A huge thank you to everyone who helped me out

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To all the wonderful Bookcrossers who offered me help when I turned up walletless, cashless and cardless in Oslo. A very special mention goes to Rahar109, Cassiopeia, Andromeda78 and particularly Paws4Books. You guys absolutely rock! Drink on me in Loughborough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bookcrossers are amazing people


What happened? Yes, bookcrossers are a special lot. I hope the rest of your stay in Oslo goes smoothly


What happened?

We were seated in the row of the aircraft where you can't store bags under your seat. I had taken my wallet from the overhead to buy coffee and snacks on the flight and left it in the seat pocket. My neighbours were in a mad rush to make a transatlantic connecting flight, and were in a complete panic, so I rush to let them get their stuff together and get out. I then took my bags and coat from the overhead, completely forgetting I had left my wallet in the seat pocket.
You cannot count the amount of times I checked the seat pocket on the flight home!!!!! :-) :-)


... for one of the "unluckiest convention participant" prizes!

Sorry to hear you had trouble but glad to hear you got help, although not surprised - BookCrossers really are wonderful :-)


Well Done to your good fairies who waved their magic wand over you.


We're just glad you and your wallet were eventually reunited.
Hope you had a safe journey home, and it was wonderful to see you again. Shame it couldn't have been for longer.


'All's well that ends well! Looking forward to seeing you in Loughborough Gizmo!


Some of the kindest people on the planet.


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