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The Kensington International Day of the Book street festival
takes place RAIN OR SHINE
Sunday April 22, 2018
11am to 4pm
Howard Avenue
Kensington, Maryland, USA
FREE parking
FREE admission

website - We're listed under Programs...

Facebook page:


Start your motors, folks! It's time to pre-release books to the Kensington International Day of the Book. I'll keep track of your releases here...and later follow that up with your catches.

On your mark...Get set...Go!

Updated 050718 at 1047

6of8 = 169
authorauthor = 50
BCinDC = 45
KateKintail = 550 minus 319 = 231
melydia = 129 minus 0 = 129
Mom-Oyster = 35
ResQGeek = 167 minus 68 = 99
RyeToast = 14
Spatial = 37
SqnutZips = 17
SqueakyChu = 379 minus 65 = 314
Total released = 1,140


Updated: 072718 at 1018

KateKIntail = 2
melydia = 1
ResQGeek = 4
Spatial = 1
SqueakyChu = 7
Total caught =15

Percentage caught = 1.3%


GOAL: Let's try for 2%. Is that asking too much? ::D


For this festival, each of the members of BCinDC brings books to give away. Generally we have in the area of 1,000 to 1,500 books that we give away in one day (weather permitting!). Books not taken in this festival will be transported to the Gaithersburg Book Festival (May, 2018) where Ixion will be in charge of our BookCrossing booth.

If you or your friends have extra books that you would like us to give away for you at this festival, I will accept them at my home through April 15, 2018. I will "catch" and re-release any books I receive that are intended to go to this book festival.

If you want to ship me books, I strongly suggest that you use media mail (the cheapest way to mail books, but do NOT include any enclosures or letters...just books).

You may request my mailing address by sending me a private message. The earlier you send them, the easier it will be for me to get them all "caught" and re-released in time.

Thank you in advance.


wingSqueakyChuwing 9 mos ago


Nonfiction = 26
Total = 26


Fiction = 21
Nonfiction = 26
Total = 47


Looks like I have a total of 59
23 kids/ya
30 fiction
6 nonfiction

More to come


kids: 71
other: 48
total: 119

I might have a handful more between now and then but I think this is pretty much it for me.


Children's = 43
Fiction = 21 + 22 = 43
Nonfiction = 26 + 21 = 47
Total = 133


Children's = 43 + 74 = 117
Fiction = 21 + 22 = 43
Nonfiction = 26 + 21 + 19 = 66
Total = 226


Children's = 43 + 74 + 62 = 179
Fiction = 21 + 22 +28 = 71
Nonfiction = 26 + 21 + 19 = 66
Total = 316


Children's = 43 + 74 + 62 = 179
Fiction = 21 + 22 +28 + 28 + 35 = 134
Nonfiction = 26 + 21 + 19 = 66
Total = 379


Another 110 total
6 Nonfiction
70 Fiction
34 Kids

That brings my total to 169. I think.

I doubt I will do any more after this because I have homework to do before I leave on vacation. Sorry.


I spent almost ALL DAY today registering books. I plan to bring roughly the same amount I always do. I've got one full box, 2 full bags, and 4 boxes in progress at the moment (dividing up based on type of book). I have another two and a half boxes and 3 bags of books that are still unregistered. I might save some for Gaithersburg. But I'm planning to bring around 500-600 when I'm done registering & releasing.

I'll report back when I have final numbers, just wanted to assure you that I will be bringing books again, in case you were counting on my input.


you are amazing!!


I never doubted that you'd be bringing LOTS of books! I'm looking forward to your final count. I think the numbers for me could be close to final as I want to save a few to bring directly to Gaithersburg (...or should I bring them all to Kensington?).


for Kensington. Bring the same things you brought last year.

If you have a Little Free Library and want to market it, bring some handouts or business cards for your LFL.

Bring plastic bags from Virginia! I don't have any of those because we pay for plastic bags here in Maryland. Visitors appreciate being given a bag into which to stuff their books.

Pray for a sunny day!


Just made my first batch of release notes. It doesn't look like I have quite as many to bring this year, but we'll see how things go.

Batch 1 - 16 books.


Just added 6 more to that first batch, so my total is now 22


ResQgeek 8 mos ago
Batch 2
My second batch of released books = 13

Which brings my total to 35


ResQgeek 8 mos ago
Batch 3
Just finished released notes for a box of kid's books - 132 additional books, so my total is now 167.


Good to know.

You had me worried. Even though I won't be there, I would like to think of you manning the tables with the rest of the gang.


Six, Ixy and Mister Ixy (What a tongue twister!)...we are going to miss you!! :)

Say that whole sentence quickly three times in a row. Haha!


It doesn't look like I have quite as many to bring this year, but we'll see how things go

I have 179 children's books for your table so you should be okay! :D

Actually, we never did have too FEW books! The first festival I did at Kensington, it was me by myself with only 25 books. They were all taken! :D


Children's/YA = 9
Fiction = 13
Nonfiction = 3
Total = 25

That's probably all but may pick up a few more in the coming week. I'll update if I do.


on the Go Hunting page for Kensington now total over 1,100 books. We're good! :)


I'm bringing: lots of plastic grocery bags, a shoebox full of bookmarks, the normal BCinDC handouts, BCinDC prenumbered labels, various supplies, banner, signs, recommended books holders, plastic tablecloths, etc.

Board books: 25
Children's: 244
Teens: 20
Poetry: 35
Fiction: 156
Nonfiction: 52

Of the above, about 15 are for the recommended/special table.

I have another box and another 3 bags of books still unregistered, but I think I'm going to leave those for Gaithersburg. 532 seems like a fine number. If I add any more before the date, I will obviously post here. But that's my current total.

EDIT: okay, I'm going to do 18 more so I wind up with a prettier 550 number.
Fiction: 8
Children's: 10

Grand total: 550


Grand total: 550



wingSpatialwing 8 mos ago
Last batch
Children's/YA = 9 + 9 = 18
Fiction = 13 + 2 = 15
Nonfiction = 3 + 1 = 4
Total = 37

Man! I feel like a slacker! Hahaha!
Welp, that is the last batch for me. See ya'll at the festival!


I feel like a slacker!

Haha! You're not!
You'll LOVE the festival. So glad you're coming!


Total 1,474 books brought minus 182 booksbrought home afterward = 1,292 books released


See you on Sunday morning. I'll try to be there about 9am.


I don't have too many books to add. But it's better than none... So far I have 14 books to bring + all of the books "Six" registered which are ready to release.
I hope to add a few more books by Sunday.


total 14


I released two more, bringing my total to 121. Not a big deal but I know you love your stats. ;)


I know you love your stats. ;)

I do. :)


I've registered a few more for the book fest.

bringing my total to 17


I'm starting to pack up my car, and I realized we didn't have enough prenumbered BCinDC labels. So I printed out another 100 with the matching spreadsheet forms and paperclipped them in batches of 20 for easy registering. I also made a "Special and Recommended Books" sign for the special & recommended books table.

And I bought 8 tablecloths at the dollar store (yellow and black) to add to the stash. So we should have plenty of tablecloths for Kensington and Gaithersburg. Also made sure we have 3 rolls of tape, 2 pairs of scissors, lots of post-it notes still left over from the 2011 convention, sharpies, and pens.

We could use more of the brochures for Gaithersburg. We don't have a ton of those left. Were those ResQgeek's?


Were those ResQgeek's?

I don't know.


The discrepancy between your numbers is 35, which is approximately the number of books I have already pre-released. So very sorry I didn’t report these to you sooner.


Can't compete.
RyeToast = 9


I can add some. I didn't know for sure that I could make it until today, but I'll be there, with about 50 books (so far).


Last ones! I picked up 8 more last night, bringing my total to 129. :)


I've added 5 more.


Thank you, everyone, for making this festival such a success for Bookcrossing. I appreciate everyone's hard work. I hope you had as good a time there as I did. I'll be seeing everyone again soon in Gaithersburg.

P.S. Please post the number of books here that you brought home from the festival so that I can deduct them from our release total. Thanks!


wingSqueakyChuwing 7 mos ago
This is the place to post your catches. Please number them. You may begin to post them here NOW! :D



ResQgeek 7 mos ago
Catch #4

(I haven't counted the books I brought home yet, but plan to do so tonight, and will post that total when I finish.)


I counted the book I brought home...I have 68 books in the box I brought home with me.



I brought zero books home with me but already got a catch!

1. http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14542078/


I...already got a catch!



Books released as of 042218 at 1854
6of8 = 169
authorauthor = 50
KateKIntail = 550
melydia = 129
Mom-Oyster = 35
ResQGeek = 167
RyeToast = 14
Spatial = 37
SqnutZips = 17
SqueakyChu = 379 minus 65 = 314
Total released = 1482

What a staggeringly impressive number of books released!
Kudos to each of you, a great team effort.


What a staggeringly impressive number of books released!
Kudos to each of you, a great team effort.

On behalf of all of us, thank you! It was soooo much fun!

The number will be coming down somewhat as we did bring quite a few back home, but, for sure, we released over 1,000 books.



Mom-Oyster reported the official number of releases for Kensington on that day at 11am was 1,531 books!

Wow! I'm surprised that we have had so few catches so far.





I'm posting this here to add to our stats. Thanks!

"...successfully got through all the Kensington books today. I managed to take 319 home and also processed the 45 given to us as donations & re-released through the BCinDC account. "


5. Sholom Aleichem -The Great Fair


6. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society


This one has a fabulous journal entry!

7. Book Without a Name


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