3rd Greek BookCrossing Convention "The Mazoksi" May 1-4 2008

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On behalf of the organising committee I have the honour to officially announce the Third Greek BookCrossing Convention "The Mazoksi" which will take place in the beautiful city of Chania between May 1-4.

For more information please visit http://bcgreece2008.blogspot.com/


....and I think your page is great

Quote: "Why did you put everything on one page, it's so confusing!
We don't have the technical knowledge to do it better plus you get all the information you need faster!"

Are you kidding? I think it's very informative for this early in the planning....and in 2 languages too.
Cheers to you all.



I am definitely going along with Cat207. Just wondering if you are putting up a list of attendees.


I'm quite keen to go to this one and there is possibility a small group from the Hampstead/London meetups might be go too...

> Mazoksi" which will take place in the
> beautiful city of Chania between May 1-4.


Is everyone still alive? I've been checking daily for the update and nothing has changed since 14th Dec. I'm keen to check out the accommodation suggestions.



We have updated the hotel list with an extra hotel, updated the faq. Please fill in and send attendance form so we can take care of things.

we are still waiting for confirmation of writers attending.

Hotels took their time to confirm rooms so we were behind schedule. People coming by boat from Athens may book their tickets with a discount. Still looking in to this, we will know in a week.


Great. Thanks for the updates.

I have filled in an application. My name IS on the list! Yay!

Can someone tell me where the convention is actually being held?


> Can someone tell me where the convention
> is actually being held?

Since this is not actually a convention in its true sense, the only answer is "all over the city of Chania".
There is a "main" event where we have actually invited Greek writers to talk about their work but we consider every part of this mazoksi a main event. All the past greek conventions have had the "eat-drink and be merry" philosophy embedded into them and thus the legacy continues. :-)


So you don't have a "home Base"?


workaholicgr 10 yrs ago
Since most bookcrossers will be staying at Nefeli Hotel and Lefka Ori hotel we will have a home base there (the two hotels are only 200 metres apart)

By the way we have updated the hotel list adding a new hotel (Lefka Ori) which is 15euros cheaper but doesn't offer breakfast. Please check http://bcgreece2008.blogspot.com for details


SilentSoul 10 yrs ago


SilentSoul 10 yrs ago
4 days left
..till the next update with "the list of writers".

Stay tuned..!!


...who will be attending "the Mazoksi"

Soti Triantafyllou, writer

Marinela Vlahaki, writer

Eleni Marinaki, poet

Joseph Alygizakis, writer

Nikos Platis, writer


The organising committee is planning a day trip for May the 1st, customary for the Greeks to cut flowers to celebrate this Bank Holiday, have their first day at the sea and generally do things away from the city. We have planned a trip to the beautiful gorge of Therisso just 30 minutes away from Chania. We will taste local delicacies, walk around this mountainous village and visit Eleftherios Venizelos' War HeadQuarters..

Please download and fill in the application form and Mail it to csot@otenet.gr or fax it at +302825083274

Full Name:
BookCrossing name:
E-mail address:
Mobile Phone number:
T-shirt Size: S-M-L-XL-XXL:
Vegetarian meal: ___
Something else you want us to know about you:
In order to assist you with transportation from and to the port and the airport and to secure a seat in the BookCrossing Bus to Therisso please inform us of the time of arrival and departure. We will do the best we can to have someone to pick you up.



forward to meeting everyone.


We have just posted the official bookcrossing mazoksi logo and booklabels at http://bcgreece2008.blogspot.com
Do drop by and have a look at Ballycumber in his traditional Cretan dress


Ballycumber looks very handsome!


Alas and alack, both myself (meddyg) and Krys (tehuti) will no longer be able to attend this. Krys has developed a serious condition which will require surgery in the second week of April. Convalescence is likely to take up to three months, during which time, travel will be out.

We wish you all well, and look forward to attending the 4th Greek BC convention.

David and Krys


okyrhoe suggested I let everyone know when lakelady2282 and I will be arriving in Athens, and see if anyone else is travelling on the ferry from Athens to Crete at the same time.

We arrive in Athens at 20.40 on 26th April and are staying at the Attalos Hotel. We plan to take the ferry overnight to Crete on 29th and are booked into the Nefeli Hotel from 30th April until 6th May.

Love the YouTube videos. Can't wait!


meddyg 10 yrs ago
Tehuti update
Krys (tehuti) has recovered from surgery, but at the moment of writing still has a chest drain in place, so she is unlikely to be released from hospital until next week.

She is still understandably tired and will need time to recover.

We wish you all the best with the Masoksi, and really wish we could have been there

David Williams (meddyg)




I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting you all.


I add my thanks too, and also my congratulations on a wonderful convention. It couldn't have been better!


It was very nice meeting you both! And lakelady of course!!!!! Hope to see you again soon!!!! :o)


I add my thanks too, and also my congratulations on a wonderful convention. It couldn't have been better!


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