Ray for Tell it to the Bees by Fiona Shaw - Newcastle Uncon author

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Fiona Shaw will be one of the authors appearing at the Newcastle Unconvention.

A secret love which has a whole town talking... The book has also been made into a film.

Who would like to be part of the ray?


The book is a paperback and not too heavy. Let me know your posting preferences when you sign up please.

I'll give priority to those attending the Uncon. Don't forget to get your ticket here:

The ray:




Thank you.


For UK posting if possible.


I'm (normally) in Switzerland... no rush at all as I'm away all summer.


I'm in France and can post Int. No rush at all.


I would much prefer UK posting, but as this is a paperback I will post to EU if necessary.


It will be going to earthcaroleanne later in the week when I go to the post office


Billbooks 5 mos ago
Me too
I know I'm faraway in Australia but as travel plans for the last three years and possibly the next two thanks to the pandemic I'm looking for a variety and this book I can pretend I was at the Uncon. Naturally post worldwide


This is on the way to earthcaroleanne


Received this book from earthcaroleanne, and now read it also. Will be on its way to the next recipient when the Post Office opens on Monday!


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