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This bookbox is to comprise of some of the books that have been sent to me by other bookcrossers and proved popular for a first round. Unfortunately I have had some of these books much longer than I intended and they are a mixed bag!

I actually "borrowed" this idea for a bookbox from Kaila-Ann, but thought this might be a fun way for some of us to also move some of those previously registered books along and let their previous journal era know what’s going on.

As before, there are five standard rules:

1. This is for any book provided that it has not been registered by yourself and therefore has at least two journals (eg. registrant, yourself) or more, so the book must have been first registered by someone other than you

2. There must be a minimum of 4 books in it. You can take out as many as you like but you MUST send on at least 4. More is fine as long as ......

3. ...... the package weighs under 2KG. This is just to keep costs down. Postage is currently £3.20 second class for up to 2KG.

4. Please journal the date the bookbox is received (BCID will be in the box - please leave for next person!) & sent on & of course, journal any books you remove.

5. As a courtesy to other readers please only put in books that are in a decent condition.

Participants (so far) :

back to me (Flutterbies9)

I am happy to amend the send out order to accommodate personal wishes or circumstances, so if you wish to be up or down the list please just let me know.

Please post here if you are interested.


Me please


3vie 1 mo ago
Me too


Thank you


Can you put me near the end please?







All familiar participants and all in. Noted poodlesister re: order in list.


jules5 1 mo ago
Count me in
Please 😊


Added as above!


would love to join again


Please 😊




...if it's not too late to join.


Flutterbies9 2 wks ago
disneyfreaksam (great to have you aboard for another bookbox),
Sparkish (and nice to see you again),
and rahar109 (and again, nice to see you again too).


wingSparkishwing 1 wk ago
RE: Added
Nice to be back 😀


Don't you like me anymore?


EEKK. How did that happen? Sorry. Added.


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