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Last year I did a UK Christmas bookbox - which has of course left me with a lot of Christmas books.

Is anyone interested if I run it again? Otherwise I'll probably wild release them in the run up to Christmas.

The list:


I’ve got a few Christmas themed books.


3vie 5 mos ago
Count me in
Too please


got loads count me in


wingSparkishwing 4 mos ago
Yes please
I have some 😊




winggreenbadgerwing 4 mos ago
That's easily enough to make it worthwhile.

I'd better get reading! :)


Apologies, I meant to get this off a bit sooner. I've posted it this morning.

I had great fun reading the Christmas books and it even got me into the Christmas spirit enough to get a good headstart on my Christmas shopping. :)


3vie 4 mos ago
Could I be moved to near the bottom of the list - I’ve not read my books for it yet 🙈


No problem! :)


It’s with me! Not opened it yet. Had a busy day.


Opened, selection made and replacement books put inside. It’s just below 2kg! Just PMd mysteriousmummy for her address. It will travel when I next visit the post office.


Posted to mysteriousmummy today


Sorry for the delay but big birthdays and husband working away got in the way.

I have however made up for lost time and taken two books out replaced them and requested the address from the next participant.


dolph1n 2 mos ago
I've received this but I didn't sign up for it. There is a book I would like so I will see if I have a suitable replacement before sending it home.


I must have gotten mixed up 🤦‍♀️


I must have gotten mixed up 🤦‍♀️

Well it gave me a much needed chuckle when I saw the JE! Looks like dolph1n has found herself a book too.


The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding. Agatha Christie
How to Survive Christmas. Jilly Cooper
Thank you.


The box is home from its adventures.

Thanks for taking part and I hope you all have a great Christmas despite the circumstances.


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