Colchester UnCon Postal NSS for NON-ATTENDEES (X-posted)

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Hi guys

I'm organising the UK Uncon NSS, and I thought I'd do a postal version to run alongside so that non-attendees can join in a bit of the fun. (Attendees can join in too, if they want. Remember there is also an NSS running at the Uncon itself, where you won't need to post the parcels - you can sign up to that on the Uncon website)

For those who don't know, NSS stands for Not So Secret - the game works just like secret santa - everyone gets given a name (in secret), puts together a gift for that person and posts it off, to be opened on a specific day. Our BC version is Not So Secret because when you journal the book you see who sent it :)

The only requirement to go in the parcel is a book (usually a wishlist book), plus one extra gift item. The gift item doesn't have to be big, just a bookmark or some chocolate - do a bit of research on your partners profile to get something you think they will like. Likewise, if you cannot get a wishlist book, try to figure out what they enjoy reading and get something they will like. The books do not have to be new. You could get them from another BCer, or on bookmooch, or at a charity shop, or maybe you already have something suitable. They do have to be registered though, and you must make a JE/Release notes saying it was you who sent the parcel.
Of course you can always send more if you want to!

So.... if you want to join in here's how
- PM me to ask to sign up. You need to let me know your address, so I can pass it on to your partner. This game will run internationally, so if you have postal restrictions let me know and I will do my best. Please also tell me about any allergies or suchlike that your partner should be aware of, and where your wishlist is located (on your bc shelf, or cliff's, or wherever), plus any other info you want to tell your partner. Sign Ups close on Monday 6th August so please make sure you PM me before then.
- Check your wishlist is up to date!
- As soon after 6th August as I can, I will PM out partner allocations. Now the fun starts, you can do a bit of digging and put together a parcel.
- Make sure you have your parcel in the post in good time so it it arrives before 28th September (remember it may take longer to post if going internationally). make sure you write on the box clearly that it is the NSS parcel and not to open It before the 28th Sept. Any other instructions (eg 'keep me in the fridge' if there is chocolate inside) can also be helpful written on the outside of the parcel.
- Once you receive your parcel, let us know here or PM me, so i can keep bids making sure everyone's is there on time - but don't open it yet!
- On the 28 Sept, the first day of the Uncon, open your box and let us know what cool stuff you got :)

That all clear? So.... sign up via PM by 6th August, assemble parcel and post for opening on the 28th September


wingVekikiwing 6 yrs ago
a few people have signed up to this, but more are always welcome :)


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