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How it works:
**Please PM me if you want to join**

In this ring I will send two books that were once on my wishlist to the first person on the list. That person takes one of those books and replaces that book with an other book that was once on his or her wishlist. Then that person will send those two books to the next person on the list and so on. Please tell on this thread only which book you took out. The books are a surprise. Do not tell what book you are sending.



wingIcilawing 6 mos ago
I'm entering.
Thanks to the granted list.


you are in


Me please! Will post anywhere as usual.


and thank you again for your kindness to post anywhere as usual :-)


I know the p[articipants so far Hi all I'm back things are still a little rocky I think they always will be or at least the forseeable future but my return to reading has given me some peace of mind a saucer of enjoyment and something I'd been lacking a sense of accomplishment. Sorry for the psych assessment but I'm in and ready to keep on reading


hi Billbooks, lovely to hear from you again.
Will pm you later on.
Glad to hear you are in


wingrodespringbalwing 6 mos ago


I don't do too many bookrings, but I'm going to try this one! I'll PM you as well.

Thanks for hosting!


you are in



wingdschinnywing 6 mos ago
Cool idea!
I‘d like to join as well, please.



I would love to join.


On second thought I don't think it's a wise idea to join more bookrings.


mscar in
dutch-book out



CavyNomes 6 mos ago
...count me in.





It's been a long time since a took part in a bookray.


You are in


I would like to join.



I'd like to join. Will PM you.


in :-)


When will the ring start?


I'm in Kansas USA! Thank you!


They would have gone out 3 weeks ago but covid rules took it apart. So hopefully next weekend


They would have gone out 3 weeks ago but covid rules took it apart. So hopefully next weekend

I'm sure everyone understands. It's been an interesting year. It seems like everyone has had something else aside from Covid-19 to worry about this year. (As an Australian, I am once again not looking forward to a long, dry summer of high fire danger days.)



Nope, didn't have the time for it. But glad you mention it. Tomorrow, I will go to my storage to take two former wishlist books out and mail them.


One I have already read (and is very good), and the other one seems promising.
I will post my choice shortly... :)


"The Teacher", by Katerina Diamond

The other book and my replacement will be on their way to the next reader in my next batch... next week, if all goes well. Fingers crossed! Icila; I hope they will have a safe travel... Thanks for your patience!


One I have already read, same as you certainly.
I w'll keep the other.


One I have already read, same as you certainly.
I w'll keep the other.

Brilliant! :)


I'm keeping: consider Her Ways and Others by John Wyndham.


Thank you very much! Will decide which one to keep later ;-)


I'm keeping "Solomon's Oak":
Will send the ring on early next week.


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