Uk alliteration bookbox round 3.

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I thought I would run another round in the new year. I will be able to start it off with the books that were meant for the last round. Is anyone interested in another bookbox of books that use alliteration in the title.
The box will start with as many books as I can fit in for under 2kg and should always have a minimum of 4 books to allow a range of choice for other participants. Please keep it under 2kg to keep the cost down to the £3. 20p second class post cost.
I will use the existing BCID for the book box so when you receive it please journal it.
Choose one book or more and add your replacement books. Make a forum post here and let us know what book(s) you picked. Don't say what books you added.
Please PM the next person for their address and send on to them. Remember to journal when you “release” it and to “catch” any books you remove
Examples of suitable book titles....
The Great Gatsby
Of Mice and Men
Love's Labour's Lost

Mysteriousmummy.... Box is here
Back to me, dolph1n.


I'm sure that I must have some books for this sitting on the book mountail!


You're in.


wingTanamowing 2 mos ago
Me too please


Please add me.


dolph1n 2 mos ago
You're both added


It's fun but needs more than three people.


3vie 1 mo ago


I had a quick look and discover I have two suitable titles after all so I would be happy to join this one please.


Any more people want to join in this before I get it going.


I'll get it going this week.


mysteriousmummy 1 mo ago
I'll join in with this one please


dolph1n 1 mo ago
You're in.


To Yorkshire-lass






You're in


3vie 4 wks ago
Please could
I be moved to near the end - so I have time to read my books to put into the box 👍




and I've made my choice. Will probably get it on its way again at the end of the week.


wingTanamowing 3 wks ago
The Box
is on its way to Poodlesister


... to journal the bookbox and say what books you are taking out.


This is with me and will travel onwards tomorrow if I can get disneyfreaksam's address in time, otherwise it will travel with next week's batch of parcels when I have my weekly trip to the post office. The order of participants is different on this thread to the list on the box journal entries but I am assuming this is correct as 3vie asked to be put later.

I have taken out three books
The Girl in the Green Glass Mirror by Elizabeth McGregor
The Firebird's Feather by Marjorie Eccles
Anne of Avonlea - LM Montgomery
And I am putting in one book which is a hardback.


The box was posted today.


I have taken:

The Lisle Letters Edited by Muriel St Clare Byrne

I have put one book in

Will get an address and get this moving as soon as possible


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