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I have very generously received two copies of this for my birthday, so I will release one as a bookray/ring (I'll decide after I read it). It is a brand new hardback book which has been much awaited in the UK for Richard Osman fans. He appeared at Bloody Scotland last September to talk about it even although it wasn't due for release for a year and then of course, he couldn't attend Bloody Scotland this year because of Covid-19. It was launched this month (on a Thursday, of course) and Steven Spielberg has already optioned it for a film. An amazing response to a debut novel.

I doubt I'll get my copy read before I send this one out but I'll review later. Let me know if you are interested and your posting preferences.

ETA - I should have said I'll restrict this to Europe as it is hardback and may be too heavy/costly for travelling further. It is £8.50 (less online) to send from the UK to Europe.

I'm meeting Poodlesister next week, so it'll start there. Posting order so far:-

Poodlesister (UK/Europe)
Bookfrogster (UK)
Yorkshire-lass (UK)
Cross-patch - book here
Plum-crazy (UK)
dolph1n (UK)
Sparkish (UK/Europe)
nefertari ((UK/Europe)
Bookworm-lady (Europe)
penelopewanders (Europe)
Fifna (Europe)


Prefer U.K. or Europe for postage but can send international if needed


I'd like to join this. Prefer UK posting is possible.


wingSparkishwing 5 mos ago
Yes please
I prefer UK or Europe but could do international if necessary. Thanks.


I had to look it up, having a direct link would have been helpful. :)
I can send INTL.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Edited to say that Australia does not accept mail from Spain for the time being; other than that, I'm Ok with INTL. :)


I had to look it up, having a direct link would have been helpful. :)

I haven't registered the book yet, it was just a thought when I opened the parcel but here is a link to amazon.


I'd prefer to send UK or Europe, please.


I would prefer UK posting if possible, thanks.


I would only like to ship within Europe. I am currently in Switzerland but depending when this reaches me, if it’s sometime later in the (next) year, I might have moved to France... No rush whatsoever though.


... if can have UK posting.


dolph1n 4 mos ago
Me please
Uk only posting please.




Please could I join, I'd prefer UK posting if that's ok.


In France, I can mail anywhere.


I can ship within Europe (incl. UK). Thanks!




This was posted to bookfrogster today



I am a third of the way through a book and I will start this one next, I'm really looking forward to it :-)

Posted to Cross-patch the week before Christmas.


Sorry to mess you about but please could you take me off the list? I received a copy of this book as a Christmas present!


Are you sure you want to delete this item? It cannot be undone.