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Hey guys! :)

I'm ready to get the party started on a new Bookbox!! Who's with me??

I have a bunch of books hanging around at the moment and I was thinking it would be fun to start a bookbox that intentionally has maybe 6 - 9 books all of a different type.

Such as: Biographies, Mysteries, Classic, Humor, Literature, Cookbooks, How-to's, etc...

And the main rule would be that you wouldn't have to replace it with the same type or HB or PB, but just so it's a different type from the rest of the books in the box when it arrived to you. (I got this idea because I found a lot of bookboxs tended to wind up with being mostly one genre and not much else.)

Are there people interested in joining for this?

I could actually create probably 2 or 3 more boxes of this type if there's enough interest here for it. It would have to be US only though.

To help, a general list of genre:

-Science fiction
-Action and Adventure
-Self help
-Religion, Spirituality & New Age
-Anthology/Short Stories
-Graphic Novels/Manga

Basic Bookbox Rules:

-Post when the box arrives to you here.

-Send a message to the next participant for their name and address, so you have it.

-Post here when you mail it out, with a tracking #.

-Make sure to JE any books you take.



- Only add in as many books as you have taken out.


-If you want to add more books than what the box started with, request that you are added to the end of the list.



- adrienne10. ( <---- Bookbox is here!)


I'm in Colorado.


Thanks for joining! :)


I'm in Missouri. A favor to ask. If you're using the overflowing box that I am sending back to you, can you move me a few people down in the list? Please and thank you!


wingHI77wing 8 mos ago
RE: Me, please!
No need to worry about that. :)

I'm closing that round. You should have a PM from me in your email. ;)


From Seattle...


Thanks for joining in! :)


wingHI77wing 7 mos ago

Can I get some more interest in this?? ;)


I'm Interested! Been at work! Add me please. LOL!


wingHI77wing 7 mos ago
RE: HI!!!!

Great to have you! :)


I'd like to join!


Thanks for joining! ;)


wingHI77wing 7 mos ago

Can I get any more interest in this? We had three more people, it would probably be the perfect number!


You can add me to the list. I got a few odds and ends hanging around.


Thanks for jumping in! ;)


wingHI77wing 6 mos ago

I'm planning on getting this bookbox off next week! ;)

But before I started it, I decided I was going to add a new rule to help make sure that everyone enjoys participating.


- Only add in as many books as you have taken out.


-If you want to add more books than what the box started with, request that you are added to the end of the list.

The reason I feel that this rule is necessary because in the last few rounds we were having a issue with people adding a great many books to the Box increasing the number from 9 to up to 38 books, I believe, on one box.

While I personally don't mind myself if people want to add more books, there are two major reasons why this is a problem.

1) Some people will only sign up to smaller book boxes because they have limited finances and can't afford the postage to send off larger boxes.

So if people are adding more books as it goes along than it was supposed to originally have, it creates a problem for people that can't afford to send all the extra weight.

2) And, as I'm sure you're aware, we have a lot of members that are older. Some of them may still feel like Hercules and others not so much.

So they, too, will also pick smaller bookboxes that they know they will be able to carry.

So given that, I need people to either stick with how many books are in the bookbox to start with (which is often 9) OR…. Ask me to add you to the end of the list, and you can add as many books as you’d like.

That way, everyone can participate in a way that works for them! ;)


BookLovinMama 6 mos ago
RE: :)
I like this new rule! Being the last of box #5 (yes, there were like 35+ books when it arrived) and near the end of #6 I think this is very helpful for those of us expecting boxes closer to 9 or 10.

I also wanted you to know I very much appreciate you calling me strong! :)


samid 6 mos ago
May I join?
I'd love to join in on a mixed-genre book box! Thanks for hosting this.


wingHI77wing 6 mos ago
RE: May I join?

Sure! Happy to have you! :)


wingHI77wing 6 mos ago

The book box has started its journey! :)

The tracking number is # 9114 9023 0722 4354 3724 73

It's starting with:

- The Meaning of Life. by Bradley Trevor Greive. (Art & Photography)

- What's So Funny about Getting Old? by Ed Fischer. (Humor)

- Picnics: Over 40 Recipes for Dining in the Great Outdoors from Mercedes Benz. by Heidi Cusick. (Cooking, Food & Wine)

- At Home in Mitford (Mitford, Bk 1) by Jan Karon. (Literature)

- Abattoir Blues (Inspector Banks, Bk 22) by Peter Robinson. (Mystery & Thrillers)

- Prevention's the Sugar Solution. by Sarí Harrar. (Health & Fitness)

- Iacocca. by Lee Iacocca (Biographies & Memoirs)

- Customer Service for Dummies. by Karen Leland. (Business & Investing)

- French Country. by Barbara Ballinger Buchholz (Home & Garden)


I have requested the next in line mailing address.

I took out 5 and put in 5. Here are the updated categories (I also included a sticky note for each book. Feel free to use them, reuse them, or whatever! :) ).

Categories are:

1. Literature / Fiction
2. Mystery / Thriller
3. Children/ Religion
4. Health and Mind
5. Humor
6. Art
7. Biography / memoir
8. Business / Investing
9. Home/ Garden


Great to hear it made it! :)


Yes! I am interested but have given away many books recently an am also in the middle of a thick, slow book. So, can you put me at or near the bottom of the list? I'm in Massachusetts.


Sure. I'll add you to the bottom. :)


Tracking # through USPS is 9549012027060247496582


And it's off! ;)


The books arrived with today's mail. I've already messaged the next in line for an address. I just need to finish typing my summary of a few books.

I will need to find a new box as the one that arrived is torn to the point that the post office put damage stickers on it. However, ALL books did arrive safely. :)


Glad to hear it made it! :)

But Criminy Christmas, I really wish they would have quit beating my boxes up!! LOL


The box has been mailed! As I was expecting both #6 & #7 around the same time I knew the box that arrived first would have a quick turnaround.

Tracking: 9549 0134 7542 0256 5059 70
Expected delivery: 9/19/2020

We took out and added 5 that we took was because it was too large for the box we found to use. It will be rehomed soon, or possibly added to #6. :)

The genres we added:
* Plays
* Cooking
* Health, Mind & Body
* Science Fiction
* Holiday Romance

We are excited to read the books we took out!
* Abattoir Blues
* Dave Barry is not Making this up
* Search Inside Yourself
* At Home in Mitford
* French Country (will be rehomed)


Thanks for the update! ;)


But will have to find a replacement box as one corner tore (books are fine). Luckily, I'm at work in a place full of boxes! :D
Got address of next-in-line; will ship out Monday & update...


Wow. None of these boxes are holding up very well. :p

But glad to hear it's landed! ;)


I live in Colorado. Thanks!


Thanks for joining! :)


ETD: 9/28 Monday
Thanks for including me :)
I took out "Art", and "Plays", so box now has the following genres (*including my 2):
1. *Mystery
2. *True Crime
3. Children/Religion
4. Health/Mind/Body
5. Bio/Memoir
6. Business/Investing
7. Cooking
8. Sci Fi
9. Holiday/Romance

Fingers crossed for the box itself!


Thanks for the update! And thanks for participating. :)

I hope you'll join other book boxes I run. We'd love to have you.


Love the Box!!!!


Another safe landing! ;)


Tracking# 9114 9023 0722 4539 3455 75


Thanks for the update! ;)


wingjlautnerwing 4 mos ago
Got it!
I got the box today! Will be making choices and getting it on the road quickly.



wingjlautnerwing 4 mos ago
my choices
Removed The Quality of Silence (mystery/thriller)
Added Elephant Company (biography)


wingHI77wing 4 mos ago
RE: my choices

Glad to hear it made it! :)


wingjlautnerwing 4 mos ago
The box is sturdy! It came through well and I was able to send it off again today. Very colorful box, too.

It is off to imawinn2. Tracking: 9405528206334130764170


Hey.. I checked the tracking number to see what day box was to arrive. I get a message that it was delivered in Colorado but I live in Wisconsin. Hmm....
October 10, 2020 at 10:49 am
Delivered, In/At Mailbox


wingHI77wing 4 mos ago

Wow. You're fast as lightning! ;)


I copied the wrong tracking number. Here is the right one: 9449028206334131082692

It is in Oshkosh right now.



No problem. It's easy enough to do. Thanks for the update! ;)


This box is safe and sound with me. I am heading out of town for a short vacation but will send it back out on the trail as soon as I get back home, next week. Thanks for including me!


Looks like it made it ok! 👌


I am shipping this bookbox off to samid, today.
I took:
Dead as a Doornail (mystery/Urban fantasy)
The Glass Slipper (fantasy/fairy tale)
Elephant Company (biography)
The Magic of Life (biography)

Humor/Urban Fantasy
Historical Fiction

Tracking # 9505526543360304168614


wingHI77wing 4 mos ago

Sounds great! Thanks for the update! ;)


I had some issues in 2020, but I'd like to join back in (unless my issues got me black-listed). This bookbox is particularly fun to participate in.


Blacklisted? lol

Sure I'll put you back on! :)


samid 4 mos ago
Box received!
I just received the box a few minutes ago (love the Causebox!!). Making my swaps now and I'll ping freezone for their address today.


Thanks for the update! :)


Apologies for the delay in posting. I mailed this out earlier this week. Already seeing the holiday delays kicking in!

USPS: 9549 0265 2611 0315 9208 39


Got here very quickly!

I am choosing:
I am Legend, by Richard Matheson
Faieries' Landing, by You Hyun
The Weight of Light, by Betty Palmer Nelson
and The Raven and other Poems and Tales, by Edgar Allen Poe

Will put in:
Women's fiction
Children's fiction (decided to squeeze in another little book)


Another safe landing! ;)


didn't check when it would arrive. It's usually in 7 days, so next Saturday.


It's making good time! ;)


I'll journal my choices and send the box along.


wingHI77wing 3 mos ago
RE: Box Arrived

Good to hear! :)


I mailed this to adrienne10 a couple days ago. I’ll post the tracking number when I dig out the receipt.


It says it was delivered 12/24. Thanks!


freezone 2 mos ago
Am I the reason for the new rule? sorry. I was tempted because so many of my books were so thin!


wingHI77wing 2 mos ago
RE: sorry

Lol. No, not per say.

A lot of us are tempted to do that, not just you. But it was getting too heavy for some members, so I had to implement the rule so everyone could participate.


adrienne10 2 mos ago
It arrived on December 24, which was slightly poor timing by the post office as it got put aside while I dealt with Christmas. And Christmas aftermath.

It is here! I will be pulling out books and replacing. Am I the last this time?


wingHI77wing 2 mos ago
RE: Received!

It has landed! ;)

Yes. You are the last. When you're done, it will return to me.


adrienne10 1 mo ago
Sent off
I apologize for holding onto this box for so long. I'll admit that being the last one the list, along with quite a lot going on the past two weeks, caused me to put off going through it, and selecting and replacing books, and prioritizing a trip to the post office.

Tracking: 9549 0163 3064 1015 6508 40


wingHI77wing 1 mo ago
RE: Sent off

Thanks for the update! :)


wingHI77wing 3 wks ago

Well, apparently this box arrived 2 weeks ago...

But the front office at my apartment just decided to get around to notifying me it was there. :(

So it had made it home safely!!

Thanks to everyone that participated! And I hope you'll join me in other Bookbox's such as the Audio Bookbox:

Bookbox of Intentional Variety #6:

And Bookbox of Intentional Variety #8:

And even the Christmas Bookbox:


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