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For those looking to attend next year's Gold Coast Convention, here's some bargain flights via Qatar. Wales to Adelaide is given as an example, but other fares to and from may be found.

Always useful to set up a watch on this and similar sites for upcoming trips. Sometimes “error fares” come up for extremely low prices, but they go fast.



Thanks! I have alerts set up for flights right now. I don't think going via Qatar will work for me, though, even if it is a travel pattern you are used to. Maybe for our European friends, though.


wingsolittletimewing 2 mos ago
I saw the subject line and thought it was a spam, Skyring.


Skyring 2 mos ago
I saw the subject line and thought it was a spam, Skyring.

Just trying to tempt you to jump on a jumbo, my love.

Goodness, it's been so long since I saw you. Washington DC, I believe, in 2011.


My best friend is visiting from Australia right now. She has done the AUS to Europe and AUS to US many times. Qatar and UAE to Europe are good routes and good airlines. I've also flown Air Thailand and Singapore between UK and Australia.

For the US, it's obviously easy to fly direct from L.A. to Sydney (I've never flown direct to Gold Coast, so not sure if you have to stop in Sydney first). But my friend's favorite flight to the U.S. is the one that goes direct from Dallas. It's a 17 hour flight, non-stop, and may be good for any centrally-located bookcrossers looking to make the trip. Qantas airline has really gone downhill, though, so shop around. I would highly recommend avoiding United Airlines at all cost. And generally for international travel, nearly ANY mainstream foreign airline is going to be way better than any U.S. airline. Asia and Middle Eastern airlines tend to be the nicest for the money.

And if anyone going from the U.S. balks at a 14+ hour non-stop, and has the time to spare, I highly recommend flying to Hawaii and spending a night or two to break the trip up. I often fly to California the day before, spend the night, then grab the 14hr non-stop to Sydney. But traveling for hours to get to Cali is draining, so if you can ever break it up, it's a good plan.


Some good suggestions! I also recommend lookng at Air New Zealand for flights from the US to Australia. I've just flown them Aus to Canada and was happy with them. Stopping in Auckland also breaks up the flight a little. I know they have multiple flights to/from west coast USA.



There are deals available for "our" period, and it can take a bit of looking outside the box to get them.

Like simply taking a round-the-world or four-continent deal to get to Australia. From Western Europe or East Coast America, it's pretty much the same distance as a return ticket anyway, but you get more stopovers and flexibility. And often a lower overall price. Something I've done nine times in my life.

Yes, it's a long way to Australia for a lot of people. But that doesn't stop Australians - or even more extreme, New Zealanders - from getting out and seeing the world in serious numbers.

The link above is via Beijing, and a lot of the newer airlines are Asian. Cabin crews will all speak English, and often other languages besides. My airlines of choice nowadays are Middle-Eastern: Qatar and Emirates with massive networks and partner airlines.

Sad to say, but the older flagship carriers such as British Airways, American Airlines, and even Qantas, are struggling. Squeezing more and more passengers in and getting increasingly mean on amenities.

The reality is that for most people, getting to and from Australia requires twenty-four hours of travel and an intermediate stop. I have long since lost count of how many times I've done it. Economy can be uncomfortable for someone of my size, but I find a window seat, binge out on movies and TV shows, and press the call button for a medicinal scotch and coke whenever I need one.

And schedule a day of doing nothing for my arrival in Mainz, or Paris, or Seattle or wherever. Maybe I'll be wrecked, maybe I'll be full of beans.


Wow! That's an insane deal!

The day I arrive in Sydney is always a complete wash for me. I definitely need a day to recuperate.

I also liked Air New Zealand, but I wasn't in economy for that flight.

For the link above, though Beijing, is that the insane airport that has gardens and water features and mazes?


For the link above, though Beijing, is that the insane airport that has gardens and water features and mazes?
Possibly, though that sounds more like Singapore, which is a destination in its own right. A couple of guys recently spent three days there. it has a cinema, a swimming pool, a garden, and even, if you can believe it, a shopping mall.


Skyring said it, this is Singapore.. Last time we‘ve a interchange through Beijing. Can‘t challenge with Singapore, very simple, big, most shops and cafe closed around midnight. Perhaps the new terminal is more attractive. I guess that i’ve read about something.
Btw, Air china have sometimes good deals, mostly around special occasions , times like easter, Christmas, chinese new year or the next could be black friday at november.

[For the link above, though Beijing, is that the insane airport that has gardens and water features and mazes?


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Not sure how these prices compare with others?

You would fly into Brisbane and catch the train (about an hour) down to the Gold Coast.



Can we tag people? @6of8

You can, but it doesn't do anything. This forum does not have notifications.


Thanks for the info. I will check it out


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