[Ray] Sharp objects, Gillian Flynn

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Hi all, I know it's not the best time to start a ray. I bought this book back in January and just finished reading it. I knew it was on a couple wishlists, so I wanted to share it with you. Timing is just not ideal!
I won't be starting the ray after lockdown is over. But feel free to join!
Beware it's a pretty disturbing book, with some violence.

I would like to start it in the US, but may go international if people are willing to send overseas.
Who's in?


- Edwardstreet, New Zealand / international
- penelopewanders, Switzerland/EU --> here


I’m in Switzerland and when I can eventually start posting again, would only like to post within Europe/UK/Switzerland. Thanks for offering this and stay healthy!


Great, you're in!
Of course this ray won't start off before a while.


tenscentpistol 10 mos ago


tenscentpistol 5 mos ago
Looks like this ray will be turning into a RABCK!


But I am in NZ so I understand if no one wants to post international


But I am in NZ so I understand if no one wants to post international

I *might* be travelling to France later in the fall, I could send it to you if you could then send it to penelopewanders in Switzerland.
Not entirely sure if I will travel yet.


Ray finally started! Sorry it took so long.
Book is off to Edwardstreet


Book is with Edwardstreet, glad it arrived safely.
Anyone else in Europe who'd be interested in joining?


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