Female Authors (1899 or Before) Bookray (USA & Canada)

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* Two books will start travelling; they will contain two female authors born up until 1899.

* Take out 1-2 books and add in the same number, two books should always be in the package.

* Let me know if you are able to send to:
a) USA only
b) Canada only
c) Both

* If you need any help with finding when your author(s) were born, just send me a PM and we'll figure it out.


1. emmejo, USA (Both)
2. freezone, USA (Both)
3. Bookgirrl, Canada (Both)


only 2 books makes it a bit easier!
I think I can send to both Canada & US.


Great, thanks for joining.


freezone 2 mos ago


wingYthanwing 1 mo ago
Up we


freezone 1 mo ago
yay! Really, folks, these are some excellent writers!


USA or Canada is fine with me. For some reason, my Forum posts always show up twice!


Great, thanks for joining.

Looks like bookcrossing has you registered as two people instead of one. Have you been into the Bugs and Broken Bits Reporting forum? Maybe they'll be able to help.



sometime in March.


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