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I'm looking to start a new bookbox bookring/ray of mixed types of books, inspired by HI77's model. The box would have books, all of a different type. The box would start PLENTIFUL, but SHRINK as it passes from participant to participant, until the last participant would be sending off a very small box to the originator.

Examples: History, Biographies, Mysteries, Classic, Sociology, Humor, Literature, Cookbooks, How-to's, etc...

And the main rule would be that you wouldn't have to replace it with the same type or HB or PB, but just so it's a different type from the rest of the books in the box when it arrived to you.

Are there people interested in joining for this?

To help, a general list of genre:

-Science fiction
-Action and Adventure
-Self help
-Religion, Spirituality & New Age
-Anthology/Short Stories
-Graphic Novels/Manga

General Bookbox Rules:

-Post when the box arrives to you in this thread.

-Send a message to the next participant for their name and address, so you have it.

-Post here when you mail it out, with a tracking #. Mail out promptly, as safely as possible given the current situation.

-Make sure to JE any books you take.

Specific-to-this-box rules:

- This is a diminishing bookbox. The total number of books that you send out should be about *five* fewer than the total number of books that you received. You may simply remove ~5 books, or you may remove more than ~5, but for each book above 5, replace with another book. For example, if you remove 9 books, replace with 4 books.

- I'll arrange participants order more or less randomly, unless you have a preference.

- Mailing boxes might need to be replaced if they become used/damaged during shipping, and if it starts to make more sense to use a smaller box (as the number of books decreases with each subsequent shipping).

Who's in? :)

*** UPDATE *** participant list

heartthumper [sends ~23]
mrsjones [sends ~18]
HI77 [sends ~13]
PADutchTravel [sends ~8] <=== arrived here!
LittleWhiteBird [sends ~3]


I'm in Colorado.

This is one of my favorites!


Great! We'll see who else participates.


Chicvolley99, this has been sent out. USPS Tracking #:
9550 2105 4791 0203 3808 11


I live in Colorado. Thanks!




Count me in!




I'm in Kansas. And two to remove!


I've added you. Welcome!


I'll go through it today and message next in line for their address.

Started out with 27 books, 22 going back out. Here are the categories:

Historical / Literary Fiction
Mystery / Thriller
Relationship advice
Self Help
Short Stories
Travel / Memoir


Very cool - if you have a chance, list titles / authors of what you've taken?


I’d love to go at the end, just sending a couple of books back...


Hi LittleWhiteBird, I'll add you!


GoryDetails, have you received a PM request for address from Chicvolley99?


GoryDetails, have you received a PM request for address from Chicvolley99?

Yep; got the PM and sent my reply on 7/30. [I've noticed other media-mail packages have been delayed recently - another box I'm expecting seems to be coming to NH from NY via Florida - so perhaps it's still in transit somewhere?]


Sorry for holding up this box. I didn't get a chance to mail it yet, but I will mail today after work. I'll post the tracking # when I can.




Tracking # through USPS 9549012027060223488020


If you can fit me in, great! I'm in Cincinnati.


mrsjones, sure! Welcome!


According to my calculations, there may be no books left for mrsjones, but of course, if there are more books than expected when the box arrives here, I’ll be happy to send it on to mrsjones.


According to my calculations, there may be no books left for mrsjones, but of course, if there are more books than expected when the box arrives here, I’ll be happy to send it on to mrsjones.

FWIW, there are more books for the box than in Chicvolley99's list; haahaahaa98 sent additional books directly to me (I think they were books that had already been in Chicvolley's hands). When I get Chicvolley99's box I'll check the total number to see if we need to tweak the "take 5 more books than you add" rule downwards to give the folks at the end more choice.


These are all good observations. I think there will be enough to make it through, esp with the additional cache that Gory has.


The second half of the box arrived today, so there's a total of 33 books (before I make my selections). I'll contact the next in line, and will check in to see whether I should be taking out 5 extra books or fewer!


In that case, there should be plenty of books left and I should probably be put at the end after mrsjones even, if she’s happy with that.


That should be okay.
mrsjones, could you reply here and confirm whether that's it's okay if LittleWhiteBird goes last?


Yes. Fine with me.


I have PMed mrsjones about going before LittleWhiteBird ...




This was tricky, as I tend to want to add more books than I take, rather than the other way around - and I wanted to maintain the variety of genres as well. Finally got my selections and contributions in order, and the box (now at 28 books) will be on its way to Rhythmbiscuit on Monday. [Update: mailed. Tracking #: 9549012103460237357852 ]

If you'd rather be surprised about the contents, stop reading now!


I took out 17:

The Samurai's Garden
The Sex Lives of Cannibals
Selected Poems of Langston Hughes
The Arabian Nights
The Creative Process
Blue Collar Cash
Bird of Life, Bird of Death
The Jane Austen Book Club
The Ghost Next Door
The Fault in Our Stars
Net Force
Riding Shotgun
Ford County
Dad is Fat
So What's the Difference

And put in 12:

Natsume's Book of Friends Vol. 20 ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/14443672/ )

An Animated Alphabet ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15936988/ )

Lifeboat ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15985246/ )

Death Claims ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15989931/ )

William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15978117/ )

The Ladybird Book of the Hangover ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15978012/ )

Birdman ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/2990356/ )

Notwithstanding ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15978013/ )

Fumes of Formation ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15912204/ )

Pilgrim ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/1375880/ )

You Could Look It Up ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15935832/ )

Weird Colorado ( https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/15891344/ )


This (very well wrapped) box arrived today. I'm excited to look through it.


If I figure out where I put the receipt, I'll edit this to add the tracking number. :-)




I can add more books if I need, too..... :) ;)


Confirmed that mrsjones goes next to last; and LittleWhiteBird goes last.


Thanks, I’m happy how you worked it all out. We even got a couple more participants!


heartthumper, how many can you send out? Trying to add HI77 to the list.


HI77 5 mos ago

I'm finally getting caught up on some stuff. I'd like to join. :)


haahaahaa98 5 mos ago
RE: :)
HI77 great, we worked you in. See the adjusted numbers above for sending out. It's a diminishing bookbox so you'll be sending out fewer than taking in.


I would like to participate if still available :-)


Great PaDutchTravel, we worked you in. See the adjusted numbers above for sending out (and the updated participant order). It's a diminishing bookbox so you'll be sending out fewer than taking in.


Ok great. Can't wait



I'll make my choices and get it mailed out this week. Thanks!


HI77 4 mos ago

The book box has arrived safe and sound! ;)


HI77 3 mos ago

I sent out two messages this week to PADutchTravel to get their address to send to next. I haven't gotten a response yet.

I guess if I don't hear from them by tomorrow then I will request the address from the next person on the list.


PaDutchTravel 3 mos ago
RE: :)
I sent an email with my address to you. I was having some major login issues. Looks like all has been fixed now. ;-)


HI77 3 mos ago

This Bookbox has gone out last Thursday! Here's to happy travels! ;)

Tracking # 9114 9022 0078 9516 3435 96


haahaahaa98 3 mos ago
RE: :)
Looking at the tracking history - not sure what's going on - seems like it may have gone up to PA and then down back to FL? HI77, see if there' s a return to sender going on here ...


HI77 3 mos ago

This is unbelievable! If they return this package to me, I'm going to be furious!

This will be the second time I sent out a package properly labeled and given to the people at the post office to put the postage on themselves so there is no issue. And I'm going to be upset if I have to make another trip up to that post office to re mail it because they can't do their job! :(

Sorry for gripping but they make constant mistakes, refusing to do their job and deliver packages and make me go pick them up at the post office because they don't want to bring them and misdeliver mail constantly and it gets to me.


haahaahaa98 3 mos ago
RE: ~~
Oh sorry, HI77, that's so sad! It may be the fault of the PA PO though - seems like it did make its way up to a distribution center in PA based on the tracking record.


haahaahaa98 3 mos ago
RE: ~~
HI77 and PaDutchTravel, see the most recent tracking history. There seem to be scans in both FL and PA in recent days - not sure what this means, or whether there seem to be errors in the delivery. Can you guys check up on this? Thanks - hope it all works out.


I will put in another box because this box is quite beat up and is definitely in need of something smaller.


Thanks for the replacement box; but happy that the package finally arrived!


Any updates here? Just checking in.


It hasn’t arrived here, yet.


Sent a PM to PaDutchTravel last week - has the box been mailed to LittleWhiteBird? LittleWhiteBird, were you given a tracking #?


No, I haven’t received a tracking number. The last time I heard from padutchtravel was on November 30, when she asked for my address, and on December 5, when we communicated about something unconnected to this box.


I'll send one more message to PaDutchTravel and wait a few days - if no reply then I'll replenish the box and restart it.


I think I'll have to replenish the box - two messages (mid-Jan., early Feb.) to PaDutchTravel and no response to either. I'll get a mix of eight books and then send them to Little White Bird.
ED. UPD.: PaDutchTravel did end up writing back - she is able to send the box soon.


I’m glad for the update and happy to wait until PaDutchTravel is ready.


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