Bookbox of Intentional Variety! (US only) BOOKBOX # 6. (YOU CAN STILL JOIN IF YOU WANT TO!!)

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Hey guys! :)

Ok! So I have 2 other of these book boxes going. But at the moment they are stuck at a person's house and we'll probably be there for a little while before she can get them off again. So in the meantime, I was thinking I would try to start another box off with people in the meantime. It's not like I don't have a couple stacks to go for new sets!! LOL

I have a bunch of books hanging around at the moment and I was thinking it would be fun to start a bookbox that intentionally has maybe 6 - 8 books all of a different type.

Such as: Biographies, Mysteries, Classic, Humor, Literature, Cookbooks, How-to's, etc...

And the main rule would be that you wouldn't have to replace it with the same type or HB or PB, but just so it's a different type from the rest of the books in the box when it arrived to you. (I got this idea because I found a lot of bookboxs tended to wind up with being mostly one genre and not much else.)

Are there people interested in joining for this?

I could actually create probably 2 or 3 more boxes of this type if there's enough interest here for it. It would have to be US only though.

To help, a general list of genre:

-Science fiction
-Action and Adventure
-Self help
-Religion, Spirituality & New Age
-Anthology/Short Stories
-Graphic Novels/Manga

Basic Bookbox Rules:

-Post when the box arrives to you here.

-Send a message to the next participant for their name and address, so you have it.

-Post here when you mail it out, with a tracking #.

-Make sure to JE any books you take.


-jasperreads ( <---- Bookbox is STALLED here! )
-adrienne10. ( <----- Bookbox here)


I know I'm part of one of the other ones as well, but our postmaster said it's like Christmas...actually worse. They've had a line non-stop since mid-March. In other words, at this moment I know packages are being delivered to my house and I can still visit the post office.

I'm in Missouri.


HI77 9 mos ago
RE: I'll join!

Thanks for joining in. :)

But I suspect by the time I can get this book box off, most of the chaos will probably have passed. It seems to take a while to collect a list of participants before I can start it.


I'm in Colorado! Thank you


Thanks for joining in! ;)



Thanks for jumping in! ;)


judypsu88 8 mos ago
I'm in PA
I will join in!!


HI77 8 mos ago
RE: I'm in PA

Glad to have you! :)


HI77 8 mos ago

Huh! If two more people sign up, then I should be able to get this book box started. That would be fun! ;)


HI77 8 mos ago

Can I get some more interest in this?


wingjasperreadswing 8 mos ago
I'd love to join, if you'd have me!


HI77 8 mos ago
RE: hi!

Sure! Thanks for joining! :)


I'm in Kansas!


I'm in Kansas!

Glad to see you! ;)


HI77 1 mo ago
It's off!

The new box went out yesterday!! :)

Unfortunately, this is a little tiny postal branch office type of place and the receipts don't show the addresses with the tracking numbers. So all I have is a bunch of tracking numbers for multiple packages I sent at the same time and I'm not sure which one is for the Box.

I think it's this one but I'm not sure:



I'll join. I'm in Everett WA


Great to have you! ;)


HI77 8 mos ago

The box has begun it's journey!! ;)

The tracking number is: # 9114 9023 0722 4354 4162 69

It has started with:

I know how curious you guys are, so here is the list of what the bookbox is starting with:

-Elegantly Easy Creme Brulee & Other Custard Desserts By Debbie Puente (Cookbooks)

-Boris Pasternak: Selected Poems Translated from Russian by Jon Stallworthy & Peter France (Poetry)

-The Unseen Essential: A Story of Our Troubled Times By James P. Gilis (Religious Literature)

-Big Russ & Me: Father and Son: Lessons of Life By Tim Russert (Biographies/Memoirs)

-Angels Fall By Nora Roberts (Literature)

-Comanche Moon: The Final Volume of the Lonesome Dove Saga By Larry McMurtry (Westerns)

-Women's Encyclopedia of Health & Emotional Healing By Denise Foley & Eileen Nechas (Health & Education)

- Canadian Obsessions: A Century of National Preoccupations By Maclean's (History)

-Summer Style: Decorating Ideas & Projects for Outdoor Living By Paige Gilchrist (Home & Decoration)


I will message next in line for address.


Took the two listed below!

-Elegantly Easy Creme Brulee & Other Custard Desserts By Debbie Puente (Cookbooks)

-Summer Style: Decorating Ideas & Projects for Outdoor Living By Paige Gilchrist (Home & Decoration)


Thanks for the update! ;)


The box is on it's way to CO! Tracking is USPS - 9549 0132 4232 0184 4236 64
Should arrive by 7/10!


Off it goes! ;)


I'll start going through it and message the next in line.


Nice to here it made it. :)


I will update this once I get the tracking number. I put a sticky note on each book with the genre, but here is what I put back in:

Biography/Memoir (2)
Health Mind and Body
Home and Garden
Literature/Fiction (2)
Mystery (2)
Novelization of a screenplay
Religion / Fiction
Teen / Young Adult
Women’s Fiction


It’s already grown to more than twice the size again? I was expecting to receive and send out about 9 books!


There were a lot of thick and heavy books, so a lot of the ones I added were smaller. So if needed, someone may need to take out more books and replace with fewer if you have books that are thicker.


I took out a bigger book so added more smaller ones as well.


Tracking through USPS is #9549012027060197477136


Thanks for letting us know. :)


I’ll probably pretty quick replacing books, but it may take a little while to get a ride to the post office. I’ll update you.


Thanks for letting us know it arrived! :)


I sent it to rubyrebel today. I was able to convince my husband to drive to the post office when we were picking up lunch.
The package was a little heavier than when I received the box, even though I put in one less book, a couple of my books were a bit bigger than those I took. I replaced the box with one of the same size in better condition.

Here are the genres I took out:
Home & Garden
Young Adult
Women’s Fiction
Literature/Fiction (I think - this one wasn’t marked, but I think that fits best from what’s left on the list)

I put in:
Classic (Fiction)
Parody/Satire (Humor)
Historical Mystery


Thanks for the update!! ;)


Kuro_Hikari 7 mos ago
I would like to join this bookbox.



Great to hear it's made it! :)


HI77 6 mos ago

Can I get an update on this rubyrebel? :)


Ironically...when I returned home from mailing #7, #6 was on my doorstep.

I will message the next in line for an address. I will be able to get to the post office by September 26...hopefully before!

The box itself should be able to make it one more trip. However, it will most likely need to be replaced before making it all the way back home.


Man. The boxes never seen to last. :p

Thanks for the update! :)


Box will be mailed Monday as I didn't get a chance to leave the house this morning and I'm working from home Monday.

The genres we added:
* Home / Garden
* Young Adult / Fantasy
* Children / Fairy Tale
* Literature / Fiction
* Business
* Science Fiction
* I missed something as I had already sealed the box...

We are excited to read the books we took out!

* Knowing Jesse
* Tried by War
* Over the Tavern
* Isle of Days
* Doc
* Two of a Kind
* oPtion$
* The Broker


Thanks so much for the update! ;)


9549 0134 7544 0272 5130 63


HI77 5 mos ago
RE: Tracking #

Off it goes! ;)


I had some issues in 2020, but I'd like to join this bookbox if possible. The intentional variety bookbox is one of my favorites.


Thanks for joining on both bookboxes! ;)


The other box was just delivered a few minutes ago and I'm making my swaps now. :) I'd love to join in on this box, too.


Sure thing! Thanks for joining. :)


HI77 2 mos ago

Looks like looks like I've somehow lost track of monitoring this book box. Sorry about that guys!

And checking the tracking it looks like it was received by the next person back in October. I'm not sure what happened with them but I have sent them a message and hopefully we'll get this going again.

If they are completely MIA, then I will get a new box going and out to the next person in the next two weeks.


HI77 2 mos ago

No response from jasperreads.

I know this is the second book box that they have participated in and stalled in the last couple months. Obviously this individual will not be able to participate anymore.

But as it stands, I'll see about trying to get a new bookbox together this weekend and get it started again.


HI77 1 mo ago

I'm prepping all the books for the new bookbox. I should have that out this week. Here's what will be in it:

- Celebratings Dogs: Relishing the Relationship by Kobus Reyneke (Entertainment)

- A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena de Blasi (Biographies/Memoir)

- Three Maids for a Crown (Grey Sisters, Bk 1) by Ella March Chase (Fiction)

- The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald (Classical Literature)

- My Dad and Me: A Heartwarming Collection of Stories About Fathers from a Host of Larry's Famous Friends by Larry King (Short Stories)

- In the Cards by Mariah fredericks (Teens)

- All-New Hints from Heloise: A Household Guide for the '90s by Heloise (Home/Garden)

- Strangers in Death by J. D. Robb (Mysteries/Thrillers)

- The Poetry of Pope. Edited by M. H. Abrams (Poetry)


And find a new box. It was smashed, but all the books did arrive in good shape... LOL!


Safe! Though why do my boxes never make it?? Lol


I have removed:

Three Maids For The Crown
A Thousand Days In Venice

I have added:

As Nature Made Him , The Boy Who Was Raised As A Girl by John Colapinto (Other)
Midnight Voices - John Saul (Horror)


Tracking #9549 0143 9418 1021 6403 80


Thanks for the update! :)


Will get it on it's way either late this week or early next week

Taking out: As Nature Made Him John Colapinto
The Poetry of Pope: A Selection


HI77 1 mo ago

Sounds good! :)


Sent to Adrienne10 this afternoon.
Tracking number 9549 0142 0613 1033 5543 17

Crash Override Zoe Quinn This could classify as both a memoir and tech.
Everett Cartoon and Trivia Book Clint Kelly and Cliff Bottmiller
Humor and cartoons


Sounds good! ;)


This arrived in the mail yesterday. I'll go through it as soon as I can. Pinging the next bookcrosser for an address for preparedness-sake.


My goodness! That was fast!!


We may use the same post office, waternixie and I.


Downtown Everett for me.


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