🇺🇸 2014 International Day of the Book festival (Kensington, MD, USA) - catches

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Post your "wild" catches from this festival on this thread.
I'll keep the official count in this top post. Thank you.


The official "catch" count now stands at: 28


Updated 8/8/18 at 1853


ETA: I don't have the exact book counts for the give-away at the International Day of the Book festival this year, but let's suppose we gave away 1,200 books. I think that's a fair estimation based on the numbers of books brought to the festival and the numbers brought home afterward. Do you think we can get at least 24 "catches"? That's only 2% of our give-away numbers, but that would make me very happy. Let's go for it! Our goal: 120 catches - no time limit!





http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12561182/ (AF from Takoma Park, MD)
"Table was run by enthusiastic book-giver-awayers"


Hey, that AF picked up one of my books too:







Just got a 2nd AF journal entry for this one...looks like a second catch, maybe?


Two from AF:

One new member from Kensington:

This last book is special because it not only came to me from authorauthor's Little Free Library of Alexandria & Hancock, but it also went out from my own Little Free Library of Twinbrook, only to return and "catch" a new member at the Kensington International Day of the Book festival. In addition, its last journal entry reminds us all of how special Becky was (and continues to be) for all of us. Our new member now plans to continue this book on its travels.

I like this catch the best so far!


wing6of8wing 5 yrs ago
Catch #2 for me
http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12569910 -- Rebecca is headed for Maui

there was another one that got my hopes up, but alas, twas caught by authorauthor.


Read the line about "the poor woman running the booth". LOL!

http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12528117 (by AF)


wing6of8wing 5 yrs ago
Another one
I see that this new member also caught one of KateKintail's books.



This catch just popped up on my screen and I had no memory of the book whatsoever.

Apparently it is one I released at Kensington -- and it was caught (obviously not directly) by Heather, in Sandpoint. Yes, that Heather.



Yes, that Heather.

How in the world did it get to Heather?! That's amazing!!



One more for me: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12526170/


Read the journal entry for the other book registered by this new member. It's pretty cool.


wing6of8wing 5 yrs ago
Another Catch
Here is one from an AF that just popped up in the in-box http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/12569547




Politically Correct Bedtime Stories



"Lord willing and the creek don't rise. "




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