🇬🇧 Thank you, BCUK Northampton UnCon Team!

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It was a lovely UnConvention, I enjoyed every minute! Thanks a lot for all the work you put in!!!
See you in Newcastle!


From me too, I've just posted a longer thank you on the original post.


And from me, too.
I had a great time, despite the sometimes Biblical weather! Lovely to meet up with old friends, and make some new ones.
Many thanks to the committee for all their hard work. Go and put your feet up, and then start planning next year’s Uncon!
See you all in Newcastle!


Lovely cosy venue and great to catch up with everyone.


I am sitting in Heathrow waiting for my flight back home.
I hope we meet again, maybe in Newcastle, maybe in Finland?


We enjoyed putting on the Convention for you.
There was a great bookcrossing buzz over the weekend. 😊


Thank you to all the organisers who made the weekend so much fun. It was great to meet so many lovely bookcrossers :)


Great weekend. Thanks for all the work & making us feel welcome.


Thanks to everyone for a great Uncon!
It was wonderful meeting up with "old" friends and making lots of new ones too.
Looking forward to next year!!!!


I, for one , am looking forward to planning the event for next year and hope to see you all there!


I really enjoyed the weekend and it wouldn't have been the same without you all there. :)

See you in Newcastle next year!


I had a great weekend. Thank you all for your hard work. See you in Newcastle!


Thank you organisers for a great UnCon! I had a wonderful time and am now pottering about at the airport. It was lovely to catch up with friends old and new.
A special mention goes to rahar109, who had the uncanny ability to suddenly appear on every single bus I got on.
And to last night's Hopping Hare group: all I can say is I'll never look at cornflakes in the same way again!
See you all in Newcastle.


Or sherry? 🤣 :-D


I still can't stop laughing any time someone mentions cornflakes. :D


wingtravelinawing 4 wks ago
...And to last night's Hopping Hare group: all I can say is I'll never look at cornflakes in the same way again!
See you all in Newcastle.

I will definitely consider staying until Monday next time. You never know what you will miss out on:-)


Enjoyed it , thanks for organising


wingLeseschafwing 1 mo ago
Thank you
for this nice weekend with so many nice bc-people, so many books and the funny and interesting talks and all around. Already thinking about Newcastle ....
Thanks for doing this


Thanks a lot to the organisers from me too!
Hope to see many of you again in Newcastle next year and in Tampere, Finland (16th - 18th April 2021).


I know how much work goes into these events. I hope to be at Newcastle and Tampere.


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