6th 'Mythical' Greek Convention ~ June 2011

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Once upon a time there was a city by the foot of a green mountain and near the springs of a female river.
Conquerors from all over the world, kings, warriors, fairies and graces, travellers and pilgrims passed from this town. There lived a renowned clairvoyant who left this prophecy before his death:
“Many travellers will come to this town through the centuries, but there will be a time when books will have to travel with the people as well. Books granted to the Goddess of Fortune so as to travel ceaselessly among the people or else the city will be cursed by the Dusty Demon and the Eight-legged Spider.”

Years passed and people forgot the prophecy, they were reading, writing, buying and giving books but they kept them captive. The Goddess of Fortune was furious and asked Dusty and Spider to avenge! The people were terrified watching bookcases full of books turning into dust from the uncanny powers of the paper-eating monsters!

The president of the local book-club Ballia Cumberi was trying hard to save as many books as possible but in vain. She started studying the remaining books to find a solution, when she read the prophecy.
She gathered all the citizens and said:
“In order to keep our books safe we have to release them and the Goddess of Fortune will ensure their good journey! I suggest we should invite people from all over the world in a three-day celebration where we’ll tell them about the prophecy of our clairvoyant, we’ll narrate tales from real and fantastic places and we’ll persuade them to release their books from the spells of the awful monsters.”

Everybody agreed and at this very moment they are preparing the celebration which is going to be remembered as the “6th Mythical Greek BookCrossing Convention”.

We proudly (and better late than never) announce The 6th Mythical* Greek Bookcrossing Convention which is going to take place in Levadia on 17-19 June 2011

*The myth is the theme of our convention as the Greek culture is interwoven with it through mythology, fables, fairy tales, traditions and songs.
During the convention we are going to look into some of its aspects like mythology, fairy tales, fantasy and the art of narration. All the programmed events will be in Greek, but there will be many willing translators among us!


All you need so as to register to the Mythical Convention is to send an e-mail to livadiabc@gmail.com mentioning your name, your bc screen-name and where you come from.
The registration fee is 10 euros which covers your official participation to all the events and of course the mythical goodie bag.
The registration fee for the participants from abroad will be paid on site.


For hotel reservations you may choose between the following:

Levadia hotel (in the centre of the city – 4 Papaspyrou str.) tel. 00302261023611

Philippos hotel (within walking distance from the city centre) tel. 003022610 24189, 89710, 89680

Erato hotel (in the outskirts of the city) tel. 003022610 20352

For any further information contact us via e-mail: livadiabc@gmail.com


Erkyna was the name of the nymph that was transformed into the river that runs through Levadia until today. She is the symbol of Levadia and the mascot of our Convention! Her designers gave her accessories of mythical creatures but instead of a magic wand she’s holding a ‘souvlaki’, the greek delicacy that was first served in Levadia. So, here's she is:



Levadia or Livadia or Livadeia, however you name it, our host city welcomes you!

It is in central Greece, about 130 km from the capital of Greece Athens. Frequently scheduled buses and trains from Athens can take you to Levadia.

You can find more information and photos of the city here:



You should visit a greek bookcrossing convention to feel the joy . Economic crisis or not, we Greeks never put our heads down and all we need is good books, good company and good food to feel as rich as kings. See you all at Livadeia!


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