🇬🇧 [CLOSED] BCUK Unconvention Northampton - 11-13 October 2019 - NSS Exchange

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I’m organising the Northampton Uncon Not So Secret (NSS) present exchange.

For those of you new to NSS exchanges, you’ll be given a name of another Bookcrosser attending the Uncon to put together a present for, which should include at least a book (doesn’t have to be new) and another item you think they’d like. Someone else will do the same for you. There will be a table at the Uncon for all the NSS presents. You will be expected to thank your NSS personally as well as journaling the book in your present.

You can enter by posting on the thread below and sending me a PM, please let me know any book or non-book likes, dislikes (eg allergies) or if this information is on your Bookcrossing profile so I can let your partner know. Please also make sure that your wishlist is up to date by the closing date for entries.

The deadline for entries is 31st August 2019 and I’ll send out the name of your partner by PM on the 1st September 2019 so you will have plenty of time for shopping.

Please post any questions on this thread and let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.



Please include me in the NSS. Thank you! :)


Me too please!



Add me to the list please. Cheers







if I'm only attending on Saturday.


if I'm only attending on Saturday.

Yes, I think that should be fine.


JemmaJ 5 mos ago
Me please!
Me please..


I would like to take part in this, but am fearful of putting myself (and Diomedes!) forward, as we are only booked in for the Saturday, don't know when we will actually get there (several hours driving), and my health is iffy. So I think I had better err on the side of caution, rather than have someone miss out on getting something, and someone else going to a great deal of trouble (as I know most bookcrossers do!) only to have their intended recipient not show up. I am really looking forward to the uncon though, and have already ordered the fist book of the trilogy by Anna Smith Spark!



Bumping for newly signed up attendees


Bumping - Rahar109 has just joined the NSS, don’t be shy, please join us!


Please include include me - also just booked in


Go on, I'll level up the numbers


This closes at the end of August. Still time to sign up.


I'll be buying my ticket within the next few days :-)


PMing you.


I’ll be drawing names tomorrow


If you haven't received a message from me giving you details of the Bookcrosser you are putting together an NSS for, let me know on this thread.


To Booktwitcher for my lovely parcel. 2 wishlist books, chocolate (which didn't last long once I got home), a nice notebook and brass bookmarks. I will namecheck you when I register the books as you didn't manage to.


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