he is interested in physics--so, I promised to give it to him (hey, this one fits under the Keep Them Moving Challenge too!)
This got me thinking: Who hasn't been in a doctor's or dentists' office wishing there was something better to read? I oftten take magazines I am done with to them. But how about books? I let a few go on my last visit there, but why not make a release challenge out of this? We all will need a doctor, dentist, etc. sooner or later, and unless you like in an extremely remote location, there is likely one very nearby right in the town where you work, live or shop.
So! Here's the challenge, and I'll make it an ongoing one: leave any sort of book at any sort of medical office. It can be one you give directly to someone there, as I am going to do, or it can be a wild release. Pick any sort of book you think people there would like. (Normally, I'd like to be a good Mainer and stick up for Stephen King...but I'm not sure his horror novels would be the best thing to leave at the dentist). Post your releases here after you make them!
Let's help patients get well by giving 'em the BookCrossing treatment. :-)


members spend hours waiting in these places?


That's especially so since the process takes so long. My brother-in-law Mike had to travel 30 miles roundtrip for nearly two years to get dialysis three times a week, and it took hours each time. (Thank God he was able to get a kidney transplant).

Wonderful place for it!




...a book on the physics of baseball I gave my oral surgeon today:









Kigi 12 yrs ago
Release 21 The sands of time left in the rehab waiting room, a duel release with the Tick Tock challenge. "Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei" (A book about the beginning of a big new hospital) released at a midwife's place "De man op het balkon" released at the hospital "Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei"


Kigi 12 yrs ago
Release 22








Will these qualify? They are all kids books and were dual released, but if it's okay with you, I'll start leaving more regular book around doc offices too. The Old Farm Gate Tootle Snoopy, Things That Go My Rubber Ducky Jasper the Adventurous Cat Fix It Please, near phone that looked like it needed it! A Fly Went By. About My Daddy. 5 Minute Kitten Tales 5 Minute Teddy Bear Tales 5 Minute Bedtime Tales Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party. Mickey’s Alphabet Soup Angela’s Tope Secret computer Club


There already was/is a hospital challenge. so I wasn't thi8nking primarily about them--but sure, that'd be fine!




Badgerjim 14 yrs ago
Actually, lots better. The stitch removal was astonishingly painless, and it hurts much less without the stitches in there. The oral surgeon was quite pleased to get the book, too. Imagine how much more painful he could have made it had he not been getting a book from me ;-)


> Imagine how much more painful he could
> have made it had he not been getting a
> book from me; -)

Was the book "Pain-free Dentistry" or "It Only Hurts When I Laugh?"


> Imagine how much more painful he could
> have made it had he not been getting a
> book from me; -)

Was the book "Pain-free Dentistry" or "It Only Hurts When I Laugh?"


Badgerjim 14 yrs ago
Re: Mmmmhfh?
> the book "Pain-free Dentistry" or "It Only
> Hurts When I Laugh?"

It was a baseball book--but thankfully *not* Hank Aaron's autobiography "I Had A Hammer". Didn't want to give him ideas. ;-)

Actually, it was a book on the physics of baseball that dittybopper sent me as a RABCK. The dentist noticed it the previous visit and I promised to give it to him when I was done.
Under Siege/Stephen Coonts

Does it count? I left it in the "pharmacy" area of the grocery store.


Since it was in a medical waiting area--yes, it counts! (If it had just been the aspirin aisle at the supermarket, that's be pushing it a bit...)


Some of the children that visit there are just too OLD for some of the toys they have. I left a couple of adult books on a return visit last week, and I left a couple of books at the Cardiologist's office, and the Medical Imaging Lab, as well!!! : ) It would help if I REGISTERED all of them first!!! : ) I know that none of those will count toward your challenge, but I'd like to join in here, if I may. I will be visiting several doctor's offices, etc., in upcoming weeks and I'll continue to do some Wild Releasing in the process!!! : )


eggiweg 14 yrs ago
too bad i'm not clairvoyant. about two weeks ago, after i retired from teaching 1st grade, i released about 125 children's books to the pediatric department of a local hospital. and since october 2005, when i started taking my son to physical therapy or speech/language therapy 5 days a week, i've been releasing books at the local kaiser permanente medical center. i'll post any future releases here!


> too bad i'm not clairvoyant.

You may not be clairvoyant, but you're a really good egg!!!


I'm going to my annual check up tomorrow - will take a couple of books and leave there :-)



buocl 13 yrs ago
My first one
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (New Parents edition) -
Left at a family practice







ongoing challenges?



two dummies, same thought! I just read about this challenge and think it's great! Had the same idea this week when I went to my physicians practice...
I left "Every Inch of Her" (German Version) bec. there are REALLY long waiting times (talk about 4 hours and more) and bec. it's a really encouraging book... I'll keep this challenge in mind, next times (and provide translation in the journals :) )!!


so far no one has journaled them (but they have disappeared). I keep hoping....


I left Wide Sargasso Sea at my dentist's while I was there having two cavities filled (actually, before I had the cavities filled; while would be difficult) and happened to notice this thread while browsing after I left the release notes on the book!
Apple Cider Vinegar, Nuts & Honey/Louise Stanley


Amy from BC had to talk to the "cops" at the hospital they were mad I left books there it was called....soliciting. So Badgerjim if I leave books it is all your fault.
Be ready with bail money.


That might be hard to explain to my wife..."yes, Nancy, that's right, we need some money to bail out a woman I know back in Ohio who was busted for soliciting..." ;-)








I had three opportunities (once at the Otolaryngologist's Office and twice at the Oral Surgeon's Office...FUN times) week before this past to leave a book and didn't take one with me either time, and I passed up aNOTHer opportunity YESterday to leave one at the Gastrointerologist's Office!!! : ) I couldn't leave the one I took to READ...I haven't FINished it yet!!! : ) I don't know WHAT is WRONG with me!!! : ) LOL!!! : ) I will try to do better in the upcoming weeks (MORE fun times) ahead!!! : )



Sadly, I have been in several doctor's offices the last two weeks as my sister developed a herniated disk and needed a little support. And I've released at least 4 books (I think). I still think doctor's offices and hospitals are good places to release books, since I think people could use a little diversion there, but I've never had such a book journalled. - Bless This House by Norah Lofts. Released 7/13/06 at Bowdoin Medical Group in Falmouth. - Jane Fonda’s Workout Book for Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery. Released 7/13/06 at Bowdoin Medical Group in Falmouth.

And I have to go back for a tetanus shot, so I'll be sure to take some more! Absolute Power Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery Pandora's Curse An Unknown Woman

And another one I released about a month ago, before I was aware of this challenge.


We had our first trip to the orthodontist today and released 2 books while we were there.

Innocents on Broadway

The Littlest Leaguer


in waiting rooms and the birthing center.


They were romance novels, but at 25 cents each I couldn't pass them up.


Left at the dentist's yesterday.

The Partner
by John Grisham








wingBasculawing 14 yrs ago
Count me in! "White Fang" will be release at my dentist's office tomorrow morning.


I have some appointments coming up soon, so will see what I have for release!



jillbe 14 yrs ago
Count me in!
I work in a local hospital, so most of my releases are left there anyway. Too many to mention at this time, but next time I do release there, I will make any entry on here.




I released today 'Staying at Daisys' by Jill Mansell, in the waiting area of the Children's Centre attached to my local hospital, where I work.


I do most of my releasing in the hospital where I work. So I decided to join the challenge with these two entries. I've worked here for more than 20 years and I am still finding waiting rooms that I never knew existed. There have been a lot of renovations in the oncology dept and the SICU unit is brand new.

and tomorrow

These two are for Maria and Francesca

In June, I found out that our former secretary had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Gerri and I went to see her on her first radiation treatment. While there we met another woman who works in social services. I had not seen her since early May. She had just finished her radiation and was waiting to confirm her chemo appointments. In many ways the General is a large if sometimes dysfunctional famiy. We take care of our own. Working in a hospital, we become very aware of how fragile life can be.



I know its not


My best friend House Elf Dobby released Laughter Is The Best Medicine in a pharmacists in Ashby de la Zouch just near where you collect the prescriptions!!!


dentists, a chiropractor, a periodontist, and an orthodontist Valentine Straight The Silken Web Phonics Storybooks: A Pal for Pat




BuzzyBuzzina 14 yrs ago



I released Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon in Damers Restaurant, part of my local hospital. I hope this counts? Cold in the Earth: A Meredith and Markby Mystery Goodbye Mickey Mouse Winnie the Pooh and Some Bees



DH is in the hospital, so it's a perfect opportunity to release some books.


Some reeeeeeeely bad BookCrosser sent a PM to me about this challenge. How DARE she!!!


I love releasing on Sundays here in town; this retirement community has GOBS of medical offices and no one is around that day so I can do all the releasing I want without being observed. (Most of these offices have outside benches or loads of planter ledges.)

Guess I have to join in!

Thank you for hosting this!



up in jail for soliciting? Were you wearing a trenchcoat or something? LOL
Please tell us what happened.


No, no...Chubsiewhubsie is the one who said she got in trouble for "soliciting",, not me. See her post above.


G'dday. Book nuumber two has been released in my doctor's surgery, Peter Carey's "Exotic Pleasures", which is an exotic pleasure in itself. Hidden amongst a pile of gardening magazines that I ostentatiously donated to their waiting-room coffee table.


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