Gothenburg Convention photos

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I just came across the flickr group:

(Will upload more of mine in the next days)

Maybe others are on Picasa or whereever - please give us the links here!


now available


I added them to the group. Managed to forget to charge the cameras batteries AGAIN, so no pictures from me after saturday afternoon...


You had great weather and a lovely time in Gothenburg. :)


that was taken outside the Norges Hus... Would somebody upload it on flickr????


Yes, me too!

that is brilliant :D

that sounds sarcastic. It's not, honest :).

Ok, now I'm making it worse. I'll shut up.

that is brilliant :D

One of my favorite possessions. Missmarkey gave it to me at the BC DC convention in 2011, just before I set off on a Route 66 adventure. She was planning on coming along with us, but had to pull out, and this was her kind-hearted way of being part of the trip. I wore it when we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, which she had a particular fondness to see. One day, Janice!

What is happening in the photograph is that I am peering at my coffee, into which I'd just poured a serving of yoghurt under the mistaken impression that the Swedish writing on the carton meant "low-fat milk for Skyring". It sort of turned into a science experiment, with a layer of oil on the surface, globules of yoghurtness floating in the coffee, and possibly demons patrolling the depths of the mug.


And I love Skyring's shirt too!


can be seen here:
I have not used Flickr but I found my Photobucket account so I used it.


Day one:

Around Gothenburg:

More coming up pretty soon :-)


wingLeishaCamdenwing 7 yrs ago
Day two



My husband posted all his photos from Gothenburg:


For the nice photos and for the links.


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