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"Your mission, BookCrosser, should you decide to accept it, is to release a book at sunset according to the mission theme. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, BookCrosser." (Cue Mission Impossible theme music.) Check this forum for special sunset missions. For more about SSMs, click here (please note that there may be some changes in external links mentioned, beyond the scope of BookCrossing.)

SSM List 2021 (7 / 7)
wingTrojanhorsewing 1 mo ago
wingAbi-Gibbywing 2 mos ago
3/4/2021 Easter (12 / 12)
wingzimortwing 2 mos ago
SSM Catches (27 / 27)
Readermax 2 mos ago
wingAbi-Gibbywing 2 mos ago
wingAbi-Gibbywing 3 mos ago
SSM List 2020 (10 / 10)
wingTrojanhorsewing 5 mos ago

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