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Fantasy is my favourite genre and any type is welcome. Science Fiction is welcome too. I really hate zombies but I tolerate them if they are already in a series I'm currently reading. For me they are the creepy crawlies of the fantasy world.

* Two books will start travelling.

* Take out 1-2 books and add in the same number, two books should always be in the package.

* You don't need to send international, just where you're able to.



1. gaboyd, NZ (Int'l)
2. 3vie, UK (UK)
3. minnesota84, UK (?)
4. Tanamo, UK (UK & Europe)
5. Mecu, Finland (Europe)
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wingYthanwing 5 mos ago


Would prefer I’m postage 😁


Do you mean UK postage?


Yes, any where


3vie 5 mos ago
Yes, stupid predictive text 😂


wingYthanwing 5 mos ago
RE: Sorry
Just imagining you wrapping yourself up and trying to fit in a post box. :)

You're added.


winggaboydwing 5 mos ago
RE: RE: Sorry
Flat Stanley


very few fantasy readers on this site , should be interesting


wingYthanwing 5 mos ago
You're added
gaboyd and minnesota84.


wingTanamowing 4 mos ago
Me please
Can post to UK and Europe


wingYthanwing 4 mos ago
RE: Me please
You're added.


wingMecuwing 4 mos ago
Yes, please!
I read a lot of fantasy, so this sounds good. I prefer mailing within Europe, please.


You're added.

Thanks for joining.


sometime in November.


Recieved email.


wingYthanwing 3 mos ago
This Bookring
will be posted today.


Posted, yesterday. Kept the 2 books the same


Thanks for taking part. I have many different authors for this genre, hopefully in another round you'll find something to interest you.


Will get them travelling soon


3vie 1 mo ago
The books will
Be posted tomorrow. I’ve kept them the same as I already own one of them and didn’t fancy the other, hopefully the next person will give one of them a new home 🏡


Thanks for taking part.


Arrived today , will send on shortly


wingTanamowing 1 mo ago
It's arrived
There are three books in the package but two I have already read so I've taken out the third and replaced it with another one and will send it on to Mecu when I'm next able to go to the PO.


to Finland now.


Arrived in Finland today. I'll make my choices during the weekend.


wingMecuwing 2 wks ago
I'm ready
I think I've made my choices, so I'm ready to send it forward.
Does anyone else want to join or do I send the books to Ythan?


wingYthanwing 1 wk ago
RE: I'm ready
Looks like you're the last participant for this round. I'll go and send you my address.


wingMecuwing 3 days ago
have been mailed some days ago to Ythan. Hopefully they will arrive soon. Thanks for hosting this bookring!


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