Paperback Surprise Round 10 Sign Ups Starting Now (US Only)

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Round nine is nearing the end and wanted to get sign ups for round three going. The box will start with 3 books. I will send it off to the first person who then can make their picks and replace with an equal amount, but not revealing the books they added. Please reveal what you took in the forum. Please keep the box to 3 books as I want to keep shipping affordable for all participants.

Rules are this: 1) has to be a paperback, doesn't matter what type of paperback
2) no romance or westerns 3) please only share books that are in good shape

1) perryfan
2) dabercro
3) HI77
4) jasperreads <----stalled here
5) ollie1976
6) ChicVolley99
7) LaveggioCoffee
8) minesayn
9) jmsmom
10) samid
11) heartthumper
12) echode <---- Box is Here
13) booksandmusic
14) Azuki
15) T02S03B11D20
16) freezone
17) rhythmbiscuit
18) LynnWrites
19) booklady331
20) Mirax78
21) waternixie
22) erishkigal





HI77 8 mos ago

I'll join in! ;)


wingjasperreadswing 8 mos ago
in VA
i'd like to join, if you'll have me!


Meekachu07 8 mos ago
RE: in VA
Of course...I will add you




I'm in Colorado



In fact, I have the box right now, and I am waiting for the BCer to give me the address so that I can send it on.


wingjmsmomwing 8 mos ago
Me please



I will add you


It's always fun!


Will do


I've requested Perryfan's address and plan to ship the first three books after the holiday weekend.



You're in


wingBooksandMusicwing 7 mos ago
I would like to do this again.


Meekachu07 7 mos ago
RE: yes,'re in


Books are on their way to perryfan

Tracking: 9449028206335247586203


I have decided to keep all three:

Filthy Rich by James Patterson
Open Secrets by Alice Munro
The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe

Thanks Meekachu07 for hosting this fun bookbox! I have contacted the next in line and will get this moving again soon.



Never done this before but getting kind of bored with the stay in.


I can add you


I will make my choices and get it moving soon.




Will do


Tracking #9549 0145 2207 0204 3737 13

I chose:

The Last Days of Dogtown by Anita Diamant
The Tattooed Girl by Joyce Carol Oates


can you sign me up at the end?


Yep I can add you


HI77 6 mos ago

The package arrived a few days ago. I thought I'd come here and said so, but it doesn't look like it. lol

I'm taking out:

-Poirot Loses a Client By Agatha Christie

I should have it back out on its way again this week.


has this box moved along? I have books that I want to add! :)


I've been so busy I didn't realize the last message was from a month ago...I will check


HI77 5 mos ago

Unfortunately, it seems that the package I remember taping up and mailing, has gone MIA.

I've also had the additional misfortune of putting aside the receipt with the tracking number on it somewhere and losing it. I'm having that kind of year. I hear a lot of other people are as well! LOL

Since the package hasn't shown up, and I can't prove I sent it, I've decided I will just send a new one and leave it at that.

It went out in the mail today:

9114 9014 9645 1834 8701 36


Meekachu07 5 mos ago
RE: :)
Sorry about all that, but I do appreciate you keeping the box moving


Ollie1976 5 mos ago
RE: :)
this states that it was delivered on 9/23 and I have not received any PM for my address


I will follow up with jasperreads to see when they can ship


if they can't/don't respond, I have enough books to start it from my point


Okay. I will give them til this weekend, but last time I messaged them they responded pretty quickly.


Alright, I will send a new package of books to Ollie to get this thing back rolling




Yep, you're in


I have the books and address, so the restart will begin tomorrow.


and I'm keeping all three-Third Degree by Greg Iles, Measure of Darkness by Chris Jordan and the Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner. I will PM the next in line and get this out ASAP


Wow, those got there fast


sent out tomorrow 10/12/20
tracking 92055901755477000253613994


I took out Gerald's Game by Stephen King and A Prisoner Of Birth by Jeffrey Archer.

I will message the next in line for their address.


Chicvolley99 4 mos ago
I have the next person's address and the package is ready to be sent out. I'm out of town at the moment, so I will mail it next week when I get back.


Sounds good. Thanks for letting us know


USPS tracking # is 9549012027080311564191


..will make my selections and send off. I already have minesayn's address
Will post tracking # when it's in the mail.
Thanks again for including us.


Thanks for the update


I've taken all 3.
Anne of Green Gables
Me Talk Pretty One Day
Bel Canto

Box is good to go. Will post tracking once I get it to the post office, hopefully tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, busy pre-Thanksgiving at work, couldn't get to it.


Totally understandable. I have like twelve books to ship between BC and swapping sites and four of them are international.


sent out this morning - (Saturday)
USPS tracking#9549 0117 9567 0340 0571 14 ETA Tues. 12/8


Will make my choices and send on to jmsmom. I will PM her for her address and keep the box moving. Will post on thread when it is on its way.


with a tracking number: 9549 0158 0142 0343 6797 87.

I removed two books:
Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
Second Chance by Jane Green

Thanks to those BCers who placed them in the box. Now, to journal them.


Thanks for the update


Have pm ed Samid for an address and hope to have them out early next week before winter weather hits.


Thanks for the update


Since the limit is being kept to a reasonable number of books (shipping is stupidly expensive anymore), I'd love to join in as well.


I will add you to the list

I had already read one, kept the other 3

Evening by Susan Minot
Dewey by Vicki Myron
Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs


Box received tonight! :) I'll make my choices and PM heartthumper tonight. I plan to do a run to the post office later this week so I'll get this sent right back out.

(Edit to include selections)
I've chosen to take these two books:
Moloka'i by Alan Brennert
Iron House by John Hart


I wanted to get this out right after I received it, but life had other plans. It's on the way now!
USPS: 9549 0265 2611 1012 9996 30


Thanks for the update! Glad you found some books.



Yep. I will add you.



I will add you to it


I'll message the next in line.


Awesome...hope you find something you like


Tracking #9449 0111 0803 6894 5802 31


I'd like to join. I assume that both trade and mass market paperbacks are OK.


You are correct.

I will add you.


in a secure USPS locker in lobby. I'm back in town Friday, and have reached out to booksandmusic. Will add tracking info Monday...


Tracking #: 9549 0162 0232 1039 5933 20

I chose "The Survivors Club" by Lisa Gardner and "In the Woods" by Tana French.
I put in 2 non-fictions :)

Thank you!


I've chosen Highway of Tears by Jessica McDiarmid.


sorry for delay in posting. The box is on its way to Azuki. Tracking # 9549 0148 7884 1040 9960 93


I’d like to join, please.


Sure...I can add you


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