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It is long lonnnng past time to send another WILD THING bookbox traveling. I have put it off and put it off, as at least 90% of what has come my way has not been ‘wild.’ So while this round will start primarily with creatures who live with us, I am hoping it will grow wilder as it journeys on. Who knows, maybe some of the truly wild creatures from earlier uboxes will rejoin the pack😉 And then again, some of you may prefer the tamer side of wild😀

Like the previous WILD THING boxes, this will be a shrinking one, with each person sending the box on with one or two books less than s/he removed from it.

There will be both fiction and non, paper or audio, and like the previous boxes, the animal (which needn't be wild) MUST be central to the tale.
For example, the cozy I just finished, “sticks and bones,“ wouldn’t qualify; as while it’s replete with dogs and cats and even some horses, they are simply there, they’re not integral to the mystery. On the other hand, any of the Midnight Louis mysteries would most certainly qualify. For that matter, some of the Pern books would definitely qualify😉

Because it is a shrinking box, there will be more choices on the front end, but also heavier to send. The farther down, the less weight, but also the less choice. How many books are in the box will be determined by how many people sign up for it. I anticipate it will be fairly large to start, to ensure there will still be a good selection for the last person to choose from, then it will come home.

Journal for this box

Journal for the original Wild Things Box (which was lost on its way home)

heartthumper<—Box is here


wingNancyNovawing 2 mos ago
me please!
I have some wild books that would like to jump in!


Happy to have your wild things jumping in-and you too NancyNova😊


But as I need to read some qualifying books and I’m still reading for the apocalypse box, I would have to be a little down on the list. I think as long as I get the box no earlier than late November I should have some read. So, please add me to the list where you think would be best. :) thanks!


I'll join - I was thinking of doing an Animals names in Title Bookbox but will delay initiating that in lieu of joining this. I was visiting the LFLs in my neighborhood this morning and found some books featuring animals in the narrative. Should be fun, thanks!
I can go on the earlier side - my books are ready to go.


Haahaa, you will be near the front of the pack; Spatial, you’ll be near the end, watching out for stragglers. ;)


Sounds like fun. I'll need to find some appropriate books in my shelves, and then read them! So please put me at the end. I am in Massachusetts.


Happy to add you, freezone!


Add me to the list. I'll come up with something. Hopefully other than CAT books. LOL!


I found some books on my shelf. Sign me up please :)


Haha~ whatever😂

Welcome heartthumper and Chicvolley99


I live in Colorado. I'll be on the lookout for books about wild things. Thanks!




The farther down, the less weight
I think I may have a WILD creature or two hiding out, but less weight for me to lift and carry will have to be the deciding factor in my participation in THIS one.😉 THANK YOU for your PM...& for hosting again, erishkigal!!!💖


Which will make it the lightest.


If you have a request as to where in the queue you wish to be. I’ve had a couple requests for near the end and I put them there on the list. Everyone else is as you joined or as I saw you joined, if you need to change please let me know.

It’s time for me to start going through the many bags and drawers of animal books to try to start off with a somewhat balanced selection, given the preponderance of domestic furbabies😅At least I can try for a reasonable mix, so that it’s not a cat box or a dog box or a horse box LOL and of course there are a smattering of wild things to start.


I had hoped to register books this weekend, but alas, bookcrossing was not cooperating. I could journal books, but I could not register books… I would just get error after error after error. Whatever the glitch is it will hopefully go away quickly. In the meantime I have journaled to move books up to where they are easily found when I can get them all registered and then do a release. I’ve also realize there are a couple of books I have to locate, including one on the worlds most dangerous animals… Which was fascinating!



I still have to enter everything in the journal/the release notes, but otherwise the box is ready to travel.

I spent days looking everywhere I could think of searching for “ The book of deadly animals,“ which I really really want to include since I have so few wilds in this incarnation. I did finally find it, and it is in the box. In the process I found a half dozen or so squirreled away wild things as yet unread. So while this is traveling, I can read those and get a start on round four LOL

So, until I get everything listed in the journal here’s a breakdown of what’s in the box:
five or six horses
Seven cats
Eight dogs
One flock of sheep
One parrot
Seven box containing multiple creatures

There is non-fiction, informative, creative, and memoir; and fiction, novels and short stories, cozy mysteries, mainstream, and fantasy.


ETA tracking # 9549015059220288431359

Julius has gotten bored sitting around the house during this damn pandemic, begging to travel. So even though I can’t travel now (sob), Julius can. His bags are now packed and he’s ready to fly.

Please remember to help Julius lighten his bags as he travels by taking out one or two more books than you replace. I hope you all enjoy the box and find new friends ~ And if you haven’t met Julius before, he’s a quick read.😉

So he’s leaving here with the following (please journal your changes);

The Pleasures of Entomology

Inside of a Dog

Dogs Don't Bite When a Growl Will Do

Temple Grandin

The Book of Deadly Animals

The Cats of Sanctuary House

Animal Totem Astrology


Dear Smarty

Unlikely Companions

Homer’s Odyssey

The Man Who Listens to Horses

Horse Stories

Blood Horses

East of the Mountains

Bring Jade Home

The Company of Dogs

Puss 'n Cahoots: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery


Three Bags Full

Creature Cozies

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Ranch of Dreams

Alex and Me

A Fistful of Collars

Elvis and the Grateful Dead

The Cat That Changed My Life: 50 Cats Talk Candidly About How They Became Who They Are

The Tarantula in My Purse

The Dalai Lama’s Cat


with a LOT of books. Now to decide....


Marginally lighter at 20 lbs. Thank goodness for media mail!

Tracking: 9549013918120302635551


Received! Will go through, JE all books, and mail off.


haahaahaa98 3 wks ago
This box has been mailed off! Tracking #: 9549 0131 6342 0308 3557 35


I'll make my choices and message the next in line! Thanks for including me!


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