Color in the Title / Author Bookbox #2 - OPEN, new participants welcome [U.S. only]

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Hi all,

On the heels of completing the first box (, I'm looking send out a second color-in-the-title/author bookbox. It was fun the first time around! Some slight alterations to guidelines/rules:

Size: ~5-10 books (small-medium)
Exchange: Take anywhere from 0-6 books, send out a box between 5-10 books [i.e. could be either enlarging or diminishing for you]. Cheaper to send out smaller, bit more expensive to send out larger.
Turnaround: 1-2 weeks. PM the next person in line for their address.
* Color name can be in the title OR author (e.g. The RED Violin, E.B. WHITE)
* Color name does not need to reference color (e.g. Mr. WHITE Goes to Town is eligible)
* Author eligible (e.g. Charlotte's Web by E.B. WHITE)
* Partial words eligible (e.g. We Are the Nerds: The Birth and Tumultuous Life of REDdit or Science and Philosophy by Alfred North WHITEhead);
* The word "color" itself can be in the title
* Color-related words okay too (e.g. Rainbow Six, Hue 1968)

Declarations: Once you've taken out your books, state what you have chosen on this thread. As usual for bookbox, JE all books that go through you.

Who's in? Happy hunting (and happy reading)!

List of participants

Savvy-Suzy [PMed, no reply]
hobbit (new participant)
rhythmbiscuit (new participant) <=== en route to here


will have to search my shelves, maybe place me toward the middle - end once you have your participants.


Welcome LaveggioCoffee!


We can take a bit more time seeing if there is more interest.


But I need to round up some books. LOL! I haven't even looked!!!






Welcome Chicvolley99!


Savvy-Suzy PMed me stating her interest in joining. Welcome!


We'll wait a bit longer, and see if we can get at least one more person to join. I'll mail off to the first participant.


... for address.


I have several that would fit the theme


I've added you, welcome!


Tracking number: 9550 2131 6342 0308 3557 59


Making my choices and notifying the next in line. Thanks!


Tracking #9114 9023 0722 4909 0123 66

I removed two/added two. Thanks!


I am going through it now, and will message next in line for their address. I took out 7, and replaced it with 7. The box is still pretty small though, so as not to worry about the weight.


Tracking number through USPS is #9549012027060328521745


Will make my selections and get it back in the mail.
Will post tracking, etc. Waiting for a mailing address from Savvy-Suzy


I've sent 2 PMs but have gotten no response. If you read this please PM your mailing address. I will send out next week to NancyNova if I don't hear back.
Thank you


I have NancyNova's address. Wasn't able to get to post office this week and now we're buried under 3 ft of snow. Will get this out as soon as I'm able.


sent to NancyNova today
USPS tracking # 9549 0117 9566 0363 3550 76
ETA Monday 1/4

I've taken out
Havana Red
The Black Painting
A Necessary End
and have replaced with 3

Thanks for your patience
Happy New Year


Just checkin' in - searched the tracking on and says it's arriving late.


and making my selections


glad it finally arrived


I've got some books that fit this theme and would like to get off my shelves. (And another that I could include if I bump it to the top of Mt TBR.)

I'll understand if it's already too late.


Hi hobbit,

We'd have to confirm with NancyNova. NancyNova, can you mail to hobbit instead?


Hi hobbit,

We'd have to confirm with NancyNova. NancyNova, can you mail to hobbit instead?

sure can. Will PM for address.



Sure, I just added you to the list. hobbit, can you mail to rhythmbiscuit after you've received the box, and made your switches / selections?


Gained a few ounces in Pa because my replacements were all trade paperback size.

Tracking # 420126039549013918121023680813
It left the Kulpsville Post Office (which tends to do better with mail these days), but hasn't checked in yet at the sorting facility. It's supposed to be there Thursday. We'll see if that happens




winghobbitwing 1 mo ago
It's here!
How exciting. Thanks!

It will need a new container as this one is split along one corner, but all books are clearly intact. I'll PM rhythmbiscuit for address, sort through the box, and aim to make my selections and get it moving in a week or less.


Just to be clear (it's been more than a decade since I joined a bookbox), am I meant to journal all books in the box or just those I take out?


I'm not sure if there is a standard practice. For bookboxes, I usually notice that people journal only those they take out. However, I like to journal all of them, just to have a record of me having gone through all the books I've received, even if only to then write in the JE "returned to the bookbox."

Here, I'd say it's your choice, whichever you're comfortable with!


I've selected and removed these:
- Silver by Talia Vance
- A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
- The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams
- Sky of Red Poppies by Zohreh Ghahremani
- Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen

What a great variety including both fun and classic reading, some authors & titles useful in A-Z reading challenges, and some worldwide settings for the 666 reading challenge. Thanks to all who put in these titles.

I also read and replaced 2 books, added 4 new ones (bringing it back to 10, diminished by 1), and journaled the ones which are continuing on their way. It's packed up in a fresh box and ready to go to rhythmbiscuit on Wednesday or Thursday, since we're in a snowstorm which is predicted to last for 2 1/2 days. I'll update once I've gotten to the PO.


winghobbitwing 3 wks ago
On its way
I sent it to rhythmbiscuit on Friday.
Tracking number 9549 0153 9243 1036 4172 55


According to the tracking, this box was delivered yesterday. However, it wasn’t on the porch an hour later, and there’s nothing on the doorbell video. I’ll try to get more info from the post office Monday. For now, it’s missing.


OK, it's sorted now. Thank you for sharing this box.

I took out:
The Black Flower by Howard Bahr
Paper Towns by John Green
Apricots on the Nile by Colette Rossant


Oh thank goodness. I've been a bit nervous because all that showed up for a while on the tracking was a notice that it had been delayed, but no location was given. And then when you said it was marked delivered but wasn't there ... well, the USPS hasn't been at its best recently. I'm glad it made it!


It looks like the Color box is due to come back to you.


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