🇦🇹 🇩🇪 Mainz was Ghanescha‘s last Convention

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Next week, we will be celebrating the annual Unconvention / Salzkammergut Treffen in Austria, which Ghanescha has been planning and organising for seven years now.

I was so looking forward to see her and create even more wonderful memories. We’ve been friends for years and she was also one of my favourite Bookcrossers.

Many of you have met her at meet ups all around the world, in Dublin, Oxford, Melbourne, Hobart... Wherever Bookcrossers met, she was sure to hop on the next plane and be a part of it.

This morning I got informed by her husband, that she passed away peacefully on Friday.

Six weeks ago she got diagnosed with a very aggressive and inoperable brain tumour. She received lots of wishes, cards, flowers and presents from all over the world. she and her family were very happy and grateful about all the people thinking of her.

RIP Renate


Some of us have lit a candle


My condolences to her family!
A part of me expected this (but not that soon!) - and a part of me simply hoped not to, hoped for good news. I still cannot grasp that this wonderful BCer is not around anymore.
Only in May she was in Berlin. I had taken a day off and we went releasing books and geocaching - in the pouring rain, which neither of us minded at all, we had a lovely day, and I cherish those memories - and all the others, starting when we met at the Swindon UK UnCon in 2010.
We will miss you, Renate.


I too have fond memories of bookcrossing with Ghanescha. As well as meeting her at Gothenburg and Oxford we played in the same team in the bookcrossing monopoly and had some very pleasant discussions. I had too been hoping to see her in the UK at the Northampton Uncon this year. She will be a big miss to the bookcrossing community. My condolences to her family and friends.


I met her when she was visiting Finland a few years ago, she came to one of the Helsinki meet-ups.


We met and talked a lot at the Convention in Washington, DC in 2011. She will be missed.


I first met Renate when she came to an Unconvention in Canberra. We both geocached and that made a connection. Then last November she joined us at the Unconvention in Hobart. She used to tell me regularly that she liked Australia, especially the bush. We spent a morning geocaching in the bush near Hobart. Renate loved any opportunity to walk in the bushland and wanted to do more of this. The two of us also spent a day driving about the countryside south of Hobart together, geocaching and visiting and leaving books in a few LFLs. (I had driven south from Canberra and journeyed to Tasmania on the car ferry, so I had my car with me.) She stayed in the same hotel as Skyring and his wife, and me, although as Renate booked late, she had to keep changing rooms every night which was amusing, as she got to experience many of the uniquely, differently set up rooms. One night when there was no available room, she shared my room and took the spare bed.
I didn't sadly make it to Mainz, but if I had Renate had given me an invitation to travel on the train back to Austria with her. I have mixed feelings about this. I would have liked the opportunity to meet up with Renate one last time and she had planned some geocaching with me, but maybe she wouldn't have been well and I would have been a nuisance.
Very sad.


My condolences to her family ! Very sad news indeed


She was running marathons only a few weeks ago. So fit, so healthy, so full of happiness.

It is hard to believe that we only have memories of Renate.

But such memories. Her smile and twinkling eyes will always be with me.


wingTaryawing 1 mo ago
Sad news
It was a huge shock to learn about Ghanescha. Yes, anything can happen to any of us, any time, but why her.. I wish her family a lot of strength.

Thank you, olagorie, for sharing this information. Ghanescha is already deeply missed.


And to the many bookcrossers that she touched hearts with, you are missing her kind, generous and loving soul.
I remember that she liked botanical gardens and would slip away from a convention if there was one nearby. She will be missed worldwide and most especially at the Austrian Uncon next week.


I remember that she liked botanical gardens and would slip away from a convention if there was one nearby. She will be missed worldwide and most especially at the Austrian Uncon next week.

At the Australian Uncon last year in Hobart, my wife and I had a pleasant morning tramping around the excellent botanic gardens there before catching our evening flight. We stopped for lunch overlooking the Derwent, and on our way out, there was Renate, at a table by herself. We were had been around the corner and not seen each other.

Not that it really mattered. We were there for the plants, and Hobart has gardens of immense antiquity for Australia. Christchurch - where I first met her - has botanic gardens that are a wonder, and I guess Oxford has some as well.

I'll think of her when looking through botanic gardens. They are so often places of life and beauty, tranquillity and joy, harmony and optimism.


My condolences to Renate's friends and family. She will be greatly missed within the BookCrossing community.


We crossed paths several times: Lovely Christmas exchanges, PM's, JE's on books, and best - in person. I think I first met Renate in Amsterdam. Condolences to her family.


wingApoloniaXwing 3 wks ago
Here's some information I translate from the German forum:
Saguna spoke on the phone with Renate's husband. Her urn interment will take place soon in a close family circle - her sons pick a place for her urn in an urn wall at the Gmunden cemetery.
ETA: Message from her son Steffen: Friends are invited too. 31 Oct, 2pm, Gmunden cemetery


I met her in Gmunden where she organised a meet up for me and then offered a tea at her place. Thank you for your kindness.


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