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Yes, it's that time of year again. Happy Birthday 14th Birthday, Bally! And like every year about this time, we start putting the feelers out for the Convention Getaway host city 2 years from now. That's right. As the 2014 BookCrossing Convention is in the planning for Down Under, the April 2015 location has yet to be identified.

Bids for the 2015 Convention will be presented at the 'Sweden' 14th-year Anniversary Convention later this month, though you need not actually be present to throw your hat in the ring. Someone still to be determined will pitch your city on your behalf, or share your persuasive video tape and script with the attendees. Consider hosting the Anniversary Convention in 2015 and send us your bid (slideshows, videos, text, etc.) through our contact form no later than April 17, 2013, so we can present your bid to the group.


To those who are wondering whether to send a bid:
Been there, helped do that, found it a whole lot of work but immensely rewarding.
Here's a great article by Futurecat that we found quite helpful:


It's great to hear that a first bid has been made by Oxford.

Come on guy, a bit of competition is always nice :-)


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