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Hi all``

In the Last week I've had the unfortunate pleasure of spending a lot of time in the ER waiting room of a hospital. I was reminded that many people need something to bide the time. I'd like to remind/challenge people to do hospital releases, especially light, cheery works. (I had a book, but was definitely not in the mood to read what I had, which was a heavy piece of nonfic.).

My cousin bought about a dozen magazines, and when done, left them in the waiting room. I thought that was cool.

I went up there as a rush, so didn't bring books, but will be back on Tuesday, and plan to release some.



You should start a Hopsital RELEASE CHALLENGE!!! : )

In fact...I will release one today to start OFF your HOSPITAL RELEASE CHALLENGE...right behind the ones YOU release today!!! : )

Take care!!!


I used to drop off books at the local ER a lot, but haven't thought of it lately. I'll release some there as soon as I can and report back here.


sqdancer 15 yrs ago
Good reminder
I work near two hospitals and used to release there regularly, but haven't found the time lately. Must start releasing there again.



his mother is having a procedure and i sent a robert b parker with him to release in the cardiology waiting room. will post later.


After I get off the 'puter <grin> I'll pick at least one, if not more, to release tomorrow at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. Thankfully it will no longer be the ER waiting room, but one of the other waiting areas there.



Ongoing perhaps...with no time limit...or finite in nature??? : )


Ongoing! There's always a need! More of a reminder, than a challenge



I don't have them registered, b/c I'm picky about having my shelf reflect my taste, but I did leave 3 books, 2 young adult, one adult, at the main waiting area at the hospital today.



I realized the need for this after spending three days in the surgical CCU waiting room at Boston Medical.

The people who find them almost definitely have bigger concerns, and they never seem to make journal entries so I had to give up my desire for catches before I started releasing books around hospitals. I just have to remind myself that it's the right thing to do and that good karma is its own reward. :-)


I feel like I am doing a greater service for a great many just by releasing where, when, and how I do...and as you say...good karma is it's own reward!!! : ) You will BE CAUGHT SOON bethieb!!! : ) I just KNOW it!!! : )




PokPok 15 yrs ago
thank you!!


waiting room. I'm not sure if our ER would be a good place. But I guess I could try it.


I also work at a hospital and have left books in the surgery waiting room, in the main lobby area and in the hallway by the cafeteria. But my best place to have them picked up believe it or not is to leave them in one of the elevators off the main lobby. I just hang it over one of the elevator rails when I go in at OH TO EARLY in the morning and it will always be gone when I get back on a little later to start getting surgery patients down. Most of the ones I have left have been light one was of old photos and had poems,etc written about each pic. One was a book about 100 top celebraties (sp) of the century,etc. But have also left some best sellers.

Yorkie7878 (Cindy)


I'm sure you've helped those hospital waits go by a bit quicker. This one has no end, so post here periodically; I'll do the same.



What Shall We Name the Baby? (I left it in the Labor/Delivery Waiting Area-oh, the irony)

Baby Due Date (In Labor/Delivery Waiting Area-again with the irony)

Doctors Wives

Florida is Closed Today


The Lancaster Men

Maybe THis Christmas


It was packed with family members waiting to hear some news. I hope these help to pass the time.





Thanks for all the great releases. It is so hard when you're just waiting and waiting and waiting.



I released 4 at a hospital yesterday. I didn't go to the emergency room because it tends to be quite the zoo. I left them near the main entrance.



I actually work in a hopsital and with the chemo patients and those who have seen my profile will see that I have been charged will letting the patients see out again. many of our day case patients bring half read books, finish and abandon them to the extent where the fine view over London was only visible to those stood up. please can I ask that the books are well labelled and check that there aren't too many there already. Otherwise I'll be moving even more to places like the staff restaurant, public coffee shop etc.

I think that this is an excellent way to increase reading and help to relieve patient tension while waiting for appointment. good luck.


wingsolittletimewing 15 yrs ago
a catch!


PokPok 15 yrs ago


but it is close enough right? A doctor's office is pretty close.









one was a children's book left by the candy machines. Still hoping to see one or more of them journaled, but I just hope they help someone pass the time. :)


Didn't know there was a thread about hospital releases!

I know at least one was picked up and taken away....maybe I'll get a journal entry, but who knows? And really, who cares?

I'm still coasting on the wild-release high!!

First time I've released at this particular hospital I think. I'll definitely leave more there in the future.


I'm up to the challenge. Three paperbacks left on table in waiting area of the ER at noon today. Let's see what happens!





You NEVer cease to aMAZE me with the number of books you are able to release with "solittletime"!!! : )


None of the releases have been journalled yet but am hopeful that they are still being read and left somewhere.

Not in the ER, but radiology. At a hospital, everyone waits for long periods of time.


in the hospital while we're waiting. She's in Sacred Heart in Cumberland, MD. I'll post release notices tomorrow.


Dual release with NJABBIC (birds)

1. The Cardinal of the Kremlin
2. The Cat Who Talked Turkey
3. The Hawk and the Dove
4. The Pelican Brief
5. The Dirty Duck
6. Lily of the MoHAWKs


They let you do that during surgery? My doctors always want me to lie very still while they're operating. I'm not sure they'd even approve of my writing BCIDs down while they were operating.

Have a speedy recovery. Doctors and Nurses - On a windowsill The Lovely Bones - In the X Ray Department The Medicine Man - On a bench The World on Blood - In the Blood Test Department Bones and Skeletons - In the X Ray Department



SLT - well, no, it was Dear Wife that did the release, I think. I'm
healing up nicely.
These were all dual releases with NJABBIC - red, white, or blue titles
At MN Gastroenterology:
17. The Cat Who Saw Red - white title
18. A TIme to Kill - red title
19. Hornet's Nest - white title
20. Sphere - red title
21. Eleventh Hour - red title
And at Woodlake Clinic:
22. The Last Honest Woman - white title
23. Certain Prey - red title
24. Floodgate - white title
25. Every Waking Moment - red title




Good challenge, PokPok, and we seem to have spent a few days in hospital around the same time.

While there, ladies came around with books on a trolley, which of course made me think "BookCrossing" !

So I returned to the hospital, and have since talked the librarian into allowing me to register books used for this service.

This will ensure a steady release of books - both internally and to public areas - for as long as I can keep at it.

Librarian recommends current novels, large-print books, no-brain romances and childrens books. Many of the books are taken home to be finished, so we do not expect journal entries immediately. Nor do we expect finders to 'broadcast' their hospital stay, hence the reference to anonymous entries.

Another point raised was patients tend not to take medical-type books, yet visitors and staff do ! So these will be released to public areas.


> Good challenge, PokPok, and we seem to
> have spent a few days in hospital around
> the same time.

> While there, ladies came around with books
> on a trolley, which of course made me
> think "BookCrossing"!

> So I returned to the hospital, and have
> since talked the librarian into allowing
> me to register books used for this
> service.

> This will ensure a steady release of
> books- both internally and to public areas-
> for as long as I can keep at it.

> Librarian recommends current novels, large-
> print books, no-brain romances and
> childrens books. Many of the books are
> taken home to be finished, so we do not
> expect journal entries immediately. Nor do
> we expect finders to 'broadcast' their
> hospital stay, hence the reference to
> anonymous entries.

> Another point raised was patients tend not
> to take medical-type books, yet visitors
> and staff do! So these will be released to
> public areas. 'Killing Me Softly' by Nicci French.

Here's hoping others will also release books here.


To take to our Children's hospital for Christmas. I already have 2 boxes! I'm also including plenty of adult books. They have patients up to age 23 and I'm sure the family would appreciate them too.


wingsolittletimewing 15 yrs ago




I know what you mean. I have been releasing books in the hospital the last few weeks, along with Doctor offices. I did so many I figured people were beginning to wonder. LOL I think it is nice for people to just find something to brighten up their day when having to deal with being in the hospitals.



but ended up in the ER instead, so... 12 more releases at the SMMC ER. (Well, I had them ready and didn't want to waste them.)


These were done as "controlled wild releases" since it is a closed pediatric unit of the hospital for the seriously ill and no one could walk in off the street to hunt for these. However, they are wild as I have no idea who will get them or if they'll stay at the hospital or go home with a patient who is being discharged. So wild, but no release alerts generated for hunting.

1 - Little Women

2 - The Call of the Wild

3 - A Little Princess

4 - Anne of Green Gables

5 - Ocean Animals: Explore the Fascinating Worlds of... Dolphins, Manatees, Sharks, Whales

6 - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

7 - The Secret Garden

8 - Black Beauty

9 - The Wind in the Willows


hopefully someone is enjoying them now!


From now on when I release there I'll post them here to bump up the thread.

“Kiss the Girls"

First Sounds Book


Wild, wild releases in the ER waiting area:

1 - A Pair of Wings

2 - The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for Persons With Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementing Illnesses, and Memory Loss in Later Life

3 - Mother, May I?

Controlled, wild releases in the Pediatrics ward (as not huntable):

4 - Anne of Green Gables

5 - Black Beauty

6 - The Wind in the Willows

7 - A Little Princess

8 - Little Women

9 - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

10 - The Secret Garden

11 - The Call of the Wild

I was feeling bad about not having any little kids books for the Pediatric Ward, but the nurse told me they had lots of books for the young ones, it was the older kids they needed books for and they really appreciated the assortment that I had brought in for them.


Although my books have not been journaled, I have released a few in hospital waiting rooms. Fortunately, I was not there for a specific reason, but have made a couple trips to the ER waiting room for the sole purpose of releasing.



girlrocker 14 yrs ago
Great idea
I work in a hospital, and plan to release books regularly. Due to the NHS being what it is, my hospital has no A&E, but I bet outpatients could do with some cheering up.


if there's bad advice in any of these health-related releases: Breathe Easy: Young People's Guide to Asthma Dr. Spock's Pregnancy Guide What's in the Air? The Complete Guide to Seasonal and Year-Round Airborne Allergies Dr. Nancy Snyderman's Guide to Good Health For Women Over Forty


1 - Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

2 - Christmas Catastrophe

3 - Take Time for Your Life

4 - A New Prescription for Women's Health: Getting the Best Medical Care in a Man's World Listening to Prozac: The Landmark Book About Antidepressants and the Remaking of the Self, Revised Edition Rediscovering Birth Eclipse Bay Forbidden Treasure For My Ladys Heart A Light in the Window Irresistible Kildar


Great idea for a challenge. I work in a hospital also, and we have a staff lounge, where I leave a few books now and again. The staff also likes to read, so if you leave a few books, send an alert, so maybe the staff can find a few. I have also left books on the cart that is in the volunteer office, as they bring the books from room to room at my hospital. They have to be in almost perfect condition for the patients who are sick and allergic to almost everything.


1 - The Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia)

2 - Hatchet

3 - Mother West Wind's Neighbors

4 - Good Morning, Gorillas (Magic Tree House #26)

5 - Lions At Lunchtime (Magic Tree House # 11)

6 - Wild Cats! (Know-It-All Series)

7 - Predators! (Know-It-Alls)












....and I always bring my magazines when I'm done with them and put them out in the lobby for others to enjoy. It's nice to see other people getting to enjoy something while they are waiting, and knowing that I gave them that. Others that I work with do the same and we all swap out magazines and books too. It's great!


When I do I'll try to remember to post here.



I made a quick dash into the children's ward with these: Over the Rainbow - Collins Glasgow Heidi - Johanna Spyri Magpie Island - Colin Thiele Black Beauty - Anna Sewell Mulan - Disney Disney's Aladdin - Don Ferguson Bedtime Book of Fairy Tales and Rhymes - Rene Cloke Possum One, the Outback Rocketship - Dan Vallely The Pied Piper - Cecelia Slater The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Disney Martha's Best Friend - Danielle Steel Max's Daddy Goes to the Hospital - Danielle Steel Greetings from Sandy Beach - Bob Graham Blinky Bill and the Pelicans - Dorothy Wall Space Travellers - Margaret Wild The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling


This time in the ante-natal clinic waiting room. The Prince of Tides - Pat Conroy My Name Escapes Me - Alec Guinness The Good People of New York - Thisbe Nissen Angels in a Harsh World - Don Bradley The Evening Star - Larry McMurtry Sex and the City - Candace Bushnell Cause Celeb - Helen Fielding Name & Address Withheld - Jane Sigaloff Lost & Found - Jane Sigaloff


1 - The Ladies' Man

2 - Dirty Work: A Stone Barrington Novel


1 - Mercy

2 - The Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain's Journey

3 - The Devil's Teardrop

4 - Down By The River

5 - Colony

6 - The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

 The Passion of an Angel No Way to Treat a First Lady: A Novel


3 as "controlled" wild releases to the Pediatric Unit since they aren't huntable there Anook: The Snow Princess Say Something Lassie Come-Home: Eric Knight's Original 1938 Classic

and 2 wild in the waiting room Irish Dreams Darkest Hour (The Mediator, Book 4)


I didn't know you had this thread, I have been releasing at the hospital for about 5 months. At least one a month (usually 3-4) My hubby had surgery about a year ago and I noticed some books laying around that I was told are a borrow/trade for the surgical floor. Once I started releasing books, that was one of the first stops I made. I make that stop part of my regular errands now.

I will have to log my hospital releases here with all of you.


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