🇦🇺 Just moved to Nambucca NSW, any bookcrossers in this area?

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We have just moved to Nambucca from Tasmania, and retired. Which means I have lots of time to read and dedicate to Bookcrossing. I have been working for the last 6 years between shift work and study I have not had much time to dedicate to Bookcrossing and I am hoping to remedy that soon. I have joined a bookgroup through U3A here in Nambucca and would be intersted in meeting up with other bookcrossers in the area. Just send me a private message and will try to catch up.


winggoldenwattlewing 1 mo ago
Pity we don't have a map with the BCers marked on it, and then we could see who lives nearby. In your case, even if another BCer doesn't live in Nambucca, you might find one in a nearby town, or on a farm. You can do a search for a BCer living in Nambucca, but that won't find any BCers living in a neighbouring town.
I did a search for Nambucca, but didn't find any BCers, but Nambucca Heads revealed six people besides you. None appeared active though. Maybe you can encourage some of them; at least those who have released books.
Good luck; I hope you find some interest.


yes, I have sent messages to two of them that had actually released books. I am going to have a chat with the local bookshop/cafe tomorrow as I wild release a book there and see if they would be willing to become a bookcrossing Zone.


wingtigergirlnzwing 1 mo ago
RE: Map
Pity we don't have a map with the BCers marked on it, and then we could see who lives nearby.

I agree! It can sometimes feel a bit lonely here in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand too. Sadly we don't have many (if any) LFLs either. The only people who seem to see my OBCZ are people that come to my door for other reasons, like posties and couriers, and they never record the books they've found. A map that displayed us all would be so great!


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