20/3/18 Spring Equinox

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The Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere will be at 1615 hours GMT on 20/3/18.

Your mission Bookcrosser is to release at Sunset on the 20th March 2018, a book with a Spring-related word in the title, or with a Spring scene on the cover.


Noted :-)




New Poems on the Underground 2006

Spring being all about NEW growth, beginnings etc.


A book with a Spring scene on the cover :
Title : Your second life begins when you understand you have only one, a "feel good" book as the first day of spring !


Les mois d'avril sont meurtriers, (original title : The Devil's Home On Leave ), translated in english : April monthes are murderous.
April is in spring...


Thanks for thinking laterally everyone and well done Camperfan for finding a book with Spring in the title.


Thanks, just my luck :-)



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