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I wanted to start the SSM again!
Please release a book (or more) about LOVE tomorrow in the Sunset! Don't forget to ad a release entry tomorrow!!
I'd be glad to hear from MANY MANY Bookcrossers who joined to revive the SSM!


PS: - look up when the sun sets tomorrow!

Feel free to proclaim that you want to join and to list the books that will be/were released!!


release for the Valentine's Challenge anyway.


Thank you for joining me!


wingLaborfeewing 2 yrs ago
Dabei! :O)

I'm so pleased of this reanimation... a big smile and a warm hug for you, SophiaChrist!


quietorchid 2 yrs ago
On it!
I'll post tomorrow.


for your support!


SophiaChrist 2 yrs ago

Thanks a lot for reanimating this cute Challenge, SophiaChrist!


you're welcome!

Bella & Edward are now in the wilderness

As well as another chaotic lovestory - "Herzklopfen und Hüttenzauber"



LOVE Bites: Romantic Food For Two ( ), wild release, photo.


quietorchid 2 yrs ago
SSM love
Good definition of love? Where the Heart is

1 - The Summer Sherman LOVEd Me

2 - Theft: A LOVE Story

3 - LOVE & Survival: 8 Pathways to Intimacy and Health

4 - The Feast of LOVE

5 - The Mathematics of LOVE

6 - LOVE You Forever

7 - I'll Always LOVE You

8 - LOVErs and Other Strangers

9 - Yesteryear's LOVE

10 - LOVE Inspired: LOVE Enough For Two

11 - LOVE

12 - LOVE, Sex, and Murder

13 - I LOVE You, Grandma

14 - LOVE's Arrow: A Selection of Poems and Quotations

15 - Pizza, LOVE, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous

16 - If LOVE Is Blind, Why Is Lingerie so Popular?

17 - Guess How Much I LOVE You

18 - You Are My I LOVE You
by Maryann Cusimano LOVE

19 - I LOVE You Through And Through

20 - Disney Princess: A Heart Full of LOVE

21 - Valentine Sampler: Tale of LOVE / Power and Seduction

22 - Circle of LOVE

23 - What Shamu Taught Me About Life, LOVE, and Marriage: Lessons for People from Animals and Their Trainers

24 - Only LOVE


This book is about the love of Paris -


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