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We want all our convention-goers to share their BCinDC experiences with everybody. This is the official discussion thread for sharing news, stories, links to photos/videos/book journal entries/etc.

Have a great convention, everyone. And Happy 10th Birthday, BookCrossing!

PS- Make sure you claim your two Bally Bucks from the Bally Bank after you make two separate posts in this thread about your experiences.


I just made one of the very best wild releases! Check it out here: http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/5460830/

(Even more fun: I received the book from Alrescate, and she's here, too!)


I'm also wearing a hat if anyone needs that one


I didn't see you with a hat today, DiscoVeryLover.


Having a great time! Trying very hard to not go home with more books than I came with.


Trying very hard to not go home with more books than I came with.

That hasn't happened to me yet, but the trip to the Book Thing (where their website says you are limited to no more than 150,000 free books per person, per day), isn't until Sunday.


Trying very hard to not go home with more books than I came with.

That hasn't happened to me yet, but the trip to the Book Thing (where their website says you are limited to no more than 150,000 free books per person, per day), isn't until Sunday.

Yes, I am afraid that little excursion is going to do me in. As it is, I actually *bought* two books today....


after making release notes at a free computer in the lobby. We got back here to the hotel really late after a great Tourmobile tour with a wonderful guide and then I had to figure out the computer etc.

The book buffet tables are sensational. I hope someone with a better camera than my cell phone can post lots of pix.

I did the Old Town Alexandria release walk today with a few others, left some books at ResQgeek's Becky's tree and other places.

When I counted this afternoon I had seen 50 BookCrossers, but I've met a few more since then. There are members here from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, England, Germany and probably other places I've forgotten. Our wonderful founders Bruce and Heather also arrived this evening.

All the fundraisers look fantastic in their brightly colored hair. Lots of raffles, and items for sale, as well as an on site Supply Store. All in all, this has been a wonderful experience so far. And lots more planned for tomorrow.

I've got to sign off now, since I have release notes to make, (and journal entries on a few books I've caught too). : )

Believe me when I say, Wish you were all here!!!

ETA: I forgot to mention what an amazing job the organizers have done and the great goodie bags!!!


Love the book tables, although it seems like they get bigger each time I pass by :) It was a fantastic moonlight tour last night- the monuments are lovely at night. Spent the day at Old Town Alexandria today and rode the trolley. Lots of walking and still more fun to come tomorrow. Maybe a musuem day since it is suppose to rain all day.


Didn't do too much today - did too much walking last night. Helped with some of the preparations today - getting name tag packs ready, setting up book buffets, etc. Had a nice meet-and-greet tonight; I need to make a list of everyone I've met so far, so I can add them to my Friends list. The coolest thing is sitting here in the lobby (on the computer) next to SoLittleTime, and reading posts she's written;)

Tomorrow is supposed to be crappy weather, so I may just stay here at the hotel and socialize. That's the main reason I came anyway (and of course the wonderful book buffets). I love meeting BookCrossers.

(And if Booksnbeer reads this, I have a RABCK for you. Lets see if we can find each other this weekend.)


That moonlight Tour yesterday was really fun - quite interesting.
Today I got more seen from Washington D.C. as I intended... But then again, there is so much to see, and who knows when I will back ;) And when I finally was back at the hotel, I was told about the naughty corner - whatever that may be *veg*
we'll see what tomorrow brings...


It was fun playing the games tonight. I liked the Bingo, learning a few things about all the bookcrossers I met.


I've just finished the first attempt at dyeing my hair purple. Mostly looks fantastic, but I'm going to have to try and touch up the fringe tomorrow morning before I go down to any convention things.

Left a few books on the buffet table already, but still have a couple that I have to label properly before heading to bed.


Looking forward to pics and clips and stories :)


I posted some pictures from the convention to the convention's flickr group http://www.flickr.com/---/pool/


Everything looks so good! Love the book tables and the cute Ballycumber food display. Hope to see more pics and hear lots of stories. I got my first catch today on a book I sent there. It was used in a goodie bag. Let us non-attendees know what other cool stuff you got! :)


Bringing two big bags of books to add to the tables!


Bringing two big bags of books to add to the tables!

Hope you manage to find some space!

Having a great time, although the weather's looking a bit ominous.


Today's weather leaves much to be desired, though groups of brave BookCrossers were seen venturing out to see the sights. I'm hanging out in the atrium at the hotel, visiting with those stayed behind. I'm told that my purple looks great, though I think it clashes with my orange shirt! I've been totally overwhelmed by the number of books on the book buffets...SO many books, I don't know where to begin.


Today's weather is perfect Smithsonian weather. It's all good.


In proper renegade style, I've managed to miss most of the official Convention so far! Florax3 and I spent the day hiking up Old Rag (man alive what a mission)in Virginia and were fashionaby late - what's three hours between imaginary friends - to the Friday night reception. The usual suspects were still awake and I managed to clean the bar out of wine just before it closed so that kept us going a while longer.

I've managed breakfast and some some meeting and greeting this morning but have now taken to bed for a refreshing and much needed beauty sleep :-)

For anyone wishing to hike Old Rag, my recovery advice would include a large dinner or food of any kind before embarking on a bottle of wine.

Looking forward to the banquet this evening. I have a glittery top and I'm not afraid to use it.


The Library of Congress tour was wonderful. Gorgeous building. Took lots of photos, got the photo book at the gift shop (for a professional point of view) and got a "souvenir" reader card for future use at the reading room (yes, sir, I'm a researcher).

Late lunch at the Reagan Building food court (missed the bookcrossers who were here earlier).


wingBasculawing 8 yrs ago
I got here too late to join the outgoing groups today (due to a longer-than-expected drive, rain, construction), so I have been browsing the books and had a little lunch. Now I see BCers wandering in (the hotel computers are filling up!) and have some new acquaintances to make. The weather is windy, a bit rainy, and not too cold.

I can't wait to see the convention room when there are more people in it!


What did everyone do today?

It was rainy this morning, but not too bad this afternoon. I took a handful of brave BookCrossers to a bunch of museums today and ran into some who were just enjoying museums on their own or running the Museum Hopper on their own. And I know at least 10 of you made it to the Library of Congress, and some of you joined melydia on a snarfari release walk. I am also thrilled to see those literary/regional puzzles & board games getting played! Those of you hanging out at the hotel also made an audio book buffet, I see. Well done, you!

What did YOU get up to today and how was it?


It was a rainy, blustery day in D.C., so I just decided to stay put. Lots of wonderful books, a warm hotel, book lovers abounding, and computers and a restaurant on the 1st floor. What more could I want?

I got up late to start with (don't just set the right time on your phone, set the right day too!!), so I had a late breakfast (missed the free buffet), and did some reading. Checked out the book buffets some more, and despite my promises to not take too many books home I've journalled 10 more books today (and I think it was 10 late last night).

Excited about the dinner tonight, speakers to hear (including Bruce) and lots more BCers to chat with. I'm going to be sad when this is over - I wish it was a couple of days longer.


leith and I enjoyed the Smithsonian Museum strip. The Holocaust Museum was very moving, the Aerospace Museum was too busy with holidaying schoolchildren and the Museum of the American Indian was sensational. Looking forward to partying on tonight!


This one was left at the Torpedo factory in Old Town Alexandria



Excellent! Great journal entry :-)


DrQuincy and I spent the day doing the Literary Museum Hopper. Got all 18 spaces filled in - and wore our shoes out in the process. ;)

It's been really fun to meet all the BX members in person, everyone I've known only by screen name. I've made several book releases and caught a few - and I've had a few wishlist wishes fulfilled.


I spent most of the day in one Smithsonian or another and met up with a bunch of BookCrossers at the Native American café for lunch. I also made a mad dash through the Newseum before it closed. My ticket is good for tomorrow, too, and I think it's transferable. Does anybody want it? I'd hate for it to go to waste.


GoryDetails and I went to the National Museum of the American Indian (I highly recommend a visit!), and met up with a bunch of BCers there for lunch. KateKintail and Skyring had their photos taken with a couple of random tourists impressed with their gorgeous blue hair.

Then I headed to the Sackler and Freer for my Asian Art and Whistler fixes.

Looking forward to the reception tonight.


and look at the pictures! Have fun everyone!


And yes, I'm having a lot of fun :D


Can't wait to see it happen!


Details, please! :)


haahaahaa98 8 yrs ago
Thanks for the posts on this thread. Great to hear that the convention is going well!


Yesterday, Roxy4, Leamhliom and myself took the sightseeing hopper bus and we stopped off at the Smithsonian museum of Natural History. Awesome (see, I can speak American!!)


Yesterday, Roxy4, Leamhliom and myself took the sightseeing hopper bus and we stopped off at the Smithsonian museum of Natural History. Awesome (see, I can speak American!!)

Oh and we then presented for the 2012 convention in Dublin. Hope to see you all there!


It's obvious how much preparation the organisers have put in. Thank you so much. I am enjoying it all immmmmmmensely!


Thank you to all the organizers for a wonderful convention! It was so great to reunite with old friends and make new friends.

I'm not on the forums most of the time. If you care to you can find me at http://thebiblioholic.livejournal.com or http://www.flickr.com/thebiblioholic.


Hello to all of you Bookcrossers at the convention in DC. I love that area, lots to see. I suppose the cherry blossoms look lovely too.


I suppose the cherry blossoms look lovely too.

Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms were finished. They bloomed early this year (we actually had an early spring for once), the cherry blossom parade was last weekend, and I think they were declining by then. There are lots of other bushes and trees starting to bloom, and I drove the George Washington Parkway (along the Potomac) today on my way to Kensington. Lovely drive!


I've had a fab time at my feisty convention (that was meant to be first but my tablet chose me an even better word) and have enjoyed meeting all you awesomalicious people. I look forward to more bookcrossing adventures with you all. Right now I am at the train station. If it turns out that I have too many bags for the train...one of you DC people is going to have to take me in. n_n


pritzkit 8 yrs ago
Back home
Had a great time meeting everyone! I'm now sitting on my couch with my cat, reading the BC extended profiles of some of the people I met, following links to your blogs, etc. So much fun.

Thanks to crrcookie, melydia, katekintail and all of the local project managers for putting on such a fabulous show!


It's taken me awhile to get around to posting here, because mom and I have been either crazybusy visiting with family and friends, I've been browsing the wonderful book buffets, or I've been dead tired and trying to get some much-needed sleep. We arrived on Thursday and spent some time with my uncle at OldeTown Alexandria (he lives within walking distance) and had dinner at Chadwick's, an awesome restaurant with American fare. We also spent Friday morning together at National Harbor in Maryland, and had lunch at Rosa Mexicano, which I would recommend to anyone - great atmosphere, terrific food, and the absolute best guacamole!

We were some of those that ventured out in the downpour on Saturday...we visited the Museums of Natural and American History. Both of us were pretty miserable with all the walking, and were drenched when we got back, but were glad we had gotten out.

The plan for Sunday was to release at the zoo...I picked up several books expressly for that purpose, but the parking lots were full when we got there, and we drove around for nearly 30min and were unable to find a place to park within a reasonable distance. I was really bummed about that. To make up for it, I'm going to go to the zoo back home and release the books there within the next 2 weeks.

We're leaving Monday afternoon, doing just a little bit more sightseeing tomorrow. Overall, it was a lot of fun this past week; I brought about 100 books for the buffets (and not all journaled/released yet, but I'm working on it), and took only about 20. That's a very good thing. :-)

Thanks to all who planned and executed this year's convention. Success!


thebiblioholic 8 yrs ago
I'm back in NYC in a cab (finally) after a long freezing wait for a cab outside Penn Station just as a hockey? game let out. Home in a few more minutes.


Hmm. Looks like a few of my releases got journaled, but I'm not getting notification from the site. That's annoying.


This morning (after the wonderful 5:41 am wakeup call we ALL received) I went out with a small group on the 7am release walk around Crystal City, which has a lot of wonderful hidden green nooks all over. Back for a shower and breakfast, and alas I did not win a single one of the wonderful raffles!

At 11 two carloads drove up to The Book Thing (my first visit), where we had a nice time browsing the loaded shelves. Then, for me, it was the drive north to the Philadelphia area and home.


After I checked out, DrSlump612 and JudySlump612 very kindly invited me to ride with them in the cab to Union Station, so we could all make our respective trains. (Thanks so much, both of you!)

This was such a fun, fun weekend - I got to see more of the museums than I usually see (the Museum of the American Indian was especially beautiful and moving), and it was wonderful to be able to match screen names with real faces and names. (And getting to snag so many new books was definitely a plus!)


DrSlump612 and JudySlump612 very kindly invited me

Those Slumps are purty nice aren't they?


wingmaryzeewing 8 yrs ago
My Sunday
After the 5:30 wakeup call we all got, I was able to sleep 2 more hours. Had breakfast (a bit late), then checked out the raffle winners after someone told me I was a winner. I won the Debbie Robeson package, which included her BookCrossing novel, Crossing Paths. I was excited to win this, as I wanted a copy of this book. Drove up to Kensington late this morning, after helping to pack up many boxes full of books. Katekintail loaded nearly all of them in the back of her vehicle, and we were off to Kensington. Mom-Oyster was already there, under the BookCrossing tent, manning (womaning?) our table. We proceeded to add a few more books to the assortment and replace books with more as soon as there were some gaps in the stacks. We were supported by a few other BCers: Mojosmom, LMN60, SqueakyChu (not at the convention, but she stopped by since she's local), 6of8 and others (I can't remember, since they rode over with Katekintail's dad). We told lots of people about BC, some were also interested in BC (besides just the free books), and we had lots of fun encouraging people to take lots of books.
Drove back to Arlington a bit later than we planned, and found that some had already left for Alexandria for the hangers-on dinner. I wound up driving to that too (although I hadn't planned to). Had a wonderful time and a wonderful meal at the Irish Pub in Old Town Alexandria. Had problems getting back though. I had Nut, Nuteile, and MissMarkey with me. Drove around in Alexandria for a bit searching for the main road to bring us back to Crystal City/Arlington. Finally got on the right road, but accidentally took the highway on-ramp rather than the local street and wound up in D.C. I was concerned about what areas we were driving around in, and we happened to see a couple walking down the street. So we asked them for directions, and successfully made it back to Crystal City. After a quick u-turn to prevent going down the wrong side of the street the wrong way and a quick left turn into the hotel, we made it back safely, just a half hour or so late :) They, of course, were great sports and tried to help navigate.

I hate trying to drive roads I don't know at night. I didn't want the convention to be over, but after tonight's adventure I think I'm glad I'm going home tomorrow.


In my long experience of BookCrossing conventions, they are all good - it's the BookCrossers not the books that light up my eyes - but some achieve that happy synchronicity of city, venue, organising team and attendees that mix pleasure with happiness to make a joy that shines out of the eyes.

This has been one of those great conventions.

A special shout-out to Nat4Lee, who gave us a truly extraordinary tour of Chancellorsville. He showed us the field, led us through the minds of the commanders, and gave us the thoughts of both author and hero of The Red Badge of Courage. To walk the field thinking the same thoughts as those who were there was akin to standing before a painting where the painter once stood and made his art. The fear and the decision, the duty and the resolution. Nathan took us to the author, the book, the battle and the soldiers.

Here in Washington DC, Nat should give his tour to those who make the decisions to send young Americans off to war. Maybe the thoughts of those who were there should run through the minds of the current commanders.

Here in the nation's heart, we BookCrossers have come together to celebrate the shared thoughts of authors, of people often long since vanished. We celebrate international harmony through the adventures of those who have travelled a long way to be with friends.

And we celebrate ten years of BookCrossing.com, a site that has changed many lives, and continues to reach out, building a better world for all of us.

I really have no words fitting to express my thanks for all the people who have put the thing together, but a hug and a heartfelt smile shows how I feel.


We came, we saw, we Conventioned. I visited the Book Thing with out wonderful local hostess (she provided us with goodie bags for travelling out there! Water and snacks etc, plus spot prizes at the traffic lights) and managed to limit myself to five books only. I had ten in my bag at one point but then remembered I have a flight to catch and a small boat to live on. We then visited the glorious Baltimore waterfront for a late crab cake lunch. On the way back we drove through National Harbour which thrilled me more than it should have due to it having standing stone sculptures!

Was glad to be dropped off in Alexandria early before the hangers on dinner as it gave me the chance to walk down to the waterfront park and visit Becky's tree which is just exactly the kind of fairly tale pink blossomed tree a nine year old girl would adore. Was honoured to be able to make the visit.

Dinner at the Irish pub was a good way to end the official ish shenanigans. Headed back to the hotel bar for a nightcap so that those who were flagging could slowly drift off as and when they felt the urge then made up for the fact that the Irish didn't recieve the 530am wake-up call on Sunday morning by giving them a 200am wake-up visit with Wyando.

Good times. Ain't we lucky we got em?


Bally Bucks? Please tell us more!


Bally Bucks were used at the convention to enter for raffles, and you could use them to buy certain things (like crrcookie's hadmade book strings, or candy, or small rubber ducks who held books). You got the Bucks by making monetary donations beforehand, or I think you could earn them by playing certain games and contests.


"Oh, do you have the black bat wings?"


Have I missed the shortlist?


Have I missed the shortlist?

On Saturday night, Heather announced that the 2013 Convention will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden!


Have I missed the shortlist?

On Saturday night, Heather announced that the 2013 Convention will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden!

Excellent choice! Who were the other contenders?


Excellent choice! Who were the other contenders?

I believe Sweden was the only bid received.


I believe Sweden was the only bid received.

Wow - how different from previous years, but perhaps it's a reflection of the ongoing economic uncertainty. At least there was one, eh?

Looking into it, Gothenburg is slightly more awkward to get to than I thought. There used to be a ferry service between Newcastle and Gothenburg but this apparently stopped in 2006. There are cheap flights from a number of UK airports fortunately.


Wow - how different from previous years,

Dublin was the only candidate for 2012.


And Washington was the only candidate for 2011. The last time we had more than one bid was for the 2010 Convention when Washington, Boston and Amsterdam all vied for the honor.


And Washington was the only candidate for 2011. The last time we had more than one bid was for the 2010 Convention when Washington, Boston and Amsterdam all vied for the honor.




No dates are set. We haven't gotten that far with the planning yet. :-) We promise to get back on that issue...and everything else.


I heard someone throw out the idea that maybe instead of April the 2013 convention can be held a month or two later so the weather is warmer... but of course that's just an idea. Personally I love that idea, coming from Florida...


I heard someone throw out the idea that maybe instead of April the 2013 convention can be held a month or two later so the weather is warmer...

While I certainly like the idea of warmer weather, there's a *reason* the Anniversary Convention is held in April!


Who were the other contenders?

There weren't any! So Sweden won by default, but I'm sure it will be a great place to meet.

As someone who is part Swedish but who has never been there, I really hope I can make it!


As someone who loves Swedish police procedurals (e.g. Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall's Martin Beck novels, Helene Tursten's DI Huss novels, Henning Mankell's DI Wallander novels), Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy, etc., I would love to visit Sweden.


Grateful thanks to all the BCinDC organizers for all their hard work! You made it look effortless, and I know it wasn't.


Saturday night's banquet dinner event promised to be an exciting event, and it lived up to its billing. As we ate, we enjoyed a very entertaining author talk by children's author Mary Quattlebaum, which was followed by the antics of the organizers of next year's convention in Dublin, as they presented their plans. They're so incredibly organized, that they opened registrations that very evening, and at least two people registered via their portable devices before dinner was over!

After dinner, the trivia night competition got underway, albeit later than planned, with me acting as the quiz master. Even though about a quarter of the questions were dropped, in the interests of time, it seemed like everyone had a good time. There were a number of feeble attempts to bribe the judges, but I'm pretty sure none of them were successful in changing the outcome!

After breakfast on Sunday morning, I helped pack up some of the remaining books on the Book Buffet, so they could travel over to Kensignton, MD for the Day of the Book Festival. I gathered by group for my Historic Tour/Release Walk in Old Town Alexandria. It turned out that I only had two people in my group: discoverylover and newk. While discoverylover made a valient effort to slow our progress by snarfing the historic building plaques on every house, we managed to complete the entire tour in about two hours. After a light lunch, we made a brief visit the Friendship Firehouse Musuem in Old Town (which opened shortly after we walked past it on the tour), and then made our way down to Mount Vernon for the rest of the afternoon.

The "hangers on" dinner at Murphy's Irish Pub in Old Town provided one final chance to chat and laugh with our friends, both old and new, from around the globe. My 'friend' on the organizing committee decided that it would be funny to order me a double helping of chocolate cake for dessert. I think they wanted me to feel like it was 2007 in Charleston, or something. In any event, there should be plenty of photographic evidence, as there were *lots* of cameras flashing as the cake arrived at my table (I may be seeing spots for weeks from all the flashes).

I thought the convention went exceptionally well, and with the exception of the weather, I'd say that it was a complete success.


This would be one of the best conventions that I have been to. I had a fantastic time and want to thank the organizers and you did a great job.


I too am back home now, catching up on journalling my new books, updating my wild release journals and reading about everyone else's adventures at the convention. Many thanks to all the wonderful planners, local liasons and committee members! It was so much fun!

So far I have 3 fantastic wild catches.

I released this on a bench while walking from the Metro station to the National Zoo. The catcher joined Bookcrossing!

This book was a themed release outside of the National Museum of the American Indian.

Not only did this catcher join bookcrossing, but she also posted photos of her find!


Yeah! Another wild release was caught! This one was released on the steps of the US Capitol building. :)



Yeah! Another wild release was caught! This one was released on the steps of the US Capitol building. :)


Hooray! That one looked heavy! ;)


I hope the organisers are enoying a well earned day of rest today as you sure have earned it. That was a superbly run convention. You probably know of things that didn't go to plan but we conventionees don't and so it was a fabulous weekend in a lovely city in a country I always enjoy visiting with lots of lovely people (some old friends and some friends newly made) and loooooooooots of lovely books. Added bonus is a Post Office across the road to mail home the books that will take you over your luggage allowance.
Thank you to crrcookie, melydia, KateKintail and all the local liaison folks. You made it a wonderful convention for me. Loads of hugs to you all. (X)


I arrived back home to find it had snowed while I was away. I had a fabulous time at my first BC Convention. Many, many thanks to all the organizers and volunteers. Friday, we saw the National Archives and spent some time in Old Town Alexandria. On Saturday, we braved the rain and toured the Capitol and the Library of Congress. Sunday was spent at the Newseum and visiting monuments on the mall. I managed to come home with only 2 more books than brought with me so I consider it a very successful weekend. It was great to meet so many wonderful new people. Thanks again!


Izzy5000 8 yrs ago
I had to check a bag because I had so many books! But it was worth it! I had a fabulous time and I'm looking forward to Dublin 2012 and also the convention in 2013!


TITurtle1 8 yrs ago
Just wanted to send a thanks to the organizers of the BCinDC! I had a great time and I know it certainly wasn't easy to get together. It was great meeting everyone. =]

Although I brought home just as many books as I released in DC. I broke even. =/


I had a great time at my first convention, but it was all rather surreal. Before I walked into the ballroom on Friday night, I had never met another BookCrosser in real life. It was a strange experience to see and meet so many people from around the world who are so enthusiastic about books and BookCrossing. I'm glad I got to meet so many of you, and sorry there were some I didn't have the pleasure of meeting. See you in Dublin!


Early night (yes, you read that right) tucked up in the hotel early and am registering the books we picked up at The Book Thing. Roxy4 and I slept in the sunshine on the Mall this afternoon while Gizmopuddy got her Air and Space museum on. Big day planned for tomorrow.


It was SO great to have so many of my BookCrossing friends come here to visit! I hope you all had as much fun as I had. It was AMAZING meeting so many of you so now I have faces to go with the names here! I only wish I'd had more time to just relax and talk and browse the book buffets with y'all. I'm looking forward to Dublin where I'll be able to do just that :-)

Okay, I also wish I hadn't lost my voice late last night so I could say proper goodbyes this morning. LOL

Thanks for all the amazing memories. I'll never, ever forget this. And though planning this convention for 2 years was the hardest thing I've ever done, I don't regret it for a second. Thanks for coming to visit and BookCross in DC! *hugs you all*


I only wish I'd had more time to just relax and talk and browse the book buffets with y'all.

I can so relate! Organising a Convention is great, but it's also, shall we say... rather busy. :-)


It was a wonderful convention - my only regret is that there were so many bookcrossers I never got a chance to meet! We saw so much - even a whistle stop at the White House on our way out of Washington. Thanks to the organisers for a memorable weekend.


My photos from the convention weekend are now up on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/---/72157626529010230/


Great photos!


tobysrus 8 yrs ago
RE: Photos
My photos from the convention weekend are now up on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/---/72157626529010230/

WOW! Great shots biblioholic!


SciFisstrs 8 yrs ago
Home now
Had a wonderful time in DC. Thank you all for making it so. Even with all that rain I still had a good time. I was certainly glad to see the BCers that I know and to meet the ones that I didn't.
I know at times I looked confused when meeting people. I have a little trouble hearing. I apologize for the confusion. but I did enjoy meeting my book buddies!


I'm still decompressing from the traveling and all the excitement, and can only hope I'll be able to catch up with JEs and forums by... tomorrow, maybe? {wry grin}

But I did want to chime in with my thanks to all the organizers for a really lovely convention, and my delight in getting to see so many BC friends, those I'd met before and those I'd only "met" online.

I saw lots of marvelous things, released a few books (and got a wild catch or two), took some release pics that I'm in the process of editing and applying, and brought home more books than I meant to (so what else is new?). And I laughed a lot. (A *lot*!)

Thanks again!


I want to extend thanks to KateKintail, Myledia, and crrcookie for organizing such a great event!! Also thanks to all the orange shirts (ResQgeek, Furball, and Nat4Lee among others whom I didn't get to spend time with) who helped out all us non-locals!

I finally got to meet so many of my imaginary friends, and I know there were more there that I didn't get a chance to talk to (I am a bit of an introvert, and meeting anyone was a plus for me!!) Hope to be able to make it Dublin and Sweden after that!

A big thanks to everyone for finally encouraging my husband to join up (I haven't ever pushed, but have been subtlety trying since we met) -- he is now husband on BC! :-)

I will have pictures up on flickr eventually...still need to do some organizing.

And thus far, three wild catches!!

http://www.bookcrossing.com/---/6442078 (this one is my favorite, an anonfinder, but still a nice entry!!)




And thus far, three wild catches!!

Good for you! I think all my catches have been from fellow BCers. I'm not complaining, I love those too, but I don't think I've gotten any wild ones yet.


instead of spending 3 days visiting in Virginia. Left on the 10 PM train last night.

Lovely Convention! Will write more in about... oh, maybe if I sleep for 72 hours or so, I'll start to feel awake again.


No wrong turns this time so it was quicker than the drive down. My first thought when I got home was "Do I get on the computer to finish my journal entries, or take a nap?" This time, the nap won. Felt much better later. (I never take naps in the daytime, unless I'm sick or extremely tired.)

I think I've done all my journal entries now, except for the leftovers from the book buffet. I brought 4 boxes/bins full home from Kensington, to help out Katekintail. These will all be released next month at the Gaithersburg Book Festival, so I need to at least do release notes for them.

Also, I wanted to mention - when I was bringing my bags down yesterday to leave, there was a bellman helping me. I saw a book on a table and mentioned something about the books all over the hotel. He was telling me how great it was, and was asking me about next year. I had to tell him we were planning conventions in Europe for the next 2 years. I'd say if we do an Unconvention in D.C., we should go back to the same hotel. Sounds like they love us at the Sheraton.


I am slowly getting through my mini-mountain of books that I brought home from the convention and journaling them. So far I have actually managed to read two of them (I ROCK!) and my mum has read another.

My happy-high from the convention is sustained and elevated every time I journal a book but also when I receive notification that someone has journaled one of the books that I left at the convention and looks forward to reading it.

I am eager to read more journals once the books are actually read and to see where they travel beyond DC. Until then, I am off to read more BookCrossing-Books-To-Be!


wingeponine38wing 8 yrs ago
Those are absolutely gorgeous!


Thank you SO much, organizers, for a fantastic convention!


I finally caught up with the Capitol Building and Library of Congress which I believe were the events I registered for during the Convention and never made it to. Jefferson's library was quite something.

Dinner in the Watergate complex for a last hoorah with Gizmopuddy and Roxy4. Why not? No Democratic National Committee offices were harmed or broken into during this meal.

A couple of art galleries in the morning then it's back to the canals of London for me.

Thanks for having us Washington. I enjoyed catching up with everyone and it was obvious that the organisers had worked hard.


winginnaewing 8 yrs ago
My pics have now been added to the flickr stream for the convention. :-)


it was a great Convention, thank you to all Washington Convention Team :-)

I wrot a long report over my expierncs in our Austria Forum ;-)



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