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Hi Everyone!

Do you have any books that are non-fiction that are taking up space on your shelf? This could include biographies, home décor, business, travel, self-help, beauty, diaries, etc. Heck, I'll even include some "Based on a true story" books to mix it up.

If you would like to join, please leave a reply here or PM me.

1. Books must be non-fiction (basically, NO FICTION, unless it was based on a true story).
2. Keep the box moving (two weeks or less to send out, ideally. This is a loose rule, considering what's going on in the world). Post on this forum when the books arrive and when you send it out (with a tracking number, if possible).
3. Take whichever books you would like, and replace them with others. The number of books doesn’t have to be the same, as long as the box is kept full.
4. Journal all of the books that you take and all of the books that you add to the box. (If you would like, you can also journal the books that you don’t take. This is not required, but I like to do so.)

Starting out with 14 books. Some books are a bit thick, so feel free to put in and take out however many you like, as long as the box is kept full.

Here is the order:

1. haahaahaa98
2. waternixie
3. Azuki
4. BooksandMusic
5. daberco <<< box is here
6. LaveggioCoffee
7. NancyNova
... and then back to me, Chicvolley99

Thanks everyone for your help!


wingAzukiwing 4 mos ago
I'm in
Not first in line though. : )


Thanks for joining! You are added.


How large is this box?


I'll join! I've already started compiling my contributions. Will push me to finish a whole bunch of 1/2, 3/4-way read non-fiction books.


Thanks for joining. You are added!


I'll join. I read a lot of nonfiction.


Thanks for joining!


wingBooksandMusicwing 4 mos ago
I'll join


Thanks for joining!


dabercro 4 mos ago
I'll join


Thanks for joining!


I'm in central New York


Thanks, you're added!


Tracking number through USPS is 9549012027060328521752


Received a couple days ago; it's packed and am pm-ing Waternixie.


Pardon, I mailed this off a week ago (12/8). Tracking: 9550 2112 4182 0343 3206 69


Just checked, says it's arriving late.


Still on way - slow :(


OK - upd - says it's in a Transit Center in Seattle.


I'll get it back on it's way next week.


Tracking number 9549 0142 0611 1007 6175 90


and now I'm going through it.

Will contact BooksandMusic for address to mail out.


wingAzukiwing 2 wks ago
Selection made
and I will mail this out hopefully within this week.


Wow, a lot to go through here!


Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo, a hefty tome.




dabercro 3 days ago
It is here
I will make my choices and get the box in the mail next week.


Found that I do have two potentials for the box


Thanks! You're added to the list!


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