Bookbox of Intentional Variety! (US only) BOOKBOX # 8 (LOOKING FOR PARTICIPANTS!!)

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Hey guys! :)

I'm ready to get the party started on a new Bookbox!! Who's with me??

I have a bunch of books hanging around at the moment and I was thinking it would be fun to start a bookbox that intentionally has maybe 6 - 9 books all of a different type.

Such as: Biographies, Mysteries, Classic, Humor, Literature, Cookbooks, How-to's, etc...

And the main rule would be that you wouldn't have to replace it with the same type or HB or PB, but just so it's a different type from the rest of the books in the box when it arrived to you. (I got this idea because I found a lot of bookboxs tended to wind up with being mostly one genre and not much else.)

Are there people interested in joining for this?

I could actually create probably 2 or 3 more boxes of this type if there's enough interest here for it. It would have to be US only though.

To help, a general list of genre:

-Science fiction
-Action and Adventure
-Self help
-Religion, Spirituality & New Age
-Anthology/Short Stories
-Graphic Novels/Manga

Basic Bookbox Rules:

-Post when the box arrives to you here.

-Send a message to the next participant for their name and address, so you have it.

-Post here when you mail it out, with a tracking #.

-Make sure to JE any books you take.



- Only add in as many books as you have taken out.


-If you want to add more books than what the box started with, request that you are added to the end of the list.





I live in Colorado.


Thanks for coming in! :)


Thank you!


Happy to see you back! ;)


I'd like to sign up for this. I was in line for #6, but that one didn't work out.


Thanks for joining!

And no worries about #6. A newer member went MIA with the box but I'm actually restarting it this week. :)


I'd like to be in both. I have enough books of varying types.


I actually have several in a stack that I need to label that can be passed along.

We're in Missouri.


HI77 1 mo ago
RE: I'm in!

Thanks for popping in! ;)


I would be interested in joining. I would join both rounds.


Thanks for joining! :)




Happy to have you! :)


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