[Meetup London] last Feb weekend?

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Hi there, I'll be in London last February weekend and it would be nice meeting someone on Feb 24th or 25th. There are also a few english books in my luggage and they are looking forward meeting you too :-)


We’ve been meeting for lunch at a pub with bookshelves when Bookcrossers visit from overseas. Would you be free to meet on Saturday at 1200?


Yes, sounds good.


...as I will be in Paris for the weekend.

Have a great time, and I'm looking forward to the next meetup!

Thanks Poodlesister for sending me a PM and letting me know about this though, hopefully see you soon.


Have a great time in Paris!


tashclayton is joining us and maybe some others.

The pub is the Knights Templar pub. There is an area upstairs where the bookshelves are which opens at 1200. How about we meet up there?

The pub serves food



The fact that it's in a wetherspoons increases the likihood as I can eat there!


Had a lovely meet up here recently, really enjoyed the Knights Templar. Sadly can't make it this time.


I'll be there as well.


I'll be there as well.



wingny-nolwing 9 mos ago
Looking forward meeting you there on Saturday 1200!
@poodlesister: Thanks for the PM!


I've even downloaded The Wetherspoons app to order food from the table.


I've even downloaded The Wetherspoons app to order food from the table.

Ooh! Very clever.


must do that .... shame they don't do a loyalty scheme ... I'd do well out of it!


wingny-nolwing 9 mos ago
Thank you!
I really enjoyed this lovely meetup and the nice pub.
Had a great time visiting and arrived safely at home today despite of the heavy snowfall in London.


It was lovely to meet you too!


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