31/3/20 Transgender Day of Visibility

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Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is an international celebration occurring on March 31 every year. The day is dedicated to celebrating transgender people and their lives, and to "raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans people worldwide, as well as a celebration of their contributions to society." (Google)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to release a book either written by a transgender author, featuring transgender characters, related in any way to transgender issues and rights, or that has any connection to transformation, rebirth, or just simply being your truest self! Books with 'trans' in the title or author name - either embedded or on its own - also work. :)

I'm new to the SSM forum but I'm super excited to contribute. Hoping that posting this on the first of the month gives us all enough time to find some good release choices!


You wouldn’t happen to have any authors to recommend, would you?


I sure do! :)

Some trans authors I enjoy: Charlie Jane Anders (science-fiction), S. Bear Bergman (nonfiction), Immogen Binnie (contemporary fiction), Stephanie Bert (nonfiction), Thomas Page McBee (autobiography/nonfiction), Zoë Estelle Hitzel (poetry)

Some nobinary and genderqueer authors I enjoy: Kate Bornstein (nonfiction), Danez Smith (poetry)

There's also a great Goodreads list called "Trans Books by Trans Authors" that I've been reading through sporadically in an effort to diversify my reading this year. Here's the link: https://www.goodreads.com/---/91823.Trans_Books_by_Trans_Authors

(edited to add Zoë Estelle Hitzel - completely forgot how much I love her poetry)




that I planned to release, but...

As I'm in two high risk groups, I've (reluctantly) given up going out BookCrossing for the duration of this coronavirus scare.

Maybe next year, if we survive this...


I just found a copy of Getting In by James Finney Boylan on a huge stack of To Be Reads. I have not read anything else by Boylan except for She's Not There. So I think I'll start this next, right after I finish the book I'm currently reading, which is interestingly enough, called Everything Changes.

It should be interesting as it, obviously, was written before she transitioned.


Oh, what a good find though! Always fun to find a gem in your TBR stacks you forgot about! :)


I'm sorry but I could not find a book that fits your challenge.
Better luck next time.


I didn't find a book and I'm pretty sure no-one has gone into the Little
Free Library where I left my book on Mothers Day. It is exactly as I left it. So releasing books seems a bit pointless.

I'm going to use a box to store all my books for releasing when we are allowed to go out normally. Might need to be a big box.


I totally understand. All our LFLs are completely empty so I'll be replenishing them with my releases tonight... But with the "stay at home" orders going on in many areas, I know many of us have had to stop releasing altogether. :( Take care and stay safe!


All our LFLs are completely empty so I'll be replenishing them with my releases tonight

That's funny, since last time I tried all the local LFLs I went to were full (except one). I had a hard time squeezing in even one or two skinny kid's books. I guess everyone was afraid to take them out for fear of the virus.


1. "Gender Flytrap" - by Zoë Estelle Hitzel (controlled release)

2. "Spilling Open: The Art of Being Yourself" - by Sabrina Ward Harrington (LFL wild release)

3. "The True and the Questions" - by Sabrina Ward Harrington (LFL wild release)

4. "And the Story is Happening" - by Sabrina Ward Harrington (LFL wild release)


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