🇬🇧 Kinky Boots at Northampton!!!

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With a nod to the shoe history of the historic town of Northampton and the wonderful film and theatre show 'Kinky Boots' we are going to have a 'Kinky Boots' Parade at 4.15, directly after the last speaker (who is a self confessed shoe-a-holic). Bring it on ladies and gents, show us your fancy footwear and win a Kinky Boots prize. No great distance will have to be walked so totter along on your high heels and wow us with your sparkle. Over to you.....


Just to confirm, that's the Saturday?



So the Bookswap game will be later?


So the Bookswap game will be later?

Yes. I'll be updating the webpage tonight hopefully :-)


Kindly update regarding this.


Kindly update regarding this.

Here is the schedule https://bc-unconuk2019.weebly.com/schedule.html


The Kinky Boots Parade was excellent. Nothing thigh high, red and sparkly like our Bally logo but there was glitz and glamour. The competition was won by our speaker Anna Spark Smith who was wearing a highly glamourus pair of high heels with birds in a gilded cage in the heels. ( She's trying to work out a way to get them to sing!). Thanks everyone for taking part.


That was fun, thanks missmarkey!

Just a note that it's actually Anna Smith Spark.


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